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6 Ways Busy Students can Earn a Passive Income

25 January 2022

As a student, you may feel limited by the fixed amount of pocket money that you receive from your parents. It might just be enough...

Best Student Credit Cards in Singapore [2022 Updated]

22 September 2021

Student credit cards are gaining popularity in recent years. They provide flexibility in spending, are convenient, and also allow you to have a record of...

Singapore’s Edusave Scholarships and Awards

25 August 2021

Singapore is well-known for its diverse and multicultural society. Education has played a critical part in establishing this little island, so the Singaporean government continues to...

Cost of Living in Singapore as an International Student [2022]

19 July 2021

Want to be in a financially fit state before moving to Singapore? This article offers a complete guide on the cost of living in Singapore...

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