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The Benefits of Getting an Early Tutor for Your Pre-Schooler

Globally, there is quite a discussion going on about how young is too young to introduce your child to a private tutor.

Tutoring agencies report that the fastest growing market isn’t, in fact, secondary level tutoring, but is actually at key stages one and two, and the age that tutors are being hired for is getting younger.

If you ask the internet, you will find many people who are radically opposed to early tutoring, using “kids should be kids”, and “let them play” as their strongest arguments (although these are certainly important). But in a culture like Singapore where education is the axis that society revolves around, there may not be such a phrase as “too young”.

Here are just a few of the benefits of getting an early private tutor for your pre-schooler.

Help prepare for school

In pre-school or kindergarten, your child is placed into an almost dream world of supported play, with a plethora of activities to choose from. Then when it comes to beginning primary education, a lot of children aren’t quite prepared for the intensity of learning. This is where pre-school tutoring can really help.

Hiring a tutor can give your child the experience of learning before formal schooling starts. They’ll also be prepared in many other ways too. They will have had the opportunity to get to know a new adult other than relatives, and to feel comfortable in that situation. They’ll also gain more confidence, and be able to speak up when they are in doubt, which will be important when the time comes to go to school.

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Give them a chance

In many pre-school settings, the children greatly outnumber the teachers, and if your child is shy one-to-one tutoring can provide them the attention that they need in a learning environment – your child is heard, and their tutor listens – and vice versa too.

As learning is one-to-one, a tutor will also be able to cater specifically to your child’s learning style, and craft activities around the way that they best learn.

Also, if you feel as though your child is lagging slightly behind his peers, a qualified private tutor will be able to identify the thing or things that your child is struggling with – from pronunciation and elocution, to making the connection between the written and spoken word and putting ideas onto paper.

Help them get ahead

More than anything, private tutoring will give your pre-schooler a jump start on their learning, and help them develop good habits from a young age – being able to set time aside for learning and revision, and being able to make the distinction between learning time and play time. Tutoring can really help your child learn the meaning of commitment, the importance of following through, and the application of setting and sticking to schedules.

Private tutoring during pre-school will really give your child the edge they need to stand out in a competitive society, like that of here in Singapore, by helping them refine their learning techniques and educational habits.

Give them opportunity

Almost everything that young children do in their pre-school year supports their emerging language skills, and having a private tutor will help refine those growing skills into ingrained characteristics.

As well as the basics, another habit that a private tutor can help your child with is goal-setting. In mainstream education, there isn’t much focus on creating goals and objectives – especially personal ones – and creating a plan to meet them. This is key life skill that many of the world’s top minds attribute their success to, and it is a skill that a private tutor can help your child develop.

As Aristotle said, “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference”, and that’s exactly what private tutoring in Singapore can do for your child.

Additionally, tutoring can give your child the opportunity to pursue their extra-curricular passions. Outside of the basic numeracy and literacy programs taught in schools, there is always opportunity to encourage other talents and abilities in your child through private tutoring from a young age, which could be anything from history and languages, to music and art.

And now that you’ve heard all of the pros, the cons seem quite obsolete. Private tutoring at a young age can only benefit your child, by giving them a head start, and helping them to form great habits, that will surely see them on their own roads to success.

Rum Tan

Rum Tan is the founder of SmileTutor and he believes that every child deserves a smile. Motivated by this belief and passion, he works hard day & night with his team to maintain the most trustworthy source of home tutors in Singapore. In his free time, he writes articles hoping to educate, enlighten, and empower parents, students, and tutors. You may try out his free home tutoring services via or by calling 6266 4475 directly today.