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Do’s and Don’ts for Biology Homework Help for Students

Biology is a branch of science that deals with the understanding of living things and organisms, from the way they grow and change. Many students find this science very tricky to understand since they will need to understand definitions and concepts, as well as experimental results and many others.

When it comes to homework about the subject, students are required to take notes about biology definitions, concepts, diagrams and conduct home experiments. While the workload sounds intense, biology homework is easy to do if you take ample steps before you begin.

To help you out, here’s our do’s and don’ts guide when doing your biology homework:


Learn the root word of complex words

Terminology and scientific terms which biology uses are often very difficult to spell and hard to grasp. The reason why it is difficult to spell and grasp is that they originated from Latin terms and some of these terms come with a prefix or a suffix or both. When you meet these terms, try knowing their root words and their definitions to make it easier to remember.

A good example of this is the term “glucose” since it can be divided into two words: ‘glu’ or sweet and ‘ose’ or sugar.

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Learning the root words or key terms can even help understand questions since you will be able to discern what answers are required in complex questions.

Draw and label diagrams

You can also answer your homework with the help of diagrams, which will give your readers (your teachers or your schoolmates who will be asked to check your work) a picture on how you tackled a problem and how to answer it. It will also provide them with a clear idea of the definitions you used. Diagrams are also used in biology to help students remember where certain organs are located in the topic is about the human body.

Sadly, diagrams can be tricky to work on especially if you do not know where to start. You check other science books if they have diagrams for certain concepts or processes to help you come up with your own diagrams.

Review notes

Notes are very important in any study, and for biology, it is a great material to use to review every lesson after class. Some teachers would even tell students to make notes regarding certain aspects of the lesson, which can appear in exams or in their homework. When doing your homework, make it a point to check your notes if you listed key points about the homework topic and use it as a reference when answering the homework question.

If you do not have notes, try reading the chapter you discussed in class and make your own notes based on your understanding of the topic before beginning your homework.

Create a schedule for studying biology

Biology is a very complex science to study, which is why it is important you properly adjust your schedule when you are working on your homework for it. Some homework for the subject would even take time to complete.

When working on your homework for all your subjects for the day, schedule your homework working time for every subject. Use a calendar to determine how much working time do you have for every homework and adjust your schedule accordingly to tackle the work. If you have a biology assignment, try doing it immediately if it does not require extra sources. If you need extra materials or sources, gather them first before you do your homework in one sitting.


Allow all the distractions from your study area

When doing your homework, it is important that you do not stop all of a sudden to do something unrelated to your homework. In biology, one small mistake on your homework can be a disaster. Everything must be labeled and spelled properly to get full marks.

Before you begin your homework, remove all the distractions that would prevent you from finishing your work completely like television and smartphones. Just have your book with you and your paper (or your laptop) to answer your homework.

If you will be using your laptop to write your answers in a document, you can disconnect it from the internet temporarily to complete your work.

Do not think negatively about the homework or the subject

Like other branches of science, biology is both complicated and interesting when you tackle it. It is important that despite its complex nature, we must have an open mind when studying the subject because it has a lot to offer.

If you think negatively about the subject, your work quality would drop significantly and earn a low grade for it. When you take your homework positively and do it with zeal and effort, you will be able to appreciate the subject even if you find the subject hard to study.

Biology is here to help you understand the world better, and if you close your mind about it, you may find yourself unable to explain why certain things happen around you.

Do not cram

Finally, it is not right to do your homework in a rush because you may end up missing a lot of things for your work in the process. Homework is given to students to see how well they understood the topic and they are given enough time during the week to complete it. All the resources are also given if the assignment requires extra sources for better understanding.

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When you have biology homework, use your time wisely from the minute you get the homework before its deadline to make it perfect. By making it early, you can ensure that your work has everything your teacher requires and allow you to finish your other assignments.

Final thoughts

Students should not consider homework to be a difficult task to undertake because everything you need to answer them is in your notes or your books. Homework is also meant to help students get a better grasp of the topic and review them even while at home. Considering this fact, biology homework should interesting and not be draining the interest out of you.

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