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My Child Studies Hard But Doesn’t Get Good Results. What Should I Do?


As a Singaporean parent, it is almost mandatory to ensure that our children focus on their academics. So if our children are hardworking and always putting in effort in their academics, this can be a great relief for many parents.

But what if all this effort is for nought? What if all this painstaking effort and endless nights of studying led to nothing but a failing grade?

What can we do to help them?

Let us discuss why this happens and how you can support your child and help them to get good results

Struggling With Test Anxiety


Studies show that test anxiety greatly reduces your child’s ability to recall information and prevents them from performing adequately. Even if they study hard, it is all for nought if they struggle with test anxiety.

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So as parents, we should aim to reduce test anxiety in our children. Here are some ways to do that:
1. Praise their improvements
2. Focus on the positives
3. Encourage them and don’t pressure them to do well on the day of the exam

Not Starting Early Enough


Another possible reason that your child doesn’t score well despite studying hard is that they did not start studying early enough.

This is quite common as many students tend to procrastinate and end up mugging at the last minute.

To avoid this, try creating a checklist and routine with your child that encompasses reviewing their notes for all topics that need to be studied for the exam.

Pulling All-Nighters


Sometimes, your child may take studying hard to a whole new level – burning the midnight oil.

These all-night study sessions have adverse effects like causing sleep deprivation, which might prevent your child from concentrating on completing the exam paper. It also affects their ability to recall information.

So make sure that your child has sufficient rest and sleeps early, especially on the nights leading to the exam.

Studying the Wrong Things


If your child studies hard, that’s great! But it is pointless if they’re studying up on the wrong topics.

Instead, your child just needs to pay attention during lessons. Usually teachers will place emphasis on the important points and topics. In fact some might even give hints to the exam!

Get your child to do their ten-year series too! This way, they have a better idea of what are some common topics or trends that come up in exams.

Using the Wrong Learning Style


But what if your child just cannot absorb the information coming from their notes and textbooks? Then you might want to look into their learning style.

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Learning styles are tailored to your child’s individual strengths and help them to retain information more effectively. So try to find the right learning style for your child.

Here are the 7 learning styles:
1. Visual
2. Kinaesthetic
3. Aural
4. Social
5. Solitary
6. Verbal
7. Logical



If your child is a hard worker, it shows that they clearly understand that effort is needed to achieve results and they are responsible and resilient enough to study hard.

But we want that effort to be converted into results because they deserve it after putting in blood, sweat, and tears.

I hope this article helps you to support your child and help them ‘study smart’ to get the results they deserve.

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