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The Worst Decision I Ever Made

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The day had started just like any other day. My alarm screeched through my dreams and I grumbled as I assaulted it for the hundredth time. You would think that as much as I abused the thing that it would get the hint and let me sleep in on occasion.

The bus ride to school was long and dreadful, as always. The bus that I ride is always filled with first graders that constantly talk to anyone who look their way and bullies who are looking for someone to pick on. Personally, I didn’t care for all the noise on the bus, but the others didn’t seem to mind, so I spent the trip looking out the window.

Finally, we arrived at school and I found my best friend. The first words out of his mouth were terrifying and stopped me dead in my tracks.

“Are you ready for the science test today?”

THE SCIENCE TEST!! I had completely forgotten about the science test. I had never been good at science and not studying for this test would be a death sentence for me when it came to report card time. Panic quickly set in. I didn’t have time to study before class because science was second period. I would never get away with studying during first period; Ms. Thompson was way too strict for that.

Suddenly, I had a bright idea. I looked at my friend and I could practically feel the wheels in my head spinning. I may not have studied for the test, but he did. To this day, my biggest regret is not filling him in on the plan that I had just deviously devised.

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Science class came, the tests were handed out and I began to sweat when I read the first question. Putting my fears aside, I glanced over at my friend’s test and copied his answer. I tried not to make eye contact with the teacher, but he never let on that he knew anything was different. I continued to copy my friend’s answers and finally put my pencil down when I had written the final answer.

We turned our papers in and went on our way. Throughout the remainder of the day, I began to feel more comfortable with the way the test had transpired.

“I hadn’t really cheated,” I lied to myself. “I had just relied on my friend’s help to pass the test.”

“Besides, I would go back and learn the information later,” I promised.

I knew trouble was brewing when I heard my name over the intercom, requesting mine and my best friend’s presence in the principal’s office. He looked very confused as when I met him at the door, but before we could say a word to each other, the secretary shoved us both inside the principal’s office where we found our parents, the math teacher and the principal looking at the pair of us in disapproval.

It didn’t take long for them to tell us what had happened. Of course, I already knew what the problem was; it was my best friend who had to be clued in to the situation. Once he had figured out what had happened, he looked at me and punched me in the nose.

So now, here I sit in detention. My former best friend is in one corner retaking his science test, while I sit in another attempting to do the same. The problem is, I still don’t know the answers and it is really hard to concentrate with tissue shoved up my nose. The moral of this story? Don’t cheat. And if you do, at least tell your friend about it first.

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