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How Parents can Support Their Children in the Learning of Malay Language at Home

In the Primary level, children are taught the 4 basic skills of reading, listening, reading and writing. Additionally, there will be more emphasis on the spoken as well as written interaction skills.

The differentiated instruction has been introduced in lower primary level (Primary 1- 3) to provide for the needs of pupils with varied language abilities. Interesting activities and instructional materials are used to help engross your child in learning the Malay Language.

Even with this, as a parent, there are several ways that you can use in helping your child. Through taking up a positive outlook towards learning the Malay Language and giving a conducive environment at home to encourage the use of the language.

What then can you do to motivate your child to learn more about the Malay language? Here is a look at some useful tips on ways that you can aid your child’s learning experience:

Interact with your child in Malay

You can communicate with your children in Malay and even encourage them to express their thoughts in the Malay Language. Provide support and be nurturing and encourage them along the way.

How will this support your child’s learning? This approach will increase your child’s confidence by frequently using the language.

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By verbalizing their words, a parent is able to correct and even know ways that they can help their child learn more words and in sentence structure.

Read Malay Language storybooks

Frequently be reading Malay Language storybooks with your child. Explain phrases and words that are unfamiliar by using simple spoken terms.

Research the content further by allowing your child to ask questions and also discuss the characters with you, plot themes and events.

Do practice writing with your child to help improve their writing skill. Offer your child some pointers. This encourages self-expression and also strengthens the bond between you and your child.

Sing along with your child

Consider singing with your child or just be their audience. Children love singing which aids them to learn a language in an easy and fun way.

Can this help your child stay motivated? Chances are you and your children will continue to sing to the music without realizing it.

And at the same time, their vocabulary and idiom level of the Malay language will be increased greatly. These will come in handy as they are writing their essays.

Learn with your child

Another way to support your child by encouraging them to utilize the iMTL Portal for learning the Malay Language. You could also learn together with your child.

How does this work? You can assist your child to come up with self- directed learning tasks and help your child improve their presentation. This helps encourage your child and also build their confidence in speaking the language.

It also offers an opportunity for you to guide your child through the learning process.

Support and Encourage your child to participate in activities organized by community organizations

Inspire and support your child to participate in activities arranged by community organizations like community clubs/ centers, events at Malay Heritage Centre or public libraries.

This is another fun way for your child to learn Malay as more resources will be made available such as books, discussions and debates, dances and even role-playing/acting using the Malay language.

All these will help nurture your child mastery of the language and build confidence to speak in front of an audience.

Expose your child to Malay culture

Familiarize your child with Malay culture through celebrating traditional festivals as well as appreciating Malay songs and music with him.

How can I do this? Engulf your child in the Malay culture through different performances like drama, dance, and musicals. Such involvement can help nurture a lifelong interest in the Malay Language, culture and also his sense of aesthetics.

By providing such exposures, they will spark curiosity and interest in your child thus making them want to learn Malay more

Some Additional Ways To Encourage Your Child To Learn the Malay Language

There are more ways that parents can encourage their children and help create more interest in their learning journey.

In what way can you support your child as they learn the Malay language? Here is a look at more ways of supporting your child’s learning Bahasa Malay.

Playing language games

Involve your child in some language games so as to make learning the Malay Language enjoyable for him. Word games like ‘Sahibba’ reinforce your child’s understanding of the language in a fun way. Such games can help in breaking down fears that your child could be having towards learning Bahasa Malay.

Games are a fun way to challenge and encourage your child in language learning. This stimulates learning beyond the classroom setting.

In addition, your child will pick up more words that they can use in essay writing.

Travel out to learn

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Language and culture go together. For your next holiday, you could try planning a family visit to the village homesteads supported by Singapore’s Ministry of Tourism.

How can travel help your child hone the Malay language? A short trip to our neighboring country helps a lot by providing the environment where your child will constantly hear and require to express his needs in Bahasa Melayu.

Take Away

There are many different ways that parents can help their children get motivated to learn the Malay language. By participating in different activities and using the language can increase your child’s familiarity with Malay.

By using authentic support and settings your child’s learning of the Malay language will be enhanced. Also, keep the study sessions short and frequent as possible.

Additionally, always be nurturing and encouraging. Use each chance to teach your child Bahasa Melayu. This will make learning enjoyable for your child.

Learning a new language starts at home. Here are some ways you can motivate your child’s interest:

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