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Special Education Schools: Complete Guide to SPED Schools in Singapore

As parents, you play a critical role in helping your child build his and her future. This requires you to understand your child’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses so that you can identify the right kind of support that will facilitate their growth. 

That said, you are also likely to have several questions to answer before you can decide which option is most suitable for your child, especially if you think they need some special assistance. If you think your child is struggling with academics, or might need additional support to adapt socially, you need to find help and not ignore it.

To offer you some insight, I have curated this article that provides a comprehensive account of everything you need to know.

I will discuss the special educational needs and support available in Singapore for your child and how you can benefit from it to ensure that your child receives the best guidance. 

So, let’s get started without any further ado.

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What are Special Education Schools?

In Singapore, Special Education schools, also known as ‘SPED schools’ are those designed to provide education for children with disabilities. These institutions are managed by Social Service Agencies (SSAs) and receive direct funding from the Ministry of Education.

In other words, all Special Needs schools in Singapore are registered with MOE. There are a total of 20 SPED schools on the island, and each offers personalised learning programmes that cater to different disability groups of children. 

How to know if your child needs special education?

The first step to helping your child is to identify if he or she needs additional help with their education and social needs. For instance, some children might have more difficulties than their peers when it comes to communicating, reading, making friends, or even learning in school.

If your child is below seven years of age, you can get the advice of a professional such as a doctor, psychologist or therapist for a professional assessment. This will help you in understanding the holistic profile of your child, which includes the strengths and difficulties in learning faced by them.

This early intervention can help to provide your child with the necessary support during the most critical stage of their development. This can help to overcome developmental delays and also help improve social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. 

It can also play a significant role in minimising the development of secondary disabilities, like mental health issues. 

In case your child is already enrolled in a mainstream school, you can reach out to your child’s form teacher to consult psychologists from the MOE. You can also choose to get your child assessed by qualified professionals in private practice.

While doing this, you should always do your due diligence and check the credentials of the professional who will be assessing your child. They should have relevant qualifications and be equipped to provide you with the correct diagnosis that can help you understand your child’s needs. 

This assessment will help you identify the school options you can consider for your child. The professionals can direct you towards the right programmes available in the mainstream and/or SPED schools that are suitable for your kid. 

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You can also learn about any home-based interventions and strategies that you can use to help your child improve his/her basic life skills.

Once you have a thorough understanding of your child’s requirements, you can then take a look at the type of support available.

Types of Special Education Schools

As I mentioned earlier, the number of SPED schools in Singapore has come to a total of 20. Within this group of Special Education Schools Singapore has, you will be able to find schools in different categories catering to the distinct needs as well as students of specific age groups. 

Let us take a look at the different types here. 

Early Intervention Centres

These are institutions designed to attend to children from zero to six years old. The aim of these centres is to identify and provide effective early support to children and young people who might be at risk of poor outcomes. 

Such effective early intervention can help to prevent any problems from occurring and to tackle them better before they get worse. 

Here are some of the early intervention centres that you can find in Singapore:

1. The Growing Academy

2. Bridge Learning

3. All Hands Together

4. Thumbs Up Therapy Singapore

5. The Early Intervention Centre (EIC)

Special Needs Preschools

Special education Schools in Singapore has also started at preschool levels, offering special care for children from 18 months to seven years old. Most of these schools offer customised lessons adapted to your child’s unique needs so that they can achieve independence in academics and other walks of life. 

Here are some of the SPED preschools that are popular in Singapore:

1. Bright Path Preschool

2. Genesis School for Special Education

3. Mighty Oaks

4. Nurture Pods

Special Needs Schools & Institutions

Once your child is over seven years of age, you will want to consider dedicated SPED schools for their future. Depending on the specific needs of your child, you will be able to find a school specialised in a particular type of support and guidance required. 

In a nutshell, the SPED schools in Singapore focus on providing help to children facing the following challenges. 

  • Sensory Impairment 
  • Mild ID
  • Moderate to Severe ID 
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Multiple Disabilities and ASD 
  • Multiple Disabilities

Based on the professional assessment of your child, you will have a better idea of which of these options are a better match for your kid. 

How to Choose a Special Education School?

Choosing a Special Education School for your child can be a hard decision, even with the support of the right professionals by your side. In order to arrive at an informed decision, you need to consider your child’s educational needs and your options within the education system. 

Once you know which schools fit your specific requirements, you can take a look at the following aspects to find one that is the ideal match for your child. 

1. What is the class size?

SPED schools are encouraged to offer a holistic curriculum that can be individualized to the needs of each student. For instance, your child will receive a tailored curriculum that caters to their strengths, abilities, and weaknesses.

In addition, it is best to choose a school that facilitates smaller class sizes so that teachers will be able to provide more intensive support to each student.

2. What enhanced school facilities are available?

SPED Schools Singapore has are generally equipped with infrastructure specifically designed to provide the best learning environment for children. This includes sensory integration rooms, hydrotherapy pools, therapy and indoor playrooms and spaces for vocational training. 

3. Is the SPED School integrated with any mainstream institutions?

Many SPED institutions in Singapore partner with mainstream schools in order to further the opportunities for students. This will give your child the chance to interact with peers during extra-curricular workshops, excursions and other activities. 

4. Does the school provide an individual education plan?

A customised curriculum can be the key to help your child achieve their full potential. Fortunately, several SPED schools collaborate with parents and other professionals to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for your child and adapt them regularly to make sure that it stays relevant for your child. 

For instance, an IEP will have designed goals for your child to achieve that will help them learn to live independently.

The approach of the curriculum will be in a way for your child to develop critical skills such as social, emotional and self-control. 

5. Other Considerations

Apart from the following aspects, you should also look into the distance to the chosen school from your house, your child’s specific interests, as well as the school’s vision and culture. 

If you have been working with a professional, he or she will recommend a SPED school that best meets your child’s needs. Before making your final decision, I highly recommend that you visit the school and speak to the school personnel regarding any questions you might have. 

Now that we have covered everything you need to know about Specialisation, let me provide you with some of the basic information regarding SPED schools in Singapore. 

But before that, if you think your child could benefit from special needs tuition, you can find excellent professional tutors who are highly qualified to teach students with special needs at Smile Tutor. 

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List of SPED Schools to Choose From in Singapore

1. Eden School

SpecialisationAutism Spectrum Disorder
HighlightsDedicated teachers and ARC(S) autism consultants
Open only to Singaporean students
Customized curriculum
Address01 Bukit Batok West Avenue 3 Singapore 659168  
Contact(65) 6265 7400

[email protected] 

Eden school is one of the prominent SPED schools in Singapore that offers autism-friendly education for students between seven to 18 years old. The faculty aims to provide a balanced curriculum that will allow your child to benefit from life skills, choose a vocational route and gain independence. 

The school focuses on providing a holistic academic approach that covers work habits, self-management, communication, social skills, and more. There is also a focus on critical soft skills, including quality, stamina, hygiene, and safety specialisations that are embedded within the curriculum. 

The curriculum and co-curricular activities are also tailored for the student’s interests and strengths and to provide them with the best learning opportunities. 

2. Lighthouse School

SpecialisationSensory Impairment
HighlightsSpecialized in hearing loss, and visual impairment
Customized curriculum with co-curricular and electives
Address51 Toa Payoh Rise, S298106
Contact(65) 6250 3755

[email protected] 

Lighthouse School (LHS) is the only SPED school in Singapore that caters to children with visual impairment and hearing loss. The institute is designed to attend to students between 7 and 18 years old. The school also has a mainstream programme and follows the National primary School Curriculum. 

For students who are not able to access mainstream education, the school is equipped to meet the unique needs of those with VI or with HL through the Individualised Education Plan (IEP) and the customised curriculum. 

The curriculum covers numeracy, science, literacy, motor skills, physical education, social-emotional learning, sign language, and mobility for VI, among other skills. 

3. Chaoyang School

SpecialisationMild intellectual disability and Autism spectrum disorder
HighlightsCustomized curriculum
Character and Citizenship Education
Integrated with APSN secondary schools
Address10 Ang Mo Kio Street 54, S569184
Contact(65) 6456 6922

[email protected]  

APSN Chaoyang School provides special education to children with mild intellectual disability and mild autism. There are two different, distinct programmes offered for students between ages seven and 12. Upon graduation from Chaoyang school, students can proceed to the sister schools, APSN Katong School or APSN Tanglin School for secondary education. 

The curriculum is designed around functional academics (literacy, numeracy, & science), life skills (independent & community living skills such as self-help, social competence, home economics, healthy & safe relationship), visual arts, and physical education.

The school also emphasises participation in CoCurricular Activities (CCA) and Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) to provide holistic education to each and every student. 

4. Fernvale Gardens School

SpecialisationModerate to severe intellectual disability and Autism spectrum disorder
HighlightsVisual and performing arts programme
Focus on interactive activities
Address7 Fernvale Road, Singapore 797635
Contact(65) 6481 6697

[email protected] 

Fernvale Gardens school’s mission is abbreviated as S.M.I.L.E. – Strength of character, Mutual Respect and Understanding, Integrity, Lifelong Learning, Excellence. 

The school offers three programmes, a Junior programme for children from seven to 12 years old, a Special programme for students from seven to 18 years of age, and a Senior programme for students between 13 and 18 years old. 

The curriculum primarily focuses on providing learning experiences that are carefully designed to develop critical skills in life. The school system also aims to nurture the individual talents and interests of each child with a custom plan. 

5. Rainbow Centre Schools

SpecialisationMultiple disabilities and Autism spectrum disorder
HighlightsThree SPED schools in different locations
In-Curricula Enrichment (ICE) and Co-curricular Activities (CCA)
Good Life Transition Planning
AddressRainbow Centre Margaret Drive School
501 Margaret Drive, Singapore 149306

Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School
15 Yishun Street 61, Singapore 768548

Rainbow Centre Admiral Hill School
AlongAdmiralty Link/Admiralty Lane
ContactMargaret Drive:
(65) 6472 7077
[email protected] 

(65) 6482 2592
[email protected] 

Admiral Hill:
(65) 6817 9300
[email protected] 

The Rainbow Centre Schools is a group of three institutions – namely Rainbow Centre Margaret Drive School, Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School, and the Rainbow Centre Admiral Hill School. While the first two caters to both multiple disabilities and  Autism spectrum disorder, the last one specialises in ASD alone. 

All schools offer multiple programs at junior, middle, and senior levels, along with therapeutic services integrated into the main curriculums. There is also a focus on language and communication, social and emotional learning and physical development. 

In addition, Rainbow schools are also known for offering additional services such as a special student care centre for after/before school care and family life services where social workers provide training for supporting persons for children with disabilities.  There is also a family empowerment programme that helps parents and caregivers with knowledge and skills to manage their child’s different needs effectively. 

6. Katong School

SpecialisationMild intellectual disability and Autism spectrum disorder
HighlightsStudentCentred Education
customised curriculum
Integration with secondary school
Address900 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 467354
Contact(65) 6445 8027

[email protected]  

Another APSN school, Katong, caters to children with mild intellectual disability and autism. It is also the only APSN institution that provides both primary and secondary curriculum. 

Katong school runs two programs, MID General Programme and ASD Structured Programme. The latter is offered only at the primary level and prepares students for a smooth and successful transition to secondary school. 

7. Woodlands Gardens School

SpecialisationModerate to severe intellectual disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder
HighlightsMultiple specialized programmes
Customised curriculum
Address30 Woodlands Ring Road, #01-01, Singapore 737883
Contact(65) 6468 0566

[email protected] 

Woodlands Garden School is known for curating multiple programmes for students from age seven to 18. These courses offer support to not only students with special needs but also their parents and guardians. For instance, the PaPa Reading programme was launched in 2016 that encourages fathers to cultivate their child’s reading habits at home. 

Other notable programs include Extended Vocational Training, Immersion Programme, MaMa Programme for mathematical mastery, Kopi Connect to help prepare and serve food and beverages, and Green Movement.

8. AWWA School

SpecialisationMultiple disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder
HighlightsWork exposure and experience programme
Customised curriculum
AddressAWWA School @ Napiri
11 Lorong Napiri, Singapore 547532

AWWA School @ Bedok
50 Bedok Reservoir Crescent, Singapore 479225
Contact(65) 6511 5280

[email protected] 

AWWA School attends to the special education needs of students aged seven to 18, with multiple disabilities and autism. The institute imparts a structured curriculum that incorporates academic, non-academic and CCA programmes. 

The school also has specialized Work Exposure and Work Experience programmes that can help your child familiarize with different platforms in the community and gain richer experiences. This transition programme helps students to move and adjust to a workplace which increases their chances of positive post-school outcomes. 

9. Canossian School

SpecialisationSensory Impairment - Hearing Loss
HighlightsIntegration with mainstream secondary school
Inclusion programme at sister school
Address1 Sallim Road S387621
Contact(65) 6749 8971

[email protected] 

Canossian School specialises in guiding children with hearing loss between the ages of seven and 14. The institute delivers a mainstream primary level curriculum and prepares all its students for PSLE. For those who are unable to be placed in the mainstream, the secondary school will be placed in a SPED school. 

Students are offered assistance to communicate using an oral approach and offers an Inclusion Programme at their mainstream sister school to promote interaction with hearing peers for advancing in both academic learning and development of social skills.

10. Towner Gardens School

SpecialisationModerate to severe intellectual disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder
HighlightsVocational and life experience programmes
Customized curriculum
Address1B Lengkong Lima, Singapore 417557
Contact(65) 6446 2612

[email protected] 

This is another SPED school that is a part of the MINDS group of schools. Similar to Woodlands and Fernvale Gardens, Towner also categorizes its classes into three levels – Junior, Special and Senior. 

The curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of individual students, with a focus to help them integrate better into society. 

There is also a dedicated Arts & Science programme that includes vocational preparation, and transition to after school services. 

11. Delta Senior School

SpecialisationAutism Spectrum Disorder
HighlightsFor students from 17 to 21 years old
Customized curriculum
Computer training skills
Address3 Choa Chu Kang Grove, Singapore 688237
Contact(65) 6276 3818

[email protected]  

APSN Delta Senior School is a post-secondary institution that provides vocational training for students from the age of 17 to 21. This is the place where students, after completing their secondary level, can equip themselves to complete the final phase to transit and integrate effectively into the community. 

The school thus offers a competency-based vocational curriculum, providing access to training in broad industry skills familiarise and receiving a Workforce Skills Qualification. Students have the opportunity to learn in a wide range of industries – from food and beverage, hospitality, landscaping and more. 

12. Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School

SpecialisationMultiple disabilities
HighlightsDedicated teachers and ARC(S) autism consultants
Open only to Singaporean students
Customised curriculum
Address65 Pasir Ris Drive 1, Singapore 519529
Contact(65) 6585 5640

[email protected] 

Run by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore, this school tailors the curriculum to meet the individual needs of the children. The syllabus covers six domains, namely academics, daily living, vocational, physical education, arts, social and emotional. 

The school offers three programmes, a High Support programme, a Functional programme, and an Academic programme that addresses the demands of different students and their specific disabilities. 

13. Metta School

SpecialisationMild intellectual disability and Autism spectrum disorder
HighlightsFor children between 7 to 21 years old
Employment pathways programme
Address30 Simei Street 1, Singapore 529949
Contact(65) 6788 5800

[email protected] 

Metta School is another institution that prepares students with disabilities for life after college. They offer both basic pre-vocational skills training and career programs that will enhance the work readiness of senior students. 

There is also a special Employment Pathways programme that is specially designed for students not on the vocational course, providing them on-the-job training and workplace trials. 

14. St Andrew’s Autism School

SpecialisationAutism Spectrum Disorder
HighlightsSchoolwide Prosocial Behaviours
Vocational training programmes
Allied Professional Support
Address1 Elliott Road, Singapore 458686
Contact(65) 6517 3800

[email protected] 

This school is a part of the St. Andrew’s Autism Centre, which is a non-profit organisation for the education, training and care for people with autism. The school has curated different programs that cater to different aspects of life and offers a customised curriculum to adapt to the children’s needs. 

The school also makes it a point to engage all students in prosocial behaviour on a daily basis, so they learn to be safe and responsible both inside and outside school settings.

15. Pathlight School

SpecialisationAutism Spectrum Disorder
HighlightsTalent Development Programmes
Artist Development Programmes
IT and Design Academy
Satellite School Partnership
AddressPathlight School 1
5 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore 569739

Pathlight School 2
4 Tampines Street 91, Singapore 528907
Contact(65) 6459 9951

[email protected] 

Pathlight is an autism-based school system that differs slightly from other SPED schools. These institutions do not have base classrooms. Instead, the students attend classes taught by Pathlight teachers at the Satellite partnership schools

This gives the students a chance to interact with mainstream students during recess and take part in selected school events. In addition, this also makes way for students who are ready to join mainstream classes for certain subjects.

This purposeful integration equips students to apply what they learn in real-world scenarios and also helps to contribute awareness to build a more inclusive society. 

16. Grace Orchard School

SpecialisationMild intellectual disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder
HighlightsSwimming and Gymnastics Programm
Cyber Wellness Programme
Arts Programmes
Address6A Jurong West Street 52, Singapore 649297
Contact(65) 6561 9128

[email protected] 

Grace Orchard offers two programmes for children with special needs, one for students with MID and another for those with ASD. There is also a structured integration process that allows students with autism to successfully transit to a MID programme. 

In addition, the school is also known for providing specialised programmes in arts, swimming, gymnastics, dance and work experience.

17. Tanglin School

SpecialisationMild intellectual disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder
HighlightsFor children from 13 to 16 years old
Information and Communication Technology
Business Entrepreneurship Project
Address143 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159924
Contact(65) 6475 1511

[email protected] 

As I mentioned earlier, APSN Tanglin School offers programmes at the secondary level with an objective to engage students in leading independent lives to post their education. This holistic approach is aided with several career-oriented courses, such as in business entrepreneurship and IT. 

Students will also receive a customised curriculum that covers literacy, numeracy, vocational guidance, arts, physical education and social-emotional learning. 


Joining a school or moving to a new one can be a challenging and overwhelming experience for your child. Especially if your child has special needs, he or she might need more support and encouragement from you. 

I strongly urge you to familiarise yourself with the setting of the school and teachers, so that you can assist your child in the best way possible. 

Be positive, build excitement and make sure to create an environment where your child can speak freely of their concerns. 

If you are looking to read more on this topic, I recommend that you explore the following articles. At SmileTutor, you will find any support that you need regarding assistance with your child’s educational needs. 

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