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10 Ways to Encourage Kids to Stay Positive During Circuit Breaker

In each passing day, the number of COVID-19 cases in the country continues to increase. The government has been working around the clock to find ways to prevent the spread from growing.

In the education level, schools are now closed and are now conducting classes online. For parents, this time is tricky especially as children may want to use this time to play rather than do their tasks online. Or they may be asking you a thousand times why they can’t go out to play. If you need help in coaching your kids on their studies, you can reach out to us.

How can we parents encourage our kids to be positive at this time?

Here are 10 tips we can recommend you to try out:

Let them know what the pandemic is all about

Children can be very perceptive when it comes to the things around them. Even if they are unfamiliar with the terms being used to talk about the virus, they know something is wrong.

Take some time to sit down with them and teach them what the pandemic is all about and what they can do to prevent the virus from spreading.

Check out our article here on how you can teach your child about the virus in a fun way so they can understand it easier.

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Have a routine

Although they are staying at home for most of the time, it doesn’t mean it is ok they lose their routine.

Sort out a routine for them that they can follow that will balance out their home-based learning sessions and play. You can also add educational games in their schedule, which will work well for their interests.

The routine should break out into:

  • Half hourly for kids that are 6 years old and below
  • 45 mins for kids in primary school
  • Hourly for kids thats are 13 years old and above

There should be a healthy mix of music, art, exercise, self-revision, unsupervised play and structured play.

Balance out their classes and let them take a break

Your child will get bored easily if they will only do their classes for an entire day for days. After their classes or in between their classes, let them pursue their interests.

For example, if your child loves plants, why not let them start a small herb garden in your home. If they love to write, get them to start a journal.

The possibilities are endless and you only need to check what your child loves to pursue.

Open means for communication for kids to reach out to their friends

Even if your children can’t be with their friends personally, there are ways for them to stay in touch. Plan video conferences between them and let them talk about the things they want to talk about aside from their classes.

Speak to your fellow parents and plan activities that your children can do online through video conferences, like DIY activities, story-telling and others.

There are also apps that you can use for children to interact such as educational games.

Find ways to maximize technology during this time

Although experts say that we should limit our children’s exposure to their gadgets, there are ways to maximize its benefits and still balance their exposure to these gadgets.

Check out what educational apps are available that will support your child’s classes. For example, you can check out our list of History Apps which tells historic stories to trigger your child’s curiosity. We also recommend our list of Physics apps for your child to try out science experiments at home!

It is important to take note that these apps may only work well for certain ages so you need to do your research about them.

If you can’t decide which one works well, check online forums about them or ask your child’s teacher for advice.

Play board games

Sometimes, going old school is the best way to maximize time, especially now that everyone is stuck at home. Board games, in particular, are great ways to spend time with the family and teach a lot of things to children.

Good examples are Scrabble can help your children with their spelling and vocabulary. Chess can help them practice their quick thinking, focus and strategy-making. Monopoly will sharpen their business acumen and budget managing.

Hold story-telling sessions for your children

Another great way to help your children with their studies is by reading to them.

During story-telling sessions, you can teach them grammar and vocabulary. It also opens opportunities for their imagination and creativity to shine during this time.

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You can also challenge your child to make their own stories and do the story-telling themselves as a twist.

Exercise with them

When our kids are at home, they will be tempted to glue themselves in front of the TV or their gadgets since they cannot go out to play. If we let them be, they will slowly become lazy.

Since you are also stuck at home, why not do your workout routine with them? Inspire them to join you and make it fun by adding music and fun moves that they can do. You can even shuffle your workout routine to include them.

Create Science experiments at Home

Experiments are great in teaching children several aspects of science. They are fun to do and some of them are easy to follow even for your children.

Research which ones match your child’s science lessons and see what you need to do them. There are great science experiments that you can do at home with things you can find at home just like what we listed here! 

Encourage them to open up about their feelings

During this pandemic, your children will definitely feel the anxiety that you are feeling even if you do not tell them about it.

Children are very sensitive with the world around them and unconsciously reflect what they think about what is going on around them. If you notice that they are suddenly moody or silent, sit down with them and encourage them to talk about it.

Don’t force them to talk because it will only cause them to clam up. They will open up to you if they see that you are concerned and once they do talk, reassure them that everything will be ok.

Engage an online tutor for them

Wait, what? How can tuition produces positive thoughts? Perhaps that’s your first reaction on seeing this suggestion of mine.

Well, remember the last time you felt a little down and under? When you woke up a little lazier than usual, a little less motivated? You waste your hours away and then feel worse about it, then, it’s hard to get your productive engine going.

Well, lack of discipline leads to productivity which leads to depression and negative thoughts!

A little routine and having a fixed schedule for online classes, as well as an online tutor to keep your child in check can go a long way to keeping your kids productive and consequently, feeling positive.

Final Thoughts

It can indeed be a challenge for many parents to get our children to stay positive during this uncertain time. However, even if our children don’t exactly understand what is going on, you will be surprised how in touch they are with the world around them.

As parents, we need to show that we are here for our children and even if we are all stuck at home, there are still ways to have fun.

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