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How You Can Tell Whether Your Child Needs Private Tutoring

Consistently dropping grades

A “C” grade here and there is alright. However, if they are bringing home bad report cards repeatedly then it is a serious concern. What you need to immediately do is to have one-on-one meetings with your child’s teachers and take the opportunity to pinpoint the underlying issues your child is facing. If there is nothing the school can do, then consider fulfilling your child’s needs by hiring a reliable private tutor.

Observable Lack of Motivation

It’s human nature to shy away from things that hurt us. If your child is not doing well at school then they will stop trying so hard to succeed at a certain point. Your job as a parent is to help them confront the reality of their failure. Then you can show them how to overcome these tough challenges. A tutor who has been teaching students in your child’s grade would be the best choice due to experience.

Failing the Same Subject Constantly

Everyone has their weak points so don’t be surprised if your child does well at Math but bad at English. They might develop a dislike for that particular subject when they keep failing. Don’t let that happen. Before it’s too late, hire a tutor who has a good degree in that subject. Someone who has a thorough understanding of that subject and knows how to apply it practicality can be an excellent learning resource. They will be able to clarify concepts in a detailed and creative manner sparking your child’s interest.

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Missing homework deadlines

Organization and time management issues are not uncommon among children. After all, they have a low attention span so they are easily distracted by games and visitors. Time management is something that has to be taught to a child. A great tutor can instruct your child in dividing their time according to regular activities. This will not only improve their homework timing but also their performance in class assignments. By learning to use their time effectively, they will do better at tests as well.

Complaints about a teacher

Not every student is lucky enough to have good teachers for every single subject. Attitude is not the only thing which might be bothering your child. Not all teachers are capable of delivering concepts across to young minds properly. In some cases, your child might not enjoy the learning methods that teacher employs. The school will probably refuse to make adjustments simply for your child so a private tutor is only suitable solution.

Parents feel challenged

As new theories replace the old ones, you might feel as lost as your child when it comes to certain concepts. Since you learned it in a different way, you might not be able to help your child understand it. Hire a tutor who is familiar with all the latest teaching techniques and methods in that particular subject. It might be a temporary measure but it can do wonders for your child’s grades.

Less Supervision Time

Maybe you have got a new job that eats up more space in your schedule or some other obligations have cut into your child’s study time. When your child is dependent on you to assist them in their homework and projects, they will feel your absence acutely. They still require extra help with schoolwork so it’s better to contact a good tutor until you have more time for your child’s studies.

Low Self-Esteem Indicators

Experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics explained in “Caring for Your School-Age Child: Ages 5 to 12” (2004) that giving up quickly, avoiding an activity and cheating to win are major signs of low self-esteem in kids. If your child displays any of these tendencies you must have a clear talk with them. A tutor will only help with their studies. The rest is up to you.

Learning Disability Symptoms

There are several learning disabilities that you may be unaware of. Some symptoms like those related to reading, writing and Math issues. ADD/ ADHD are frequently to blame for a child’s poor performance at school. More serious problems like Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia and Dysparxia need treatment through specialists for a child to function normally. The sooner you detect the symptoms pointing to your child’s need for extra attention the better. Also, you need to hire a special needs tutor who has been trained to work with children who have learning disabilities.

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