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Tables Turn: Parents are the Ones Who Needs a Tutor

Tuition for parents is a new trend in Singapore where parents are taking short crash courses with the goal of helping their children with their studies. A parent training programme allows you to be part of a highly personalised and comprehensive learning programme that is aimed at helping you become a tutor to your child.

When you enrol for a parent teaching classes, you will have a chance to discuss with your trainers about your progress on a regular basis which will help you to add new skills hence stretching your educational know-how to new heights to optimise your ability to teach your child. For the time-strapped parent, you can even opt to engage a private tutor in mentoring you at your own convenience.

The following are some of the things which you will learn how you can help your kid improve his grades:

  1. Be Involved

    Every day when your child comes back from school, ask him what they learned at school. Show that you are interested in what he studies at school. That is not all, ask whether he has any difficulty in his studies and offer to help.

  2. Help with the homework

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    If your child requests you to help with their homework, provide him help cheerfully and calmly. Do this with the aim of encouraging your kid to be an independent learner.

  3. Understanding

    Different children have different learning styles. Do you know which style best suits your child? Does your child learn better by hearing the information or does he need some visual aid? Or does he require you to play some games with him so as to increase his concentration?

  4. Praise and Reward

    Your child might need some motivation to do well in his studies. You need to discuss with your child and set some short-term academic goals and agree that if he achieves it, then reward him accordingly. Praise him for the effort and be careful not to scorn him if he does not realise the goal.

  5. Minimise distractions

    When your child comes home, and he has homework to do, turn off the TV even if your favourite television programme is about to begin. Your kid needs a conducive environment to do his homework.

  6. Create a Conducive study environment

    You can help by organising the study material and stationary. Ensure that you make the study area friendly so that your child will enjoy being in the study room. You might want to stick some educational posters on the walls of the study room. That is not all, ensure that your kid has a regular study routine.

We Are The First Teachers

As parents, we are the first teachers to our children. While many of us would like to guide our children to get the best of the education that they can, but some of us are not able to do so even with good intention. This is because most of us lack the necessary parent coaching skills, fun tools and innovative techniques that will help you tap into the inner wisdom of your child.

Many children are happy when their parents are helping them with either their math homework or they are supported. Depending on what grade your child is, there are different types of teaching methods. However, the training that you will get will help you to become more involved in your child’s education. It will go a long way to help you to better understand the core concepts of teaching your child.


When you register for tuition classes, you will be given an overview of what your child is learning at school, and you will get an insight and techniques and the strategies that are involved.

By attending tuition classes, you will stand a better chance of understanding what your child is learning at school and how you can give him the necessary support and a conducive environment for your child at home.

That is not all; you might be a working parent hence you might not be having a lot of time for self-studying. Hence, it is a good idea to have a professional to summarise what you need to learn and to address your coaching techniques. You will experience the subject frustration that your child is experiencing at school, you will not only be able to help him but empathise his anguish as well.

Is This A Good Idea?

Studying how to help our children do their homework might not be a bad idea after all if we are doing it for the right motives – to offer guidance to our kids and not to do their homework for them.

The following are some of the merits that you will get by teaching your child on your own:

When you become a coach, you will be to help your child to solve his problematic areas.

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You do not have to worry about the fierce competition that your child is facing at school because you will be able to help him.

You will have a chance to bond with your kid.

The syllabus is overloaded and most probably your child is facing intense competition at school, by enrolling for parent tuition classes, you will be able to help your kid to cope with the tough syllabus by revision or teaching him a chapter ahead.

It will empower you to be able to coach and guide your child better in areas that he does not have to wait to get help from his teacher.

You can sit in the same class with your child with the same tutor hence you will be able to know exactly where your child has a problem.


If you are tired of feeling helpless every time your kid runs up to you with a math or science question, and you are not sure where to begin, you might want to consider registering yourself for some parent tuition.

Unlike the classes that your kid attends at school, parent tuition is well structured and organised such that within a short period, you can learn how to solve a math question faster than your child. But the best benefit of all, your child get to spend quality time with his mommy or daddy.

Rum Tan

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