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Educational Toys From Shopee For Your Preschooler


What are educational toys?

Also known as instructive toys, they are created to specifically help stimulate your child’s learning and make them learn and practise various skill sets. They also greatly promote your child’s emotional and mental development.

These toys educate, instruct, develop intelligence, improve social skills, and aid physical development. But we want toys that are cheap and convenient to get. And Shopee is the gold mine for that!

So here are some educational toys you should get from Shopee for your preschooler!

Pretend Play Sets


Pretend playsets are great options when buying toys for your preschooler. There is a wide array of choices on Shopee – from kitchen playsets to doctor playsets. But they are incredibly beneficial for your child’s development.

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It encourages your child to ‘pretend play’ or imaginative play when roleplaying a particular profession. It helps them learn about the world around them, and cultivate social and emotional intelligence.

You can also play with them and explain confusing or scary issues to them. For example, a doctor’s visit for an injection.

Here are some playsets you can get from Shopee:
1. Cashier counter playset
2. Doctor playset
3. Kitchen playsets
4. Dental visit playset

On Shopee, prices for different playsets range from $3 to $30



Playdoh comes in all colours and sizes on Shopee (and there are even some homemade ones). And what seems to be a blob of putty is actually an extremely educational toy for your child!

As your child moulds and folds their way through the dough, they develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also encourages creativity as children explore various shapes and formations with Play-Doh.

You can also use Play-Doh to teach your child maths and how to read as you can form the dough into letters, numbers, and symbols. The possibilities are endless!

Prices range from $5 to $15 if it is just the Play-Doh itself, but if you are looking at playsets that come with it, the costs could go up to $30.

Geometric Puzzles


These wooden pattern blocks require your child to assemble various pieces by fitting all of them into a given shape. Some puzzles also provide shadowed figures that your child has to form using the different wooden parts.

As your child manipulates the puzzle pieces, they refine their fine-motor skills and train their hand-eye coordination. It also improves concentration, problem-solving skills, and spatial awareness.

Physically, your child develops the small muscles in their hands as they have to grasp the thin pieces and move them with precision.

Prices on Shopee range from $3 to $30.

Animal Figurines


If your child is an animal lover, this is a great toy! Figurines can come in all shapes and sizes, and there is a wide range of animals for your child to choose from!

These open-ended toys allow your child to have ‘unstructured play time’, which is critical in developing creative skills and commitment to problem-solving.

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Playing with animal figurines also serves as an opportunity for your child to learn more about nature and the animal kingdom. Some habitats are provided in many of the playsets available, along with the animals. For example, there are barns, fences, and stables for farm animals.

Do note that on Shopee, many of these pieces come individually. Prices range from $3 to $40

Sorting Blocks


If your child is on the younger side, you might want to look at sorting blocks. Shopee is a haven full of sorting block toys, from clock sorting puzzles to alphabet ones.

Similar to the Geometric puzzles, these sorting blocks improve fine motor skills. It also encourages visual perception and promotes imagination.

While playing with these toys, your child also learns their alphabet and how to count and tell time.

Prices on Shopee range from $3 to $30


[Families for Life]

There are many toys available on Shopee, but here are some that are educational and benefit your child. You can also use these toys to play and spend time with your child!

I hope that this article shows you what educational toys you can get from Shopee that are cheap. Have fun!

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