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8 Ways Students in Singapore Can Save the Environment Every Day

Environment  plays an important role in our existence and healthy well-being. However, its ever-deteriorating concern has become a matter of concern.

So is there anything that you, as a student, can do in this regard? Well, definitely! While classes and examinations are no doubt the top priority, you can still take some time out of your busy schedule to become a custodian of the environment.

Singapore Students are leading the Change

Singapore is playing a pioneering role in saving the environment. Six out of every ten school going kids have participated in the SEC-StarHub School Green Awards (SGA) which was conducted last year. The SGA is organized by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) in collaboration with sponsors StarHub. It is aimed at encouraging young students to turn their passion for the environment into action – devising sustainable environmental policies and achieving the desired results with the help of various pro-environment initiatives.

As the saying goes – charity begins at home. Besides participating is mass initiatives, you can also make individual efforts to save the planet in your own little ways. Let’s find out eight simple ways through which you can save the Earth from continuous abuse.

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How Can Students Contribute to Saving the Environment?

1. Use Reusable Water Bottles

Probably one of the simplest ways to save the environment is to avoid using plastic water bottles.

Plastic is a non- biodegradable material. It sits on landfills for hundreds of years and pollutes the oceans – causing harm to humans, animals, and plants. It may sound unbelievable, but if the use of plastic continues at the current rate, by 2050 our oceans will have more plastic than fish!

So instead of bottled water, get yourself a reusable water bottle made of a high-quality bio-degradable material. Isn’t that an easy way to save our environment? I guess, yes!

2. Adopt Reusable Bags

Another major source of plastic comes in the form of carrying bags. You can find a lot of them if you go shopping with your parents for grocery, fruits, and vegetables. This practice is not only dangerous for the environment but also harmful to your personal hygiene.

So dump non-biodegradable packaging today and adopt reusable bags made of paper or cloth. They are far more durable, environment-friendly and nicer looking – you couldn’t have possibly asked for more!

3. Save Electricity

An easy way to contribute to the betterment of the environment is to limit the usage of electricity. This is perhaps why your science tutor often tells you to switch off the lights before leaving a room.

Another way by which you can save electricity is by avoiding the use of air-conditioners. Instead, open a window and let the breeze cool you down while you study.

Ensure that your cell phone charger is not plugged into the socket. These little efforts to save electricity can subsequently help to reduce the carbon produced by the coal-based and hydro-electric projects.

4. Use Energy Efficient Devices

Ask your parents to switch to solar-power lights instead of the traditional bulbs available in the market. You can also convince them to use energy-saving LED lights which consume 75% less energy.

Modern appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, air-conditioning systems, dishwashers, and washing machines consume significantly lesser energy compared to the older models. If possible, try to convince your parents to dispose of old appliances and replace them with energy-efficient alternatives.

5. Use Public Transport/Carpool Facility

Motor vehicles are a source of fossil fuel emissions. To curb air pollution, try to avoid your family car as much as possible.

Walking is a great option if you need to cover a short distance. It will not only contribute towards saving the environment but also keep you fit and healthy. Cycling can be yet another healthy practice to adopt.

If you must use a vehicle, then try out the idea of carpooling. If your school/university is located at a greater distance, then you can explore public transportation. Public transport is way more affordable than a personal vehicle, and at the same time, it aids in reducing your carbon footprint.

6. Save Water

Water is precious, so make every attempt to save as much water as you can on a daily basis. Remember to turn off the water tap properly to prevent water from dripping down. Another good habit to saving water is to shorten your shower time, especially under running water.

7. Turn Waste into Natural Fertilizer

Take help of your parents to create a compost system on your backyard for processing vegetable/fruit peelings, leftover food, and other bio-degradable wastes. This compost can then be used as a natural fertilizer for your garden.

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Reduction in the use of chemical fertilizers can lead to reduced groundwater contamination. So show your commitment towards protecting the soil, groundwater and plants by producing natural fertilizers from household wastes.

8. Plant Trees

Last, but certainly not the least, plant a lot of trees. There’s no alternative to trees in our bid to slow down global warming. Trees help to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. So make it a point to encourage others and organize periodic plantation drives to raise awareness among your friends.


It’s important to be conscious of how our everyday actions impact the environment. Thus, inspire your friends, and parents and participate actively in the environment conservation drives. Remember, it only takes a few small initial steps to make a lasting impression.

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