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How Different Genres of Music Can Boost Productivity

(Unsplash – Wes Hicks)

Music is the one element that people understand, no matter the language.

It is amazing how it has the power to influence how we feel and our energy levels.

When studying, doing work, or just wanting to be productive, choosing the right genres of music to listen to can effectively boost your productivity.

In this article, we will explore some of them!

Classical Music

(Unsplash –  Marius Masalar)

Classical music can create a focused environment with its simple soundscape, which usually includes piano, strings, and woodwind instruments.

It’s also easier to focus while listening to it since there are no lyrics distracting your train of thought.

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Some famous classical pieces include Moonlight Sonata, Clair de Lune, and Für Elise.

Lofi Beats

(Unsplash – Ben Blennerhassett)

There’s a reason why Lofi has become so popular over the years, as rather than just providing music, it creates a sort of mood.

It is a mix of different musical elements and genres, such as Jazz and R&B (Rhythm And Blues).

Some people describe this mood as being stuck in time and just enjoying the blues, which really helps to lessen anxiety and boost creativity.

Energetic Songs

(Pexels – Maksim Goncharenok)

Then there are those songs that hype you up and keep you going.

The term ‘energetic songs’ is broad, but it covers a broad range of songs such as Rock and Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

These songs always put people in a good and excited mood, keeping them happy while they are doing whatever they are doing.

Chill Songs

(Pexels – Ruel Madelo)

For people who prefer more laid-back and calm songs, they will turn to chill songs that cover music genres such as Pop and, for those who really want to get hit in the feels, Ballads.

Sometimes, they become so chill that they just become background songs, helping the listeners to completely focus on whatever they are doing.

Nature And Environment Sounds

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(Pexels –  ArtHouse Studio)

These are good alternatives, as they provide a similar environment to being outside in nature.

There are several choices of nature sounds for you to choose from online, such as birds chirping, heavy rain, or campfires.

We connect with nature so much that we magically calm down when hearing its sounds. How amazing is that?


(Pexels – Bruno Cantuária)

Instrumentals are also a great choice to listen to for productivity since they are basically the songs the listeners listen to but without the lyrics.

You can also choose whether to listen to the actual instrumental version of the original song or listen to covers, such as a piano cover instrumental playlist like this.

You also get to appreciate the intricacies of the different musical elements that went into making the song!

Curated Playlists

(Pexels – Ivan Samkov)

You could also just create your own custom playlist involving all or some of what we have mentioned above, as long as it is effective in your opinion.

There are also numerous curated playlists online that specifically cater to a certain action, such as studying.


(Unsplash – C D-X)

So there you go! All of the music genres addressed in this article can guarantee to help you be more productive in one way or another.

Whether it’s energising beats, satisfying melodies, or calming moods that music creates, they can be an irreplaceable tool in helping you get through the day and achieve your goals.

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