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List of Scholarships in Singapore for Primary and Secondary School Students

Every year, tuition fees in schools across the country increase to prices that parents cannot afford.

As a result, some children are moved to a cheaper school to continue their studies. Others are pulled out of school temporarily so parents can save up enough for money for the next semester.

Fortunately, there are scholarships in Singapore which are available for primary and secondary school students who need financial aid.

To get you started, here is a list of scholarships in Singapore your child can apply for:

Edusave Scheme: Edusave Awards

The Edusave Scheme, also known as the Edusave Awards, was introduced by the government in 1993 for primary school students. The award is granted to students who have excelled in both curricular and non-curricular activities.

Edusave Character Award (ECHA)

The ECHA is for students who have an excellent personal character inside and out. All Singaporean students enrolled in government-owned or government-supported schools, independent schools and specialized school, as well as the Institute of Technical Education, are qualified for the ECHA.

Awards can start from $200 for Primary 1 to 3 students to $500 for Secondary 1 to 5 students and NITEC/Higher NITEC Students enrolled in either ITE or specialized schools.

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Edusave Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes students who have excelled academically, have good conduct, and are in the top 10% of their grade level. Any Singaporean student from the government, government-supported to specialized schools are eligible to receive this scholarship.

Scholarships can start from $350 for Primary 5 to 6 students to $500 for secondary and NITEC/Higher NITEC students.

Edusave Scholarships for Independent (ESIS)

For students who show strong academic achievement and aim to enrol in independent schools, this is the scholarship for them.

The ESIS selects students who are in the top one-third of all Secondary 1 students who have been accepted to IS based on their base PSLE scores.

Primary 6 students under the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) and meet the promotion guidelines are also eligible. They must be enrolled in the Integrated Programme of their selected IS once they are in Secondary 12.

The award amount is $2,400 or the annual tuition fee of the student’s IS, minus the yearly miscellaneous fees paid by the student in government-owned or supported schools. Usually, the lower amount is chosen.

Learn more about the ESIS by checking here.

Edusave Skills Award (ESA)

For 10% of the graduates who show excellent skills and good conduct throughout their studies, the ESA is for them.

This scholarship is for Singaporean students enrolled in either specialized schools, polytechnics or ITE.

ESA looks into the student’s performance based on certain parts of their curriculum, such as their Final Year projects, internships and others.

The amount granted by the ESA is $500.

Edusave Award for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service (EAGLES)

Students who are in the top 10% and showcased excellent leadership skills, community service, non-academic achievement and good values can apply for EAGLES. They must also be students from Primary 4 and up.

The amount granted to eligible EAGLES awardees starts from $250 for Primary 4 to 6 students to $500 for NITEC/Higher NITEC students.

Edusave Merit Bursary (EMB)

Students who come from modest backgrounds but are in the top 25% of their school can apply for the Edusave Merit Bursary. They must showcase good conduct and excellent academic performance, and their household income must not be over $6,900 or $1,725 per capita.

Any student who is not a recipient of any other Edusave Scholarship can apply for the Edusave Merit Bursary. The award amount starts from $200 for Primary 1 to 3 students to $500 for ITE/Specialized/Polytechnic students.

Edusave Good Progress Award (GPA)

Students in the top 10% of their level and showcased excellent improvement in both academics and behaviour may be eligible for the Edusave Good Progress Award.

Any Primary 2 students and up and are not awardees of any Edusave Scholarship or the EMB are eligible for the scholarship. The amount of the scholarship starts at $100 for Primary 2 to 3 students to $400 for ITE/Specialized/Polytechnic students.

Other Scholarships

Regional Studies Programme (RSP) Scholarships

This scholarship is for any talented student who can pursue the special programme of the Regional Studies Programme for Malay or Bahasa Indonesia. The programme allows students the chance to learn more about their Southeast Asian neighbours.

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The RSP is also designed to nurture a segment of the population who could speak Malay or Bahasa fluently.

Currently, the RSPS is available in the following schools:

Cedar Girls’ School
Raffles Girls’ School
Victoria School
Anglo Chinese School
Raffles Institution

Secondary 1 and 3 students are eligible for this scholarship and they will be awarded an allowance amounting to $1,000 per year. It will also cover school fees under the Singapore Citizens’ rates and capped at $2,400.

It is also secured for six and four years for Secondary 1 and Secondary 3 awardees respectively. Awardees must be able to maintain their academic standing and good conduct.

Learn more about this scholarship here.

Bicultural Studies Program (BSP)

Like the RSP, the Bicultural Studies Programme is given to any talented student who is interested to learn everything about China. It is awarded by the Ministry of Education for Secondary 3 Intake students.

Currently, the BSP is available in these schools:

CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School
Hwa Chong Institution
River Valley High School
Catholic High School
Dunman High School
River Valley High School
Nanyang Girls’ High School
Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

Awardees will be given an allowance of $1,000 per annum through the program, as well as cover the school fee. It is capped at $2,400 and secured for 4 years. Students must be able to maintain their academic record and conduct to retain the scholarship.

Learn more about this scholarship here.

Education is the most important right every child needs and as parents, we must do everything we can to help them get in school. With these scholarships, your child’s education will not be affected by financial difficulty.

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