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How To Start Your Intensive Revision For A-Levels General Paper?

In Singapore, it is not just math and science that challenges students when they reach their A-levels. They also have to face General Paper, a test which tests a student’s comprehension, writing and background knowledge.

Although it sounds simple at first, writing a General Paper is not easy because you need to learn how to write it properly and go straight to the point. Some students tend to ramble when it comes to writing and as such, they require A-level tuition with a tutor to help them with their grades. Singapore has a lot of A-levels tuition schools and tutors ready to assist, some even specializing in General Paper tuition.

However, if you are taking a General Paper tuition and want to hone your skills even further, here are some other great tips you can apply while revising your General Paper writing skills:

Material Preparation

Before you engage in intensive revisions for your General Paper, you must first prepare your materials which will assist you with your effort. You must make sure your references and other learning materials are organized before you work on your revision. For example, you should label which material to categories like notes, essay questions, old exam questions and tutorial questions.

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You should also change the way you write your notes and do essay outlines so you can do your paper easier. When writing notes, you should highlight critical information and not just copy everything said in verbatim. You can also separate your notes accordingly by dividing it to parts where you can write your questions about the topic, a summary of the lecture, and extra details your teacher may have said about the topic.

As far as essay outlines are concerned, learning how to make one will help you structure your paper properly. It gives you an idea of what you should write and how to do it in order. It also gives you an idea of your paper’s boundaries so you don’t ramble when you revise.

Scope of Study

When you have your materials together, the next thing you should sort out is the scope of content you will study. You must be able to determine the subjects that will be included in the exam, as well as the concepts you may need to explain during the test.

Since you are taking a General Paper test, you need to list out the content of all the topics and technical knowledge for the possible questions that may appear during these exams. When you know the scope of topics that may be included, it will help you review and prepare for your test easily.

Consistent Practice

While trying to go on revision for your exams, it is important you practice constantly to improve how you write and determine where you are now. When preparing for a test, it is not enough to just know the notes and just let what you know to be used in the test. You actually need to be able to express what you understand from these lectures efficiently and answer the questions in such a way it reflects your understanding.

For A-Levels General Paper examination, you need to practice how you answer different types of questions and structure them accordingly. Having regular practice exams with your tutor can help you understand the questions better and write the answer accordingly in a more effective manner.

As they always say, practice makes perfect and when doing written exams, you need to be quick and flawless. Have someone join you when you do these exams and check them for you, like your tutor, and check where you tend to have problems. While practice takes time, the results are undeniable once you get past the mistakes you make along the way.

Evaluation and Correction

While you review for your exams, it is important you are able to evaluate and correct your work each time you finish a practice test or do a task related to it.

For evaluation, you need to check if you made errors and what caused them. For example, if you answered an essay right but it was poorly graded, you need to determine why was it poorly graded and correct it. When you identify the problem, you should now correct it by creating solutions that would help you prevent making the same error during your exams.

If you are having problems evaluating your work, you can ask the help of a tutor to help you assess your work.

Mental Resilience

Of course, when you are trying to prepare for your A-levels, you need to have the right mental resilience to keep up with your revisions and the stress that comes with the exams.

It is often that some students tend to break down during exams because they cannot handle the stress it brings. Even if they are just preparing, stress can affect how they prepare for the tests and easily cause them to lose focus. Since these exams are crucial to your grades, it is important your mindset is prepared to handle the stress and the pressure that goes with it as you undertake the time-crucial tests.

You must also remain focused on sticking with your revisions and stay motivated in doing it. If you do not stick with your preparations, you will be held back by your shortcomings during the exams and ultimately miss your target grade. Even missing one day can make a difference.

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Scoring an A in General Paper in your A-levels is not impossible to achieve. As a student, you simply need to revise your own revision plans and ensure it covers every aspect of the exam.

You must also ensure you are able to have the materials ready as you prepare and evaluate yourself each time you practice. Finally, you must also have the right mindset as you undertake these trials to ensure your revision plans for the exams work flawlessly.

It may sound daunting if you look at the steps above, but the rewards it will give you when you do it successfully are immense.

Good luck!

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