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When the Passion Wanes: Signs That a Tutor May Be Burning Out

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As a tutor, it’s not uncommon to experience periods of burnout. 

Teaching in and of itself can be extremely stressful, especially when your student’s academic progress depends a lot on your lessons and their parents also have high expectations of you for their child. 

Because of this, you may find yourself feeling unmotivated, disinterested, or just plain exhausted at times.

When this happens, it can be difficult to keep up with the demands of your job and maintain the same level of quality in your work.

Here are some commonly experienced symptoms that indicate when stress has turned to burnout.

Physical Exhaustion

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Do you feel exhausted even after having adequate amounts of sleep? Or are you not able to fall asleep despite feeling exhausted? 

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Both are alarming signs that your body is at its limit and needs its own break. Any unusual tiredness or sleeping patterns can be due to too much stress, which leads to burnouts. 

Try identifying the areas in your schedule or life that can be modified in order to improve your physical state.

Emotional and Mental Fatigue

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If you always feel anxious and on edge, or if you have been having low energy since the start of the day, then you could be experiencing exhaustion emotionally and mentally. 

If not addressed, this could lead to anxiety and depression, which should not be taken lightly even though they are increasingly common. 

It is advisable for you to speak to someone you trust about your troubles, or a doctor if you find this affecting your daily life a lot.

Lack of Enthusiasm

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Are you struggling to enjoy hobbies or socialise outside of work? Do you find that activities that you used to enjoy now feel like a task to overcome? 

Another obvious sign is that if you find yourself feeling uninterested in your tutoring sessions or struggling to get excited about new activities and assignments, it’s a sign that you’re burning out. 

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Try to find ways to reignite your passion, whether it’s by trying new teaching methods or taking on a new challenge.

Increased Irritability

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It’s normal for everyone to feel annoyed or frustrated at times, but you could be burned out if you find yourself getting irritated easily at trivial matters.

This could result in you lashing out at your students or coworkers often, which negatively affects all parties involved.

Your overall attitude and outlook on life could be more pessimistic as a result as well. 

Try taking deep breaths when you feel overwhelmed so you have time to think more clearly. Restructuring your thoughts can also help you feel less negative.


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If you are burned out, you tend to just want to be alone and do not have the energy to spend on other activities. 

Tutors experiencing burnout may exclude themselves from attending other social events or even interacting and working with others. 

Sometimes a vicious cycle can develop where the more time you spend alone, the less you feel like people understand you. And the less you feel like people understand you, the more time you want to spend alone. 

Schedule an appointment with a mental health professional if you feel like you really cannot cope alone and need help to get your life back on track.

Lack of Self-Care

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It’s simple to put off taking care of your needs in favour of your work when you’re burnt out.

This can lead to a lack of self-care, which can manifest in a number of ways, such as poor eating habits, lack of exercise, or neglecting personal relationships. 

You may even find yourself more regularly falling ill because of this. Therefore, it’s important to prioritize your own needs and take time off for yourself whenever required. 


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Having burnouts is a common experience for many tutors, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. 

By recognising the signs of burnout and taking steps to address them, you can prevent it from taking over and maintain a high level of performance in your work.

Remember to take care of yourself, prioritize your needs, and seek support when needed.

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