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Group Tuition vs. Private Tuition: Which One Is Good for Your Child?

Every year, thousands of anxious parents look for tutoring to help their struggling children cope with the ever-increasingly difficult MOE examinations.

However, there has been a noteable debate and confusion over whether group tuition or one-to-one tuition, also known as private tutoring, is more effective for the child.

To clear this doubt, we must consider the reasons that push many parents to take this decision, as well as the fundamental differences between group and private tuition.

Why do parents choose to go for external tutoring?

• They find it hard to dedicate quality time to explain a particular subject
• The subject might be complicated and may require lots of time for preparation
• They might be unfamiliar with the language
• The grades of their children may have fallen down
• There is a scope for further development in grades

For example – if a kid secures 50 or 60 marks out of 100 total marks in a particular subject, then indeed there is a need of involving an external tutoring. However, if a kid scores between 70 to 80 marks, then there is scope for further development. Thus, in either case, external tuition is necessary.

You need to consider a variety of factors while thinking about whether to go for a group tuition or an individual tutor for your kid. Let’s consider both options separately!

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Infographic comparing group and private tuitions

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An In-Depth Look on Group Tuitions:

Group tuitions hire several tutors who work with a specific number of students. For a smaller group tuition, there can be two to eight students per batch. Group tuitions usually take place in a classroom or tuition centre.

The Benefits of Group Tuitions:
• Group tuitions are perfect for quick learners or those with extraordinary grasping power
• A combined or collaborative study is another benefit of group tuitions. Students can discuss the problems, find solutions, and work in teams.

The Disadvantages to Consider:
• The primary defect of group tuitions is their full and congested environment. Many students studying in the same classroom may reduce the focus and affect the progress.
• In group tuitions, it is hard to obtain the personalized attention of the tutors.
• Students who are introvert and feel shy to ask their doubts neither get their problems resolved nor can the teacher recognize and address them.
• Here, parents cannot watch and monitor the improvement of their kid. They remain uninformed about the development.
• Students who have weak grasping power need extra attention which cannot be obtained in group tuitions. Moreover, they might expect specific guidance or a different method of teaching which is almost unachievable in this type of tutoring.
• Slow learners may face numerous difficulties such as dealing with the speed of teaching, asking the same doubts multiple times, etc.

An In-Depth Look on Private Tuition:

A private tutor or one-to-one tuition is essential when you want your child to take up-swing in grades or improve the existing ones. The teaching involves just the tutor and your kid, thereby allowing you to monitor the progress of your child.

The Benefits of Private Tuitions:
• Private tuition proves to be extremely useful for slow learners.
• Private tuition is similar to homeschooling. This options is perfect for kids who need extra attention and are behind in the school.
• Private tuitions give one-to-one interaction among the student and the tutor. This particular care proves to be profitable for the students who need complete attention and focus of the tutors to answer their doubts.
• The personalized attention and one-to-one interaction also help the teacher to identify the weak points of a kid.
• The most significant advantage of private tuition is that parents can observe and monitor the growth of the child. Parents can stay in touch with a tutor and ask for the necessary feedback.
• Also, depending on your child’s abilities, a tutor can create a unique study plan, use concept mapping, and follow it throughout the school year.

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Disadvantages of Private Tuitions:
• The only downside of private tuitions is the lack of group studies. Group studies, sometimes, prove to be beneficial as students discuss complicated problems together and find the solution.

The Verdict: Group Tuition vs. Private Tutor

Today’s generation is all about competition; businesses are competing for excellent ideas and recognition, youngsters are struggling for excellent jobs, kids are competing for higher grades, and the list continues. Education is the only way that can help your child survive in this competition. Thus, by providing your kids the best possible education, you are providing them the most beautiful start in life and making that race easier to win.

Hence, seeing the raising workloads on schools and group tuitions, appointing a private tutor for your child will always be a wise decision. The success of your determination and the hard work of a selected private tutor will ultimately display in the scorecard of your kid.

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