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How to Give your Child a Healthy Workspace

Students have to spend a lot of their time at their study desks doing their homework, studying and attending lessons. If their study desks are not optimised for studying, they will experience strains on their neck, back, wrists, etc.

Though these may not be noticeable at first, poor posture will cause more serious problems in the future such as back pain, spine curvature, digestion issues, etc. 

Parents always want the best for their child and you might be wondering how you can improve your child’s studying experience.

I have put together some ways which can make significant improvements to your child’s posture at their study desk.

Laptop stand

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With technological advancements nowadays, owning a laptop is extremely common even among students as they use their technological devices to study or attend lessons.

This is especially so after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic when Home-Based Learning and Work From Home were the default. Laptop stands have been extra popular ever since.

Many find laptop stands a necessity if they own a laptop as they help to elevate your laptops so that your screen can sit comfortably at your eye level instead of you having to crouch your neck.

There are different types of laptop stands out there. Some allow you to adjust the elevation to your liking, while others have fixed positions. You can do some research to see what’s most suitable for your child.


Having an extra keyboard is a common accessory to a laptop stand. This is because when the laptop is elevated, using the laptop’s built-in keyboards could strain the user’s wrists.

An extra keyboard with the best linear switches can allow their hands and arms to be comfortably placed nearer them. It also helps to prevent eye strain as the screen can then afford to be further away from the eyes, since the external keyboard is nearer to them.

There are some keyboards that facilitate the ease of switching between typing on their laptops, desktops, tablets or even phones, using Bluetooth connection. This allows for better efficiency.

Wrist rest

Alternatively, you can get wrist rest pads to alleviate the strain on the wrists. Wrist pads are usually soft cushions that provide support instead of leaving your wrists bent in awkward positions.

There are wrist rest pads for both keyboards and mouses. Some mouse wrist pads are just a form of cushion to be put on the arm, while others serve as a 2-in-1 mouse-pad-with-wrist-rest to allow smooth tracking at the same time.

Chair with good support and ventilation

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Having to sit for long hours, a good chair is a worthy investment. A good chair should provide support for the neck and back comfortably.

As body heat will also build up on the chair, the material is also important. Look for chairs with good ventilation such as netting or holes so that your child doesn’t have to stay on a hot seat for long hours.

Roller wheels will also allow your child to move around conveniently and not get stuck in the same position for too long.

Bright lighting

Bright lighting is essential for any kind of work in order to ensure that your child is not straining their eyes trying to see their work in the dark.

Although it is well known that bright lighting is needed for paperwork, it is also needed when using technological devices that emit light. This is because putting all the focus on one light source coming from the device forces the eyes to strain on the device.

You can get a table lamp for more direct lighting.

Adjustable table

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Your child may use their table for different purposes which require different table heights, or they might outgrow the height of their table. That is why tables with adjustable heights have become popular in the market.

Some of them can be adjusted manually using knobs, while some can be adjusted with buttons.

Since it is also not advisable to be sitting down for long hours, adjustable table heights allow your child to do their work while standing up after long periods of sitting.

Doing their work while standing has many benefits such as a lowered risk of obesity and blood sugar levels.

Neck support

As necks are one of the most strain-prone parts of the body, good neck support can go a long way in helping your child to reduce neck strain. 

While there are more costly options such as those which provide automated massage for the neck, a simple neck cushion can also do the job of helping your child to relax their neck. 

There are inflatable neck cushions that are travel-friendly.


Hydration is very important in keeping healthy! Ensure that your child always has a water supply on their desks so that they don’t forget to drink up. Dehydration can cause your child to fall sick.

Your child should aim to drink two litres of water every day, which is about eight cups of water.


Be it studying on paper or on their technological devices, students need to maintain a good posture in order to stay motivated for their long hours of studying.

A healthy ergonomic workspace allows students to have full focus when they’re at their desks and prevents body strains from discouraging them from their optimal productivity.

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