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Effective Tutoring Strategies To Help Prepare Your Students For Exams

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As the examination period is slowly approaching, it’s understandable that tutors like you, as well as your students, will start to panic and worry. 

Even their parents may become more impatient and have additional requests for you to help their children, causing everyone’s stress levels to increase. 

However, do not let those factors affect your tutoring sessions. In this article, we have provided several ways that you can help guide your students effectively for their examinations.

Allocate More Time For Consultation

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At this point, you should have already taught them most of the syllabus that will be tested. 

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However, each and every student may have different struggles and questions about what they have learned that they may not have brought up to you before. Therefore, it’s best to allocate more time to your lessons for consultations. 

You can have the choice of conducting either group or individual consultations, but individual ones are usually more effective as there may be issues that your student will not bring up in group consultations. 

This is because they could be shy or embarrassed that they do not understand a concept that the others in the group understand, or they simply need more personalised attention from you.

Be patient while conversing with them, help them identify the problems clearly, and work together with them to solve those problems.

Create Structured Study Plans

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You can get your students to create a personalised and structured study plan to prepare for their examinations. 

Do remember to let them do most of the drafting and planning, as it is ultimately their plan and their own preferences and character really play a part in it. 

However, you can provide examples of what different study plans can look like. You can also walk around and provide some assistance to those who need it when you give them time to start constructing their study plan. 

Do ensure that all of their study plans have to at least cover the topics that will be tested, as well as enough rest periods in between.

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Provide More Break Times

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While we’re on the topic of rest, ensure that you give either short break times in shorter intervals or one longer break time during lessons as compared to usual. 

Although studying and ensuring they understand and can apply those knowledge practically are important, rest is also very important. 

After all, health is always the first priority. You can also take this opportunity to check in with each student during their break and ask them how they are feeling during exam preparation. 

This period will definitely cause them to be more anxious and insecure about their abilities, so provide a lot of guidance and encouragement.

Play Review Games

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What’s a better way of revising and reviewing the content taught than through games? 

Not only will it be more fun for you and your students, but it’ll be more efficient and effective for them to revise precisely because of the fun factor. 

You could use online platforms such as Kahoot and curate your quizzes for your students, or you could set up a board and create a challenge for your students to compete and answer questions correctly!

This can also serve as a bonding session for your tuition class, aside from just the academic factor.

Mock Exams And Quizzes

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Test their knowledge and understanding using mock examinations and mini quizzes! 

This is still one of the best methods to ensure that your students are prepared for the actual examinations, as they go through the same processes and thinking, just that they won’t be graded. 

You will also have to go through those mock papers with them after they are done and identify the areas that need more attention. 

You could either get them to exchange papers and mark for each other while you go through as a class, or you could take more time to mark each of their papers by yourself. 

Provide constructive feedback and criticism that highlight what they are good at and what they need more improvement in. Be sure to also provide suggestions to help them perform better, as well as some advice or tips that you may have gleaned from experience.


(Pexels – Pixabay)

With these effective tutoring strategies being implemented into your tutoring sessions, you can further guide your prepared students and get through the examination process together.

They will then have more confidence in themselves and improve their academic growth and scores in their examinations.

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