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Singapore’s Edusave Scholarships and Awards

Singapore is well-known for its diverse and multicultural society. Education has played a critical part in establishing this little island, so the Singaporean government continues to place a high value on it.

As a result, the Edusave Scholarships and Awards are given to children who exhibit exemplary behavior and perform well both academically and non-academically as a way for the government to motivate them.

In fact, the program is available for students of practically all educational levels, and here’s all you need to understand about it.

What Is the Edusave Scholarship Award?

The government gives these scholarships and awards to pupils that excel in school. They are open to all Singaporean students enrolled full-time in primary or secondary levels, including government or government-supported schools, independent schools, special education schools, and government-aided special education schools.

The program emphasizes both the students’ academic and non-academic aspects. For example, it assesses students not just on their academic performance but also on their character development, volunteerism, and leadership abilities.

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The Nine Types of Edusave Scholarship Awards

The government currently offers nine different categories of Edusave awards and scholarships. Some awards are purely academic in nature, while others are more character-based.

These awards serve as a vital source of inspiration for individuals to strive for excellence in whatever they do.


This award is based on students’ PSLE scores. It is given to Singaporeans students enrolled in all independent schools who reach the top one-third positions from all Secondary One students. The ESIS award is worth up to $2,400 each year, and only Singapore citizens are qualified.


It covers a portion of the Independent school tuition up to a maximum of $2,400 each year. Those who are Independent School students and do not get EESIS or ESIP are eligible for this program.

Pupils awarded the E(IS)YA are typically notified by their institutions by the start of the following educational year.


This scholarship is available to Singaporean students enrolled in schools that provide the Integrated Programme. It is similar to the E(IS)YA plan as it covers a portion of the Independent school tuition up to a maximum annual amount of $2,400.

Students enrolled in Independent Schools who perform well on the Integrated Programme Scholarship Test are eligible for ESIP. To learn more about the ESIP, parents may contact the respective schools to learn more information about the scholarship.

Edusave Scholarship for Primary Schools

The Edusave Primary School Scholarship is available to all Singaporean children enrolling in Primary 5 and 6 levels at a government-funded or government-aided institution.

This award is based on year-end school test performance, and students must rank in the top 10% of their schools to be eligible. The award’s total worth ranges from $350 to $400.

Edusave Scholarship for Secondary Schools

The Edusave Scholarship for Secondary Schools, as the name implies, is offered to all Singaporean children enrolling in Government-funded or Government-aided secondary schools.

In addition, students from Secondary 1 to 5 levels are eligible for this scholarship. However, students must rank in the top 10% in their schools. This scholarship is also based on year-end school test performance, and the scholarship prize ranges from $400 to $650.

Edusave Merit Bursaries

In comparison to the other categories, this prize may have the most complicated criteria. Students are selected based on their personality, leadership, behavior, learning attitudes, and educational achievement. Also, receivers must be from low-income households earning less than $4,000 per month.

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The prize of the Edusave Merit Bursary for every level starts from $200 for Primary school students, then $350 for Secondary school students.

After this, recipients can receive $400 for Pre-University students, while it’s around $500 for Institute of Technical Education students. If a student is already earning another Edusave scholarship or award, they will be ineligible for Edusave Merit Bursaries.

Edusave Good Progress Awards

The Edusave Good Progress Award is granted to individuals who make it into the top 10% in their institution in terms of academic progress and good behavior.

To be qualified for this prize, they must not have previously received any other Edusave award, namely the Edusave Merit Bursary. It is also open to all Singaporean learners from Primary 2 level upward, with a prize pool of up to $400.


This award is given to all Singaporean learners in primary four and above who demonstrate exceptional leadership and social service qualities in government-aided and government institutions.

Only about ten percent of pupils from each institution are chosen. This will be determined chiefly on school recommendations, and the prize can be worth up to $500 for higher-level students.


The ECA is awarded to Singaporean students who exhibit exceptional individual characteristics in their behaviors and achievements.

As a rule of thumb, approximately 2% of pupils from every school are chosen for the ECA. The prizes range from $200 for kids in Primary 1 to 3 to $500 for students in the Institute of Technical Education.

Besides all the scholarships and awards above, the government also provides an award for students in Government-Funded Special Schools named Achievement Awards. It is given to students who meet school-based criteria, and the prize can reach up to $100 per year.


Overall, students who are awarded Edusave prizes may be informed in a variety of ways. Students may be notified immediately by the government via email or in person.

If the student is approved for the reward, they will get their prize money in the form of a check.

Students may also receive a message from the Ministry of Education if they are qualified for the reward. In some categories, such as the ECA category, the student may be required to attend a presenting ceremony alongside fellow students from different schools to obtain the prize.

This concludes our discussion of the Edusave Scholarships and Awards. After all, scholarships are a terrific way to relieve some of the financial load off the shoulders of families, as schooling in Singapore can be costly and can take a psychological toll on students and families.

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