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Useful Tips on Structuring an Essay

Professional essay writing allows you to succeed in many other kinds of writing such as for a research or thesis paper. When it comes to essay writing, creative content is particularly important. 

At the same time, even the best content will not bring you the anticipated outcome if the structure of your essay is incorrect. In other words, if you want to succeed in academic writing, you should figure out how to structure an essay. With a good guide, you will definitely focus on the main parts of an essay.

We have created a detailed article that will help you create good-looking essays of different kinds!

Basic Essay Structure: Learn the Essentials

Since your primary goal is to communicate a special argument, you need to do it in a way that will help your target audience understand it. 

According to a traditional structure of an essay, it should include five parts:

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  • Title;
  •  Introduction;
  • Main body;
  • Conclusion;
  • List of references.

This essay structure has been used in academic writing for many years because it works great. It enables the author to state their position clearly, support this position with accurate evidence, as well as develop their ideas in a logical order. 

If you want to impress your teacher with a great essay, you will need to stick to this structure. Now, let us discuss it in detail:


The title of your essay should reflect the matter of your discussion in a clear and comprehensive way. Very often, students prefer to write the title only when the other parts of the essay are written.


The opening part of an essay aims to present the topic to the audience, indicate the main reason for its writing, as well as provide sufficient background information. 

Also, you will need to include a thesis statement that will help your reader understand the central idea of your essay.

Main Body

The main body part is the longest part of your essay in which you need to provide the actual analysis of your topic. In longer essays, the main body should be divided into several chapters, and each of these chapters should be dedicated to a specific point. 

Pay attention that each main body paragraph should include a good opening statement, supporting evidence, as well as a concluding statement.

Besides, you are free to include direct in-text citations to back up your arguments.


The last section of your paper should summarize your arguments without introducing new data. One more important thing you need to know about the conclusion is that it should make an impression on your audience. 

Thus, it must be as clear and strong as possible.


In case you have studied various academic sources when working on your essay, you will need to mention them in your reference list. 

If you fail to do it, you will probably be accused of plagiarism, which will have a negative effect on your academic performance.

How Can I Know That My Essay Is Structured Well?

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The best way to make sure your paper follows the traditional academic essay structure is to write an outline at the very beginning of the writing process. 

An outline will help you develop your ideas in a logical order. Having a good plan for your essay, you will be able to focus on the most relevant and accurate ideas and avoid repetitive statements. 

Also, when your essay is written, you will be able to review it thoroughly to make sure it meets the structure indicated in your outline.

If you need more help with writing an essay, you can either choose to engage a tutor to help you with it or you may find it helpful to order an essay to obtain a perfect sample reference. 

Do note that you should only use it for reference and not copy it! You don’t want the risk of plagiarism which can severely affect your results. 

When You Know the Basics of Essay Writing Structure, Begin Your Work

Now, when you know how to structure an essay, you may start working on your paper. We strongly advise you to organize your writing process properly as it will help you get the best grade for your paper.  

Below, you will find some tips that will not only aid you in creating a good paper but also let you enjoy this process!

Tips for Efficient Writing

1) Start working on your essay early.

Once you have received the task, you will need to work on your paper as it will enable you to dedicate enough time to the planning, researching, writing, and revising stages.

2) Keep your topic in mind.

No matter what part of an essay you are writing, you will need to keep on track. By including irrelevant information in your paper, you will greatly compromise its quality.

3) Make sure to have some rest.

When you get stuck on some stages of essay writing, you will need to make some pauses as they will help you organize your thoughts and make your work more productive.

4) Write the introductory and concluding parts after the main body.

We strongly recommend that you write an introduction and conclusion of your paper only when the rest of your paper is written as it will help you make these parts maximally clear and concise.

5) Provide sufficient evidence.

To support your arguments, you will need to include citations that should follow the formatting style.

6) Review your paper carefully.

Once your paper is written, you will need to review it to make sure it is free from logical fallacies and mechanical errors.

Final Words

We do hope that this guide has helped you understand how to structure an essay and how to write it properly. 

Good luck!

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