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Changing Schools? Here’s How To Make The Transition Easier For Your Child

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Like many other transitions, moving to a completely new school can be daunting for your child. 

This is especially true if your child is quite introverted and not as outspoken in nature, or if the reason for changing schools was negative and a sudden decision was made. 

As a parent, you can help lessen their worries and make the process easier for them by implementing methods to provide them with constant support and encouragement. 

In this article, we will talk about the different ways you can do that for your child.

Talk To Your Child About The Transition

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Communication is always key in every situation, including this transition. 

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Your child may be bottling their feelings and not always showing them, so it’s best to sit down and have a talk with them about the transition. 

Ask them about their opinions on it, and encourage them to share how they feel and any worries they may have. If you haven’t, explain to them clearly the reasons for the change so they can fully understand the decision. 

After having a heart-to-heart session, you guys can then discuss the upcoming changes with them to prepare them early on and alleviate some of their anxiety.

Contact The Educators

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If you already know who your child’s new teachers are going to be, it’s advisable to get in touch with them and have a talk with them about your child. Otherwise, you could also just arrange a session with the school principal. 

Introducing your child to them as part of their new school life will help them familiarise themselves better and adjust faster when school starts. 

This will also help the school get to know your child better and stay informed about your child’s progress and any conditions or issues that may arise from the transition.

Involve Your Child As Much As Possible

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Involve your child in every part of the process. 

If you leave them in the dark, even for any minor parts, they may feel that they do not have control and have a say in what’s happening. 

Involving them can also help them understand the whole situation better and may even get them excited about their new school life. 

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Some examples can include going shopping for school supplies or discussing possible new routes to school.

Stay Positive And Supportive

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As a parent, how your child thinks or feels will always be affected by how you think or feel. 

After all, you are the one they will rely on and follow the most during this stage of transition. 

Therefore, you have to stay optimistic and get them to focus on the positives and the opportunities presented. 

For example, you could get them to list down what they are looking forward to in their new school and any possible extracurricular activities that they already have their eyes on.

Help Them Get Closure

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It will definitely be tough for your child to move on to their new school life, leaving their old school life and friends behind. 

We can help them by thinking of ways to help them keep in touch with their old friends, but that is only if they want it. 

Give them all the time they need to say goodbye and provide them with all the support and love they need. 

With enough closure, they will be more prepared and move on to their new school life on their own.


(Pexels – Yan Krukau)

This transition will prove to be tough for both you and your child. 

But with adequate support and preparation, as well as following the steps addressed in this article, you and your child can navigate through this change positively and smoothly. 

Lastly, your child will really need a lot of time and space to settle in, so be patient and understanding during all parts of the process.

Rum Tan

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