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6 Best Educational TV Shows on BBC iPlayer

For most, video content is the most entertaining and attention-grabbing form of communication because it appeals to both visual and audio senses. This is especially so for young students who rely heavily on interest for them to be engaged.

As such, educational content is now packaged into video formats to better reach out to students who are looking to acquire knowledge. There are educational videos on various streaming platforms such as BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer has a wealth of documentaries and series to stream and we’ve compiled some of the best educational shows.

Go Jetters

Content: Geography

Level: Pre-school

Go Jetters is a high-concept geography-based TV show for younger children, which educates on the sly. The young ones will be captivated by the action of the Go Jetters Academy explorers and will also be very amused by the failings of arch-nemesis Grandmaster Glitch. Still, they’ll be able to tell you all about stuff like the Pyramids and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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Deadly 60

Content: Wildlife

Level: Primary

Join naturalist Steve Backshall on his worldwide journey as he searches for the 60 deadliest creatures on Earth. Each series takes viewers to another continent for Steve to scour.

Not every predator makes the grade, but they provide excellent education on animal physiology and behaviour. Prepare to deal with the likes of the Wind Scorpion, Lion Fish, Yellow Anaconda, and many more!

Horrible Histories

Content: History

Level: Primary

Horrible Histories is one of the best history shows around. Saying it’s just funny and informative is an understatement.

The show covers topics from the Celts to the World Wars with accuracy and humour; it’s a rip-roaring watch for the whole family. You can watch three seasons free of charge on iPlayer.

Art Ninja

Content: Art

Level: Primary

Ricky Martin, the Art Ninja, offers 40 episodes worth of art classes. Each show has a theme and many short makes, including some done in under a minute.

The main idea is to create art quickly and easily, making art into a bit of fun rather than projects to labour over.

Operation Ouch

Content: Human biology

Level: Primary

Dr. Xand and Dr. Chris van Tulleken have amassed 94 episodes worth of top experiments and facts about the human body in a fun way.

They follow paediatric Accident and Emergency (A&E) personnel and patients at working hospitals in Liverpool, Manchester, and the West Midlands. They have managed to create one of the very best pieces of educational TV out there.

The Blue Planet

Content: Biology

Level: All ages

There are two seasons of these epic David Attenborough world shows. Both offer brilliant opportunities to discuss topics from ecology to zoology. Of course, there is also a focus on anatomy and animal behaviour.

They’re a brilliant way to foster a positive attitude towards the world around us.


Video streaming platforms have allowed educational content to be entertaining yet accessible for young students.

If you’d like to enjoy these shows, the best way is to watch BBC iPlayer with a VPN. It allows you to access all of the best educational TV shows internationally, without getting blocked!

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