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Parenting Hacks: 5 Fun and Effective Ways to Reward Your Child


As parents, we all want our children to know that their hard work and accomplishments are valued and appreciated. We want them to play as hard as they work, hence why we think of rewards for children.

Naturally, we may tend to think of the usual things like candy and toys, but rewards don’t always have to be materialistic. There are many unique ways of rewarding your child that can be just as, if not more effective than a tangible item. 

Here are six unique ways on how to reward your child!

1. Quality Time Together


Probably felt like it’s too simple as something your child would wish for? Well, it’s crossed your mind for a reason! Indeed, one of the best rewards for a child is simply spending time with them.

A simple gesture like this may be difficult for working parents as work breaks do not come often. Make sure to plan out and commit to family dates so that your child has something to look forward to! 

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Taking the time out of your busy schedule to connect with your child can give them a sense of security and the feeling of being valued. However of course, never turn parental involvement into something to work for.

Your time with your kids should always come natural, but when they achieve something of praise, take it a step further and bring them out for a movie, or even playing cooperative video games together. Remember that you’re spending quality time with your children, so make the most out of it!

2. Positive Reinforcement


“Well done, mummy is very proud of you!” These are words that are often enough to inspire and motivate your child.

Positive reinforcement is the most common way for us to show appreciation for their efforts.

Words are powerful but often neglected in our daily lives. Your parental love runs deep even when left unspoken, but your child will always be able to appreciate praise when they hear them.

Have vocal affirmations of praise when they’re well deserved, and your child will take after what you expect of them in order to earn that approval.

Take the time to give them positive feedback on their efforts and accomplishments. Encouraging words can boost their confidence and make them feel proud of themselves. Because what we take for granted, can really make your child’s day.

3. Fun Surprises


Surprises are always exciting, especially for children. That is why the magical feeling of unwrapping birthday and Christmas gifts is a common sentiment to look forward to amongst children.

But you don’t have to splurge to prepare something special. Have a hearty dinner filled with your child’s favourite dishes, or hide candies around their room to play treasure hunt with. Perhaps even plan a surprise party for your child by inviting their friends over for a special day; The experience of fond memories will become a great gift.

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4. Opportunities To Be Independent


Giving your child some independence can be a great reward too! This could be allowing them to do something they may not have been able to do before, such as staying up late or making dinner. Giving them some responsibility can make them feel grown-up and appreciated.

Give your child the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their abilities and judgement. Trusting them will help build their confidence and encourage them to become more self-reliant.

5. “We’ll Leave It Up To You!”


Have your child decide on the activity or experience. After all, your child may know best what truly makes them happy. Giving them the freedom to choose something they enjoy and are passionate about can make them feel empowered and in control. Naturally, set some boundaries so that your child can safely explore their wants.

If the requests seem exaggerated or difficult to accept, don’t reject them immediately. Instead, work it out together for an alternative or compromise: “We can’t buy you all of Pokémon toys, but we’ll get you one and we’ll watch the show together!”

It is always important to let your child know that you respect their opinion whenever they have opportunities to make decisions, so that you do not inhibit their growth towards self-confidence while doing so.

Creating Lasting Bonds with Your Child


No matter how you decide to have your child feel appreciated for their special day, be sure to consider their interests, personality, and age. Get creative and think outside of the box, and your child will appreciate the special attention and hard work that you put in for them.

The reward of such experiences is not just the immediate enjoyment, but the long-term relationship and positive memories that are created. Creating lasting bonds with your child is to prioritise spending time together and finding ways to connect that are both enjoyable and meaningful.

Always stay connected to your child, so that you can understand their passions, likes and interests. By doing so, you can reward your child and in turn inspire them to excel in all aspects of their life.

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