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Science Tuition in Singapore – 33 Best Tuition Options [2022]

If you want to give your kid a competitive edge in school – especially in the field of Science – you should consider giving them all the support they need.

This will help them understand the subject on a deeper level and perform better in their studies. 

With options such as enrolling in a tuition centre,  finding a private tutor, on top of factoring in your budget, which Science tuition in Singapore is best for your child? This guide will help you figure that out.

Science Tuition in Singapore

You may have found the best school for your child but if you’re really serious about their grades and knowledge of the subject, you have to go the extra mile. This is where Science tuitions come in to save the day – and consequently, your child’s grades.

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Increasing Demand for Science Tuition

In a world where technology advances rapidly, Wong Siew Hoong, director-general for the Ministry of Education believes that STEM subjects are a pivotal part of a child’s education – of which Science is a major fragment.

A 2019 The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (Timss) found Singaporean students taking the lead in tests at both the Primary 4 and Secondary 2 levels.

Other Eastern territories included in the study were Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea. In a country with such high-achieving students, the need for Science tuition becomes obvious from an early age.

If your kid dreams to pursue some sub-branch of Science like biology, physics, chemistry, etc., it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the complex concepts covered in the courses. This is the only way they’ll get through school, university, and eventually land a job in their field.

With fierce competition for Science courses in top Singapore universities, the demand for Science tuition is rising at full tilt.

So, to help your child master the knowledge and understanding of Science, you should start looking for a Science tuition for them. But what are the various choices you have? Let’s take a look.  

Comparing Science Tuition Options

When it comes to choosing a Science tuition in Singapore, there’s a variety of options you’ll come by. These are:

Private Science home tuition

Although it’ll cost more, engaging a private Science tutor will get your kid the attention and dedication needed to help make their concepts crystal clear.

Science tuition centre

If you’re looking for  a budget-friendly option, a Science tuition centre is the perfect choice for you. Though students can benefit from peer-to-peer interaction in such a setting, without the one-on-one edge of a private home tutor, the quality of tuition might be slightly compromised.


E-learning is a great way to learn if your child prefers to have more time flexibility. You can help them join online Science institution, Science group class, or hire a private virtual Science tutor. 

That said, let’s take a deeper look at each of the options to help you make the best choice for your child:

Private Science Home Tuition

If your child is bringing home bad grades or falling behind in class, you might want to look into getting them a private home tutor. Even if you haven’t spotted such signs, home tuition can provide a myriad of benefits to your child, such as the following:

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Advantages: Why Should You Consider Home Tuition for Science?

The following are the key advantages of hiring a private home tutor:

  • Every child possesses different learning abilities, mindset, and talents. A private home tutor can determine your child’s knowledge on the subject and help hone their skills accordingly. Ultimately, the tutor will help your child perform better in Science subjects, as well as offer customized study advice. 
  • Parents can select the best tutor for their child but with a Science tuition centre, they’d have to settle on the tutor hired by the centre. 
  • A private tutor offers your child one-on-one attention that’ll help them master complex Science concepts. This will help  your child save time and effort by getting consistent attention from one teacher and receiving quick clarifications over subject matter. 
  • Students may feel shy when asking questions in a class but with private home tuition, they tend to question freely without the fear of judgment. 

Hiring a private tutor gives your child many advantages, helping them stand out both in their learning capabilities and examinations. But before you hire a private teacher, here are a few things to look into. 


Here are a few things to keep in mind before engaging a private home tuition for your child:


If you’re aiming for the best performance and learning of your child, it’s important to find a teacher who is equally passionate about the subject.


There’s a great chance that the future of your child will be in the hands of the teacher. So, before you hire one for your child, make sure they have sufficient experience and know what they’re doing. Although an experienced teacher will cost more, it’s a better and more effective option in the long run. 

Subject Specialization 

Aside from the experience, subject specialization is another important aspect to consider when hiring a private teacher. For instance, if your child is struggling with biology, it’s important to hire a teacher who has a complete grasp over the subject, as well as sufficient experience teaching it. 

Determine The Goal

If you’re looking for a Science teacher for your child, you may have a certain goal in mind. For example, a weak student might need a teacher to help them pass their exams. Or, your goal could be to help your child have a clear understanding of intricate Science concepts to perform better in both learning and exams.

Whatever goal you aim for, it’s important to discuss it with the teacher so they  know what you actually want. 

Know Your Budget

Since study costs in Singapore aren’t cheap, make sure that hiring a private Science teacher suits your budget to avoid financial hiccups down the road.

With the private-teacher-hiring tips covered, it’s time to know how much hiring a private Science tutor in Singapore costs.

How Much Does it Cost to Engage a Science Home Tutor?

Firstly, the cost of engaging a private Science tutor depends on various aspects like subject specialization, experience, and part-time/full-time profession, etc. 

However, the general cost of hiring a private tutor falls somewhere between $20/hour and $50/hour for the school level, $45-80 for junior college, and $25-70 for diplomas. For further information, you can check out our guide on home tuition rates in Singapore

With that sorted, the question arises, “Where/how do you find a good Science home tutor in Singapore?” Let’s see.

The Best Science Tuition Agency in Singapore

When it comes to Science tuition in Singapore, choosing the most trustworthy and credible option should be your biggest concern. But with hundreds of agencies in Singapore, what should be your priority? SmileTutor offers the best private tutors you’ll find in the country. 

To arrange a private tutor for your child, there’s a simple 3-step process. First, reach out to request a suitable tutor. Then, you will receive tutor recommendations within 24 hours. Lastly, you can select the most suitable option. 

SmileTutor is the #1 most trusted Science tuition agency in Singapore and offer 50,000+ tutors around the country, quick turnaround time, no additional fee, and much more. Don’t just take this from us, see what our clients have to say about our service. 

However, if a public tuition center is what you’re searching for, let’s take a look at the options you have.

Science Tuition centres in Singapore

If private home tuition doesn’t suit you for some reason, Science tuition centres are a great alternative. Here’s how choosing a public tuition centre benefits you and your child: 

Advantages: Why Should You Choose Tuition Centres?

Following are the key advantages of choosing a tuition centre:


Education in Singapore can get quite expensive, and spending money on private tuition may not always suit you. That’s where tuition centres come in. With multiple students benefiting from their services at the same time, individual costs are slightly cheaper.

Suitable Study Environment

Since a tuition centre gets your child away from the comfort of home filled with entertainment devices and other distractions, it provides a better environment for study. As it so happens, the emotions of a student automatically shift towards learning when everyone around is doing the same.

Group Studies

The public tuition centres also help your child get an advantage from peer-to-peer studies. Group studies help your kid learn the course material in a better and more extensive way. They also encourage active participation which is effective for learning. 


Since many peers from the same class are around, the student is encouraged to perform better than the competition. It helps them work more efficiently to achieve their goals, ultimately leading to better performance in tests and exams.

With the advantages of tuition centres covered, let’s move forward to tips on how to choose a tuition centre in Singapore.


Following are the key factors to consider when choosing a tuition centre for your child: 

Quality of Education

After all, the reason you’re arranging the tuition for your child is to help them get better at Science. But since Science is a complicated subject and requires proper attention,  it’s important to make sure the institute is offering top-notch quality of education.

It is your job to encourage your child to be confident and ask questions whenever something is unclear. 

The Class Size

Class size is an important factor in any Science institute. If the class consists of a few students only, your child will naturally get more attention from the teacher, which can result in better performance in Science tests and exams.

So, it’s usually better to enrol your child in a Science tuition centre with smaller class sizes.

Teacher’s Experience and Subject Specialization

Not every teacher is suited to teach Science students at all levels. A primary-level student will learn best under a teacher well accustomed to teaching students in that age group. The same goes for students at every other level – so choose a tutor accordingly.

Furthermore, once your child selects specific Science subjects to pursue in higher grades, it’s best to choose a tutor who specializes in the selected subjects for best results.

With these considerations in mind, let’s buckle down on the top tuition centres in Singapore. I’ve made sure to specify your choices with respect to regions to help you find the nearest option.

Top Tuition Centres by Areas

To help you find the best tuition centre nearby, I’ve categorized the top tuition centres in Singapore by region and listed one option for each of the primary, secondary, junior college, IB, and IGCSE institutes.

Let’s start with the Science tuition centres in the East of Singapore.

Top Tuition Centres in the East

Following are the top tuition centres in Singapore East:

Primary – True Learning Centre Pte Ltd.

True Learning Centre is a primary school tuition institute located in Jurong East Central 1 Singapore. It is an award-winning tuition centre with amazing educational scores by tutees. Another great feat is that it offers trained teachers with round-the-clock academic assistance to students.

If you’re looking for a primary tuition centre around Jurong East Central in Singapore, do consider the True Learning Centre for your child.

Secondary – Maximind Eduhub

Located in Tampines Mart, Maximind Eduhub offers amazing learning programmes for secondary and primary school students, with the interactive learning method being the best part of it. Another great thing about this institute is the customized study goals for students for the most effective learning experience. 

Junior College – Mavis Tutorial Centre

If you’re looking for a junior college in Singapore East, the Mavis Tutorial Centre should be at the top of your list. The institution has been around since 1986 and is helping students score well in their studies ever since.

Whether it’s about a remarkable distinction rate or an effective teaching method, this tuition institute performs well in all aspects. You can also find MTC branches in Singapore West, Central, and North as well.

Top Tuition Centres in the Singapore West

Following are the top tuition centres in Singapore West:

Primary – Science Studio Learning Center

Science Studio Learning Center is the top option you’ll find when it comes to the best primary school tutors in the Singapore West. The centre is located in Bukit Timah Plaza and works exclusively in Science subjects.

It helps students learn about scientific concepts with hands-on experiments. What makes it stand out and the best option for your child is the innovative teaching techniques that keep students engaged. 

Secondary – The Physics Café & Path Finder

If you’re looking for the best Science tuition centre in Singapore West for secondary school students, The Physics Café is among the top options you’ll come by. The institute works mostly in Chemistry, Maths, and Physics and is known to be a trustable institute for secondary students.

You can find TPC branches in Singapore East, Central, and North as well.

Another contending option for secondary school students in Singapore West is Path Finder Tuition. It’s a popular institute for Maths and Physics education and works closely with O and A level students. The institute offers both online and on-site services for flexibility for students.

Start taking advantage of its innovative teaching methods today. The centre has another branch in the North as well.

Junior College – Future Academy

Future Academy is a widely popular tuition centre that offers both on-site and online classes to students. The best part about Future Academy is the highly trained and qualified tutors to commit to an effective learning experience. Aside from that, the small class sizes and customized notes are another great part to help your child perform higher in studies.

You can find various branches in the South and Central as well. 

IB – Ace Physics and Math

Although not as popular as some other institutes on the list, Ace Physics comes with a proven student success rate, customized learning plans, and everything needed in between to make it worth your investment. However, note that the institute works primarily with IB physics and Maths. If that interests you, surely go for it.

Top Tuition Centres in Singapore Central

Following are the top tuition centres in Singapore Central:

Primary – Berries World

Berries World is one of the first institutes that come to mind when asked about the best primary and pre-primary programmes. The institute is known best for its amazing and interactive way of teaching which keeps the students engaged. Berries World is a considerable option for primary tuition in Singapore Central.

Secondary – The Learning Lab

Although it offers tuition and Science enrichment programs to a range of classes including primary school, secondary school, junior college, etc., I recommend The Learning Lab especially for secondary Science tuition. The best part about it is the availability of numerous programs for your child, as well as effective learning methods to help students perform better at Science.

You can also find TLL branches in the East and West. Consider The Learning Lab for your secondary school child. 

Junior College – Indigo Junior College

Indigo is a premier education center in Singapore that specializes in junior college programmes. These particularly include June holidays programmes, virtual webinars, JC Orange programmes, etc. My recommendation for junior college students is to remain connected with Indigo to benefit from all they have to offer.

IB – IB Super & Mindlab

IB Super is a widely popular organization working closely with subjects related to IB. Whether your child is struggling with IB Mathematics, chemistry, or some other Science subject, the institute has got you covered.

It offers both online classes and on-site services to students and is located in Singapore Shopping Centre. 

Mindlab is another IB Science tuition centre around Singapore Central worth considering. The institute is known best for the innovative learning techniques developed for students to help outperform the competition. The institute offers a variety of services that particularly include the various Science tuitions.

Furthermore, the institute is also registered by NZQA for postgraduate facilities. 

IGCSE – Quintessential Education & Prep Zone Academy

Quintessential Education is a leading tuition centre in Singapore known best for the courses of IGCSE. The institute offers a rigorous curriculum that particularly includes impactful learning strategies to help its students perform significantly well and stand out. Furthermore, Quintessential Education is located in Singapore Central.

Your next option, the Prep Zone Academy, has been in business since 2006 and helps students achieve their dreams by preparing them for a range of tests that include SAT, GMAT, UKCAT. But why would you believe what they say?

Well, the institute has been featured in the most trustable resources around the world including The New York Times and BBC World News. So, what else could you ask for?

Top Tuition Centres in Singapore North

Following are the top tuition centres in Singapore North:

Primary – AGrader Learning Centre Pte Ltd

AGrader Learning Centre is among the best options for tuition around Singapore North. The institute works closely with pre-primary and primary school students to help them perform better in their studies with their effective teaching methodologies.

It is located in Sembawang Town council and offers online classes to the students. Other branches can be found in the West, Central, and East.

Junior College – One.Tuition Place Pte. Ltd

One.Tuition Place is an education consultant and tuition centre specializing in educational assistance for junior college students. This tuition centre allows students to choose their own subjects that particularly include the Science subjects like Biology, Math, Chemistry, and Physics.

A great option to consider as they ensure small classes to allow your child to get sufficient attention without any hassle.  

IB – Calvin Kong Physics Tuition

One of the best learning centres in Singapore North for IB tests is the Calvin Kong Physics Tuition. It’s located in the Clementi Mall and focuses on O level, A level, and IP studies. When it comes to the subject, the institute works closely with Physics and offers a great Physics lab to teach Physics with on-hand experiences. 

Additional Options for Science Tutoring

Hiring a private tutor or enrolling into a tuition centre are some of the more common ways for parents in Singapore to get their child extra help in science. If you are still looking for an alternative option, there are some options you can consider.

Online Science Tuition

Online tuition is a modern yet effective way of learning. It helps both the students and tutors save transportation time and cost. Students looking for flexible and time-saving options will benefits most from the following:

EduFirst Learning

An amazing option for Science tuition in Singapore. It offers 1 FREE online class, as well as various locations across different regions. 

Science Edventure Education Centre

The best option for secondary and primary school students with strong specialization of tutors in Science. 

The Pique Lab

Powered with glowing testimonials and proven strategies, and offers an amazing student distinction score of over 80%.

Science Group Classes by Freelance Tutors

Joining a freelance tutor’s Science group class is an effective yet budget-friendly way of providing Science education for your child. Freelance tutors are independent of agencies and can be found through classified ads. 

But before you pay for an online class from a freelance Science tutor, it’s important to confirm whether they’re actually a teacher, have experience, and are qualified for the subjects required. Another important thing to look into is the customer reviews of the freelance tutor. This will help you determine whether or not they’re a good option for you. 

Also, it’s good to join a trial class to know how effectively they  teach.

Science Tutors by Forums like Kiasuparents

Another amazing way to find a suitable Science tutor is by an education forum like Kiasuparents. These forums are always enriched with debates on a variety of topics such as parenting, schooling, educare, etc. Forums are great for parents to get information as plenty of people use it to ask questions. 

So, using such a platform, you can start a conversation over  the best private Science tutor near your home or, what’s the best private tutor agency which covers your home area, etc. This way, you can get unbiased and personalized opinions of people around your location. 

For instance, take a look at the following screenshot from Kiasuparents where someone asked for a recommendation for a Math & Science tutor:

And if you do the same, maybe this will work out well for you. Aside from Kiasuparents, here are some other forums you can look into. 

That said, here’s the next option for Science learning. 

Science Camps, Games and Enrichment

Considering the subject’s versatility, joining Science camps that offer real-world Science education through exciting experiences is recommended. The camps are generally in the form of a series and cost comparatively less as you join more of them. 

For instance, Science Centre Singapore’s Science camps cost $370 per camp and save you over $40 if you opt for 2 camps. Similarly, the more camps you join, the less you pay. Also, the point to note is, children aged from 10 to 12 are eligible for the camps I just mentioned. You can join one right away at Science Centre Singapore

Similarly, there’s a variety of Science games for students as well. These help them learn more about Science in an interesting way. 

Learning Science in Singapore

If you’re looking forward to a rewarding career for your child or getting them admitted to a renowned Science institute in Singapore, scoring well in the subject is crucial. Given the competitive nature of the field, it is important for your child to be able to prove their knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Why do students struggle with Science?

Science is a highly important subject since it helps us understand the world we live in. And it goes without saying, this isn’t the easiest thing to do. If you’ve ever had to study the subject, you’ll know just how difficult it can be.

Aside from that, most students can cover subjects in the humanities on their own, with little to no guidance from an expert. However, Science requires consistent learning and practice to keep their concepts clear. Students also report assuming that they’ll never need key Science concepts in their life, leading them to believe the subject isn’t all that necessary.

Others state that a lack of practice causes them to perform poorly in tests and exams. To get good grades in Science, both the teacher and student must put in equal effort. The student must be sure to ask questions until their concepts are clear.

Practice will also help them get better at the subject. Additionally, the teacher must be experienced and well-versed in relaying and explaining the subject in a simple and easy-to-grasp manner.

Is Science Tuition necessary?

Even if your child studies at a leading Singaporean institute where Science is given proper attention to and taught in the best way possible, a Science tuition can still be highly beneficial for your child.

Oftentimes, students may feel confused in class and may not have the courage to ask questions. This is where extra help like tuition comes into the picture. Hence, having a tuition teacher will help your child better perform in Science and just go the extra mile with it.

Summary & Conclusion

If your child intends to work in the field of Science, exemplary performance in the subject is essential for admission in top colleges, universities, and finding a job.

The bottom line is, hiring a private Science tutor is the most effective way to improve knowledge of Science. To start the search for a suitable home tutor, reach out to SmileTutor today, where customer satisfaction and value for money are guaranteed.

Rum Tan