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Best Tips to Help Children Increase their Focus

People often find themselves struggling with staying focused. It is the same for both grown-ups and youngsters. However, it is fair to say that older individuals will cope with it much easier.

Children can find it tough to stay focused for a longer duration and become restless easily. This is why they are often encouraged to take breaks in between activities so that they can concentrate better!

Without further ado, let’s see what methods children should follow in order to boost their concentration!

Creative Games that Require Full Attention

One of many ways youngsters can increase their focus is by playing creative games that will demand from them to use their brains and think constantly.

Children can learn a lot by playing! As much as possible, do away with tablets, and computers and permit children to play with customary toys, exercises that further develop consideration and fixation, and focus. Studies have shown that devices really lessen the ability to focus and memory force of children so they ought to be utilized sparingly or not in any manner.

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Roleplays are so good for their imagination and creativity! Puzzles games are great for older children as it helps them to concentrate as well.

The most important thing is to find something they would enjoy playing. Even the best game is dreadful if you are forced to enjoy it!

Get Them Involved with Household Tasks

We often hear how it is beneficial for children to start learning how to do simple household chores just to let them learn not to take things for granted. But sometimes while they are doing it, it can be so tempting to step in to do it “faster and better”.

An errand or a chore at home requires a great deal of time, discipline, and fixation, something many children may dislike. When they follow through with one responsibility, children will be inspired to continue because of the sense of fulfillment.

When doing chores or errands, it is a great opportunity for them to learn how to compartmentalize tasks to avoid being overwhelmed. Isn’t this a skill that many adults are still trying to learn? So for example when it comes to cleaning up their room, let them clean up the wardrobe first, then the drawers followed by the work area.

Learning how to do things step by step without feeling overwhelmed can benefit them in many ways in school or later on in their careers.

As a parent or guardian, being patient and encouraging is so important in every stage of their learning process!

Find a Peaceful Environment

I believe many would agree environment is important when it comes to our home, school, or at work. If the environment is rowdy or disruptive, this can affect children’s focus or concentration.

Take writing an essay or composition for example. From Primary 3 onwards, compositions are part of the curriculum. In order to become an expert in writing, a peaceful environment can better influence creativity as well as train of thoughts.

A great study space can also help children focus better. Alternatively, going out to cafes and libraries to finish a few important tasks can also allow them to have a change of environment.

Keeping to a Healthy Diet

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Maintaining a healthy diet for children has an immediate correlation to how well they function mentally and physically. Make sure they do not eat too much sugar and the diet should consist of a sufficient amount of protein, fibre as well as carbohydrates.

Fish are one of the great sources of protein as they contain omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are known for aiding memory retention and learning impairments. Vegetables and fruits like broccoli and blueberries are full of vitamins and anti-oxidants.


Remember that there are dozens of different methods children can try in order to boost their concentration. We hope that at least some of our tips have helped you!

Rum Tan

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