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10 Best Playgroups in Singapore

As a young parent, I know how playgroups are important to both the baby and the parent.

Playgroups allow the child to get a taste what social interaction is like among other babies. Sure, you don’t expect them to sit together and start playing or sharing toys. Young children start off paired interactions by playing parallel.

Parallel play is where two children playing side by side without influencing each other’s play. Play is an important milestone in a child’s development like we mentioned here and usually occured after 12 months old. Parallel play increases confidence in a young child, allows the child to mirror others by observation and mimicking and allow the child to learn at his own pace.

Besides, playgroups often gather likeminded parents so that adults can take a wee bit of break and share parenting wisdom with one another during the sessions.

If you want to enrol your little ones in playgroups, here are the 10 best playgroups we recommend in Singapore.

1. White Lodge

White Lodge is known for their Parent and Child Programme, which enables parents and their children to bond through interaction and playing.

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Facilitators will guide the pair into lectures that will teach the little ones skills like speed reading, outdoor play, movement and others. Your children will also be given a chance to meet new children, while you get an opportunity to share parenting tips with other parents.

2. My Gym

At My Gym, your little ones – from ages 19 months to 5 years old – can learn various skills and lessons through carefully developed free play.

Every part of your child’s development will be honed through the program and inspire them to keep learning. Children will also be able to explore and discover new things through the activities the facility has to offer like arts and crafts, music and science.

3. Wee Care Singapore

Wee Care Singapore also offers structured programs for both children and parents to bond while keeping things interesting for the little ones through the activities lined up each day.

Each session follows a weekly theme that combines music, art, and games to provide an interactive learning experience. The playgroup also has outdoor activities that you and your kids can enjoy to learn more about that session’s topic.

4. Edufarm

If you want your little ones to be familiar with a Western-style program that will help your little ones, Edufarm is a great playgroup for you to try out.

Their top curriculum, the Star Tots Playgroup, incorporates the UK’s phonic system for toddlers: Letterland. In this system, children are engaged in various activities that will stimulate their learning style and intelligence. For a comprehensive guide on phonics, check it here.

Some of the lessons you can expect your children to learn in this playgroup include circle time, music, games, hands-on experiments and rhymes.

5. KiddyABC

KiddyABC divides their toddler population into two playgroups: the younger playgroup composed of 18 to 24 months old and the older playgroup for toddlers.

In both playgroups, children will always be in close contact with one another and encouraged to explore things through toys and various educational materials they can work with.

They will also be engaged in various activities where they can learn about music, arts and others.

6. Musical Monkeys

If you notice that your little ones learn faster through music or you want to teach them music at a young age, Musical Monkeys is a great playgroup to try out.

The classes focus on various musical activities where children learn about various subjects through music, as well as help them explore which musical instruments they want to learn and incorporate music through their activities.

They even offer German Music classes, as well as prenatal music for pregnant parents who would like to introduce music to their unborn babies. Musical monkeys do offer their sessions online so children can follow their sessions even at home.

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7. Busy Tables

Busy Tables was developed by My Messy Box, Singapore’s top company that develops sensory play activities for kids.

Through Busy Tables, the playgroup takes toddlers on field trips to the local supermarket, museums and parks to learn about life skills and discover other things they haven’t noticed before. Life skills are important milestones in a child development like we showed here.

They also utilise their products to host sensory play so children can learn various concepts and try them for themselves. Some of these sensory play sessions have special themes to get the interest of children to the subjects they are presenting.

8. Gymboree

Gymboree is well-known for incorporating interactive play, technology and key learning techniques to inspire children to keep learning and exploring.

The approach allows the playgroup to help each child to learn at their own pace and abilities, as well as inspire them through various methods.

Gymboree offers four different playgroup sessions – Infant, Baby, Toddler and Preschooler. Each session will utilise various activities that will stimulate their skills and development.

9. Mucky Pups

This special playgroup focuses on allowing both parents and toddlers to use their creativity and imagination to understand the world around them.

Interactive activities and play sessions are carefully sorted to help toddlers develop both physically and socially. The program has limited schedules and welcomes toddlers from 6 months old to 3 years old.

10. Tea & Tots

Tea and Tots is a playgroup offered by the Integrated international School and is open for toddlers from 8 months to 18 months old. The program is designed by a child psychologist and a mom of two Dr. Vanessa von Auer.

In the playgroup, children will be able to meet their peers in a welcoming environment while their parents get to know each other, as well as enjoy these new meetings with tea and cake. Sessions include basic skills lessons which will be taught through games, music and getting in touch with their emotions as highlighted here.


Playgroups allow your toddler to participate in group activities to increase social interactions among his peers. While there are plenty of playgroups in Singapore, not every group will suit your and your child’s needs. Take time to explore each group to find the ideal one for your baby!

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