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Is It Possible to Get Good Grades and Still Have a Social Life?

In Singapore, academic work is extremely demanding. While some students are not bothered by it, some squeeze out time to socialise, while others force themselves to go through the rigour of ‘mugging’.

Balancing academic work and your social life is a skill. It allows you to enjoy all the social opportunities that come with having classmates, Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs), events, etc. However, you should not neglect your academic duties at the same time.

Interestingly, a good social life will contribute to good grades. Socialising helps you to relieve academic stress and, therefore, you perform better.

You also gain the opportunity to meet friends who can advise and help you in your academics when you least expect it.

But how do you balance a social life with your heavy academic workload to achieve the best grades? Here are a few tips for you!

Develop a routine

A routine is the best personal habit for successful students. It regulates everything from your waking hours, meals, classes, social life, revision, personal projects, to other activities.

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It sets a clock such that you know what to do at each hour of the day, letting you regulate and muster your energy such that your body and mind are ready for academic work at different intervals. It allows you to set aside time for your mind to relax with the known activities ahead.

A routine also gives you a measure of your productivity so that you can tell when are the hours of the day or week you are least productive in. The most successful people have routines to keep themselves in check.

Plan your academic and social life

Success requires planning, and that permits you to have a fulfilling and fun social life. An efficient balance of social life and academic life requires planning to the last detail.

Take deliberate actions to ensure your good grades. Study hard by putting in the hours, looking for quality reference materials, and asking for help whenever you feel overwhelmed. Use alternative study materials to make it easier and faster to understand the ideas taught in class.

A homework planner is useful for you to remain on track with all your assignments. Set a regular time to have your social activities. Allocating time ensures that all activities are catered for and it is a perfect way to achieve school-life balance.

Use homework help tools

We all know that homework is an intense commitment, yet you must complete each assignment on time. It takes a lot of time and will drain your mental and physical energy.

To help them make their homework process smoother, some students make use of online writing tools such as apps and online platforms.

Here are some examples of useful apps or online platforms:

  • Word-processing software that allows you to scan your physical papers and automatically generates the words so that you don’t have to manually type them out
  • Automatic transcription generators that can help you to transcribe audio recordings (e.g. interviews )into typed words
  • Citation bots
  • Homework planners organise your time so that you do not miss your set deadlines, allowing you to allocate time for assignments and balance it well with socialisation.
  • Editing/proofreading tools so that you don’t need to spend time conscientiously proofreading your papers

These tools can help to reduce your time used on academic work, leaving you to enjoy more social hours.

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Most of such homework tools are free, otherwise, the prices are usually affordable for students.

Hire professional assignment helpers

There are bound to be times when you spend many hours struggling with your assignments and wish that there was someone who could help you.

With the advancement of technology, there are now online platforms where you can seek professional assignment help. There are many professional freelance writers in Singapore, for example, who can help you with different subjects and different areas of work such as your essays, research papers, thesis, etc.

With the best essay writing help, you can spend more time enjoying your student life.

For such assignment help, the charges will usually depend on the topic, size of the paper, and its urgency. However, always remember to avoid plagiarism. Use them as references only!

Maximise your study hours

Allocate a few hours a day to study effectively.

Begin by choosing the best hours to study. Identify a time slot when you can concentrate fully on the assignments at hand. It can be in the day or at night — whatever works best for you.

When you’re studying, remove all distractions from your study space. Switch off the television, your phone, and any other distractions.

When you have full concentration, you can finish more work within a short time, then spend more time resting and keeping up with your social life.


As a student, you are often expected to get your work done before allowing yourself to let loose and spend time with your friends. So, you need to organise your time and avoid the temptations and distractions until you have accomplished your goals.

Setting aside time for your social life is crucial in having a well-rounded school life and relieving stress. Enjoy a quality social life by making good use of your time and maximising your study hours. When you have a balanced school life, you are letting in more opportunities for your future. All the best!

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