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7 Types of Poly Students in Singapore

poly students

Polytechnic really exposes us to many types of students from different walks of life doesn’t it?

Students in polytechnics enroll in a wide array of courses such as engineering, business, hospitality, science, and sports

With such a vast number of courses, you are bound to meet someone you have never met before and get to know more about their lifestyles and characteristics. Who knows, you might even meet your lifetime partner in poly, lovely!

In this article, we’ll talk about the seven types of poly students you’ll come across, either as a poly student or someone who’s about to enrol in a poly. Let’s begin!

1 . The high achiever

Wow, ever wonder how some students remain motivated throughout their poly life and consistently score and maintain a high GPA of 3.5 and above?

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The high achiever students usually are the ones who are proactive in class, constantly asking and answering questions, and keeping themselves engaged during break time by doing work or studying. They also tend to have diploma tuition.

Apart from achieving academic success, these students usually join CCAs in sports, dance or music, and excel in them. 

high achievers

2 . The underachiever

Oh, the disappointment, the dismay that these students face when they are unable to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

These are students who pour in many hours of studying and preparing for their exams but still get unsatisfactory grades.

Maybe there is something wrong with their studying techniques? Maybe they are using learning methods not suited for them? 

We can only hope they find a solution soon and start to ace their exams!


3 . The “go-with-the-flow”

There are students who are the carefree ones, the ones that just do whatever they are instructed to, but do not go the extra mile at all.

In a group project, they’ll do the bare minimum, just enough to not get called out by their project mates. You’ll seldom see them sharing new ideas to help their team. 

Sometimes, these students actually have bright ideas. If only they had the motivation to work harder and share them!

4 . The lazy bum

“Bro, can you help us out and do some work?”, are often the words you will hear from the poor teammates of the lazy bum during assignment time and project work. 

Students often hope that they do not get lumped up with the lazy ones as that would mean that they would have to carry them and cover their workload. 

These students can also be often seen catching z’s in class as well. Goodnight!

lazy students

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5 . Mr/Ms Popular

Who does not want to be well liked among their peers? I am pretty sure it feels good to be in the shoes of the “Pop Kids”. Everyone knows your name, and practically everybody in school is your friend.

Being excluded is not in their dictionary as they are always invited to every event and party. A party without their presence would not even feel like one! Oh, how fortunate the popular ones are.

6 . The shy ones

There will always be a few students in every class who are less outgoing. They are dead quiet in class and do not participate in class activities unless forced to.

Unless you strike a conversation with them, chances are they would not approach you, and you might even go through your poly life only knowing their name, only remembering their faces briefly.

Sometimes, you might not even feel their presence in class when they are actually present. Talk about stealthy!

shy student

7 . The “Missing in Action (MIA)”

Students transitioning from secondary school to polytechnic would be shocked at the amount of freedom they have.

From a strict environment in secondary school where students are required to wear uniforms and be present in school every weekday, poly students are able to wear whatever they want, and lecturers do not actually chase students for being absent.

Unless every polytechnic in Singapore closes the ever-present loopholes in their attendance systems, there will always be students who take advantage of it and graduate despite not being present in school.

That’s it! If you’re a poly student, which type are you? Share in the comments below.

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