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Tutors Do More Than They Realise

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Tutors don’t always work normal office hours—for private tutors, workdays can end at 9pm or even later. 

However, when it comes to this gruelling job, tutors don’t only teach students subject material. 

Tutors do more than they realise when it comes to helping students, but what exactly is it outside of normal teaching that they do?

Develop Learning Methods

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Tutors help students learn different methods to learn their subject material and these methods can last them throughout their lives. 

Often, tutors also address individual problems, tailoring their lessons to suit their pupils’ specific needs

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Address and Help Issues

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When tutors teach their students, they are able to see what exactly each student struggles with when it comes to work and sometimes even outside of work. 

They are able to identify problems with understanding subject material, or even problems such as low confidence. 

Hence, they’re able to help students in many areas. 

They don’t only help students understand their schoolwork better, some tutors may help boost their student’s confidence by giving praise, or help give tips on how to deal with difficult group mates

Reignite Interest in Learning

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When a student is struggling with their work, it’s not unusual for them to start hating certain subjects, or even start hating school. 

Tutors can help them improve their grades, and with that improvement comes an increased amount of enjoyment when doing work as well. 

After all, it’s easier to enjoy what you’re good at doing. 

A tutor’s passion or interest in a particular subject can also inspire students and teach them to share that enjoyment. 

Tutors Can Advise in Academic Decisions

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A tutor likely has a lot of experience in the world of education, having familiarised themselves with the education system and syllabus. 

Many tutors are also former teachers and can offer valuable insight on subject choices or schools in the country. 

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They may know which schools are closest to their student’s homes or which ones would be the most suitable for them. 

Promote Discipline

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Tuition requires effort from both the tutor and the student if the student is to succeed, and some tutors give tuition homework to help their students improve further

With this extra workload, students have to learn discipline and how to manage their time

Students also have to attend tuition regularly to improve, whether they feel like going or not. 

Inspire Curiosity in Students

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Because a tutor often specialises in one or two subjects, they will often have a lot of knowledge on that subject—perhaps even outside the syllabus. 

For example, a Chemistry tutor may be able to intrigue students with other real world applications of Chemistry not taught in the syllabus. 

Students can become more interested in what they’re learning when they’ve heard their tutor’s career path, too, since this tells them about potential future jobs related to the subject. 

Create Meaningful Learning Opportunities

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Many tutors have experience with teaching and dealing with different types of students

As a result, they have a plethora of teaching methods under their belt that they can employ to make lessons more interesting for students. 

This helps each student learn better and has the student gaining something after each lesson. 

Mediating with Parents

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Tutors are usually hired by a student’s parents, and so they have to answer to parents. 

Not only does a tutor have to help manage parental expectations, they also often have to educate parents on the school syllabus. 

This makes things easier for the student, who doesn’t have to explain everything to their parent and can also be better supported by their parent.


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There are so many things that tutors do for students and so many ways tutors give their students more meaningful learning experiences

It’s important to realise what they do for students and appreciate their efforts!

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