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10 Best Options for JC H2 Math Tuition to Help You Score ‘A’ for A-Level

Many junior college students find that H2 Math is much more challenging than the A-math they’ve been used to.

The sudden spike in difficulty will probably come as a shock to most JC students, as H2 Math often requires page-long solutions for just a few marks.

Unfortunately, most JC students fail math in their first year, which is why reaching out for help from math tutoring is now the norm.

With all the H2 Math tuition options available in Singapore, it’s up to you to pick the one that’s best suited for you. The good news is that you don’t have to do it all alone, we’re here to help!

In this article, we’re going to look into the options for H2 maths tuition, go in-depth into each of them so you can make the best decision to help with your A-Level JC H2 Math. 

What are the Options for H2 Math Tuition? 

Tuition is a thriving business in Singapore, and it can fit any preference and budget size. The main types of H2 Maths tuition you’ll encounter are Group Tuition and Private Tutoring.

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Group Tuition usually takes place in a tuition centre where tutors are in charge of teaching groups of 4 to 35 students. The smaller the group, the better the focus on each individual student.

Private Tutoring focuses on one-on-one interactions and is personalized to the child’s needs. This option can sometimes get expensive, but individual attention more than makes up for it.

Group tuition and private tutoring can cross boundaries, as a private tutor may sometimes be willing to take on two or three students. This way, students still enjoy the benefits of private tutoring while enjoying slightly reduced rates for their joined lessons.

Another thing to decide on is taking a physical or online H2 Math lesson. Both private tutors and tuition centres now offer online and in-person teaching, especially with the recent Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. 

First, let’s talk about private tutoring.

Private Tuition for JC H2 Math 

While Group Tuition is a good option for most subjects, Private Tuition is probably your best bet when trying to fix your JC H2 Math woes. 

In a group setting, if you get stuck or fail to understand complex concepts, it’s easy to get left behind. By contrast, a private tutor will always gauge your level of understanding, observe your methods when solving a math problem and help you every step of the way.

In choosing an A-Level tutor from a tuition agency like SmileTutor, you typically have the choice of part-time tutors (often students or graduates who are tutoring on the side), full-time tutors, MOE teachers or ex JC teachers giving individual lessons. Whomever you choose, keep a few things in mind:

  • Specialization – Is the tutor specialized in A-Level JC H2 Math? What are his/her credentials?
  • Experience – How many students have the tutor taught and what are his/her success rates?
  • Teaching methods and materials – H2 Math needs a perfect blend of tutorials and individual practice, as well as summaries and exam-oriented lessons. 
  • Testimonials – Check for both student and parent testimonials or perhaps speak to fellow parents who have experience with the tutor you’re interested in.

Private tuition rates for JC H2 Math

Parents often think that Group Tuition is much cheaper than hiring a Private Tutor. But that’s not always the case. In fact, many tuition centres that sell themselves as “elite” hold H2 Math lessons in a group setting for a rate that’s higher than the private tutoring average.

Prices will vary in private tuition according to the tutor’s credentials, experience, and level of teaching:

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Level / Tutor ExperiencePart-time tutorFull-time tutorSchool Teacher

As you can see, your cheapest option would be hiring a part-time tutor who’s an A-Level graduate. Choosing such tutors is not a bad option, as they’re only slightly older than you so lessons can be more fun and relatable, and the syllabus is often still fresh in their memory.

If you can afford it, going for the more experienced tutors with better credentials is also a good choice.

On the other extreme, if you’re feeling up to it, you can look into hiring one of Singapore’s Super Tutors, a term coined by the Straits Times for those tutors in high demand that are earning over $1 million per year.

This article goes into more detail about the best ways to choose a Super Tutor, but needless to say, hourly rates will far exceed the normal rates of certified MOE teachers to the tune of $200/hr and above.

Another thing to keep in mind is that H2 Math lessons typically range between 1.5 to 2 hours, so multiply the hourly rates twofold. Parents in Singapore pay an average of $500 per month for their children’s tuition, and hiring a private tutor for JC H2 Math will most likely exceed this monthly budget.

Recommended Tuition Agency for JC H2 Math


SmileTutor is Singapore’s #1 home tuition agency. With 10,000+ maths tutors in their database, the SmileTutor team excels at finding the perfect fit between students and their preferred mathematics tutors.

And the best part about this matching process is that it’s FREE. As a student or parent, you can contact the agency, enter your requirements and find the perfect tutor for you at no extra cost.

SmileTutor specializes in 1-to-1 tuition that can take place at home, in a comfortable and safe environment, or online.

With such a vast choice of JC H2 Math tutors, you get options for all wallet sizes:

  • Part-time Tutors: $50 – $60 / h
  • Full-time Tutors: $60 – $75 / h
  • School Teachers: $90 – $120 / h

Since H2 Math introduces many new complicated topics, such as Complex Numbers and Statistics, getting help from a tutor in a one-to-one setting works best because you get to ask questions, pause, and spend more time on the notions you’re struggling with.

Request information on the best maths tutors here.

Read SmileTutor’s testimonials here.

Or call this number to get a free consultation: +65 6266 4475 (Mon to Sun 9am-8pm)

Top JC Tuition Centres for H2 Math

If you feel like learning in a class setting suits you better, you can choose to study H2 Math in one of Singapore’s many tuition centres. You might enjoy the added motivation and friendly competition a group usually has to offer.

When choosing a tuition centre for taking A-Level H2 Math classes, consider the following:

  • Is the location convenient?
    You might have great teachers or your friends might go there, but if the schedule and location don’t work for you, you’re at risk of not attending some of the classes.
  • Is it a Math tuition centre?
    Tuition centres that specialize in one subject alone – math – have a better chance of delivering outstanding results simply because of the narrowed focus.
  • Is it a small class?
    Some tuition centres hold classes of up to 35 students. Needless to say, at that size, tutors will be unable to cater to individual needs. The best maths tuition centres offer small classes of no more than 8 students.
  • Is it MOE-registered?
    Working with MOE teachers is the best way to ensure that the curriculum and teaching methods are acceptable.
  • Does it offer trials?
    The only way to really know if this tuition centre is a good fit for you is to take a trial maths class and see how you like it.

Follow along and discover the best tuition centres to help you get your H2 Math on point:


Founded by Jack Ng, Achevas offers quality H2 Math Tuition and extensive online learning resources in Singapore’s largest online collection of H2 Math materials: Achevas.TV.

With classes held in a preferred online setting, Achevas has affordable tuition options and boasts of a methodology that combines the perfect amount of theory and practice.

Tutor: Jack Ng – he holds First Class Honors Degree from the National University of Singapore, Master in Engineering, maintained a place Dean’s List during his entire academic career.

Class Size: 10 students max

Starting with $300 per 4 online weekly lessons (2h)

Physical classes – $380 per 4 weekly lessons

Registering in online groups of 2 – $520

Registering in online groups of 3 – $660

Registering in online groups of 4 – $720

Upgrade to physical class: $95

Trial Class: Yes

$75 – online trial class

$95 – physical trial class


Address: 3151 Commonwealth Avenue WestGrantral Mall#03-02/03Singapore 129581  (Beside Clementi MRT)

Andrew Yap Education Centre

Founded by Andrew Yap and Jasmine Yap in 2010, Andrew Yap Education Centre provides top-quality JC, Secondary Math, and IP Maths tuition. Andrew Yap and Jasmine Yap were both former subject heads of Mathematics in Hwa Chong Institution (JC Section).

Under their systematic design of the mathematics curriculum at Andrew Yap Education Centre, many students achieved excellent results in Mathematics at major examinations. Both Andrew Yap and Jasmine Yap are also authors of the H2 Mathematics Ten Years Solution Book published by SAP.

Tutor: Andrew Yap graduated from the NUS with a Master’s degree in Science (Mathematics) under the Accelerated Master Programme. He was awarded the prestigious Lijen Industrial Development Medal for writing the best thesis during his Honours year.

Class Size: Average 15 students. Both online and physical lessons are available.

Non-refundable Registration fee: $30

Sec 3 A Maths/IP Math: $300 per 4 lessons

Sec 4 A Maths/IP Math: $300 per 4 lessons

JC1 H2 Math: $380 per 4 lessons

JC2 H2 Math: $380 per 4 lessons


Address: Block 302, #01-1842, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Singapore 560302

Debbie’s Learning Cove

Founded in 2014, Debbie’s Learning Cove is a boutique tuition centre that offers top-notch Mathematics coaching for students from JCs, IP, and Secondary Schools.

Students who attend lessons at Debbie’s Learning Cove always commend the crystal-clear explanations and well-designed notes that they receive, which make their revision efforts so much more efficient and also saves them from their struggles in Math. Mrs. Wong has an excellent rapport with her students.

Tutor:  All classes are taught by Mrs. Debbie Wong. Mrs. Wong has a First Class Honours degree in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge and has more than 20 years of experience teaching Mathematics in top schools (JC, Secondary, and IP) and tutoring students.


$320 to $400 per four lessons (2h each) +$30 registration fee

*Fee for JC student is set upon joining and will remain the same up to A level examination.

Perks: Help is available via Whatsapp outside of lesson time. Online classes available.

Trial class: Yes


Address: Roxy Square , #02-72, 50 East Coast Road, S428769


Established in 2001, MathAcademy has helped thousands of students benefit from specialized Sec and JC math tuition. 90% of their students have consistently achieved A and B scores on their A-Levels.

Their Flexi Arrangement with both online and physical classes, as well as their after-class consultations makes them a convenient choice for JC H2 Maths Tuition.

Tutor: All JC classes are taught by Mr. Ian Ang. He holds a First Class Honours in Pure Mathematics from NUS (National University of Singapore), a title that is only awarded to the top 5% of NUS, with few to none achieving this performance in Mathematics.

Class Size: Average of 6 students (max 8)

Rates: $380 monthly for weekly classes (2h)


Address: Blk 372, Bukit Batok St 31, #02-372, s650372

Tim Gan Math Learning Centre

The Tim Gan Math Learning Centre specializes in teaching the H2 Math curriculum in a systemized and effective manner. They offer online classes and make-up lessons, as well as a trial option to see if you’re a good fit. 

With Timothy Gan’s MOE teaching experience, you can rest assured that all essential H2 Math topics will be covered.

Tutor: Timothy Gan – During his 5 years of experience as a MOE teacher, Timothy Gan was in charge of the Math Talent Management Programme. Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical, Honours), NUS, he is currently pursuing a Master of Science, Mathematics of Educators, NIE NTU.

Class Size: 20 students max

$85 weekly online lesson (2h)

$90 weekly physical lesson

Trial Class: Yes

$90 – online trial class

$95 – physical trial class


Address: 3 branch locations 

1) Clementi Ave 4, #01-33 Block 320, Singapore 120320

2) 587 Bukit Timah Rd, #03-36, Singapore 269707

3) 11 Sin Ming Rd, #B1-18 Thomson V Two, Singapore 575629

Power Mathematics

Leon Wu’s unique talent for putting complex concepts into simple words has made him one of the most loved H2 Math tutors in Singapore. And, at Power Mathematics, the results speak for themselves.

The 2021 (latest) A-Level JC H2 Math results have 70% of his students scoring A and 85% of his students scoring A and B.

Leon is also available day and night for maths questions on his WhatsApp number and offers individual attention for all his groups of students.

Tutor: Leon Wu is the most sought-after H2 Further Math Tutor in Singapore. He’s been teaching H2 Math for 18 years, having had experience with hundreds of students from each JC in Singapore. 

Class Size: Small class and Regular Physical class

Rates: Starting at $340 monthly for JC1 H2 Maths Grou

Perks: 24/7 WhatsApp support

1-to-1 Free Consultation

No hidden fees


Address: Orchard Plaza #05-36, 150 Orchard Road

The Math Lab

The Math Lab is an exclusive tuition centre that focuses on Maths as its sole subject. It started out with two math teachers 17 years ago and grew into the leading educational centre it is today, helping thousands of students along the way.

The Math Lab tuition centre’s tutors are hired full-time, many of them ex-MOE teachers with exceptional credentials.

You can trust this tuition centre to align precisely with the MOE syllabus and deliver results – according to their statistics, 5 out of 10 of their A-Level students got an ‘A’ on H2 Maths in 2020. 

Tutors: Full-time MOE teachers

Class Size: 3-7 students

$420 monthly for Standard Classes

$380 monthly for Practice Classes

Additional fees: Registration Fee $40

Materials Fee $60

Perks: Practice classes for group work on different assignments

HDTVs and tablets in all classrooms

Online and centre classes

Trial Class: First month is considered trial, all unused classes will be refunded


Address: 5 branch locations

1) Kovan Central Branch: 203 Hougang St 21, #01-83, Singapore 530203

2) Bt. Timah Branch: 4 Queen’s Road #02-121, Singapore 260004

3) Ang Mo Kio Branch: 163 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, Singapore 560163

4) Potong Pasir Branch: 12 Tai Thong Crescent, Singapore 347846

5) Jurong Kechil Branch: 50 Jalan Jurong Kechil, Singapore 598582


Musclemath is a MOE Certified Maths Tuition Centre that offers physical classes. It differs from many tuition centres in that it doesn’t have a fixed set of materials for its students. Instead, after careful evaluation, each student receives the materials best suited for his or her learning needs.

This tuition centre also conducts regular tests to keep track of how students are progressing, favoring an even more tailored approach.

Joshua Tan, Musclemath’s head tutor believes in instilling a positive attitude in his students and strives to harness the power of mindset when pushing through solving difficult math problems.

And Musclemath is a success not just because of Joshua’s personality, but also thanks to his proven results – 93% of H2 Math students scored a distinction or improved by 4 grades.

Tutor: Joshua Tan has many years of experience helping his students with A math and H2 Math at the O levels and A levels. His teaching technique focuses on creating a positive mindset, motivating and encouraging his students.

Class Size: Relatively small

$85 for weekly JC1 H2 Math (2h)

$95 for weekly JC2 H2 Math 

Trial Class: Free trial lessons!


Address: 2 branch locations

1) 505D Bishan Street 11, #01-410 Singapore 574505 (Bishan)

2) 103 Irrawaddy Road #01-21, Royal Square @ Novena 329566 (Novena)

Perfect Solution Education Group

Perfect Solution is a math-centric tuition centre formerly known as Jackie Lee Learning Centre. Founded by reknowned tutor and ex-MOE teacher Jackie Lee, it has a great track record for helping thousands of students – close to 100% score A and improve their math level.

Jackie Lee also offers pre-recorded online lessons to further solidify your knowledge, with 20 lessons available for JC1 & 2.

If you decide to go with Perfect Solution, slots are usually limited, so be sure to secure a spot in advance.

Tutor: Jackie Lee is a former MOE and EDB Scholar, award winner in maths competitions, former school teacher and has 20+ years experience in private maths tuition.

Class Size: Medium-sized class


$640 for 8 classes (2h) 

Pre-recorded courses: $80 per 2h lesson


Address: 271 Bukit Timah Road, #B1-01 Balmoral Plaza, Singapore 259708


Orion is a MOE-registered tuition centre that offers leading Math and Science tuition with the help of its award-winning tutors.

Their H2 Math program focuses on advanced problem-solving techniques so that students are well-equipped for their GCE A-Levels. As proof, 90% of Orion’s students score A on their A-Levels or at least a 2-grade improvement.

Classes sizes are small and held in a pleasant environment intentionally designed with the students’ feedback in mind.

Math students also have access to consultations with their tutor beyond class where they can clarify what they don’t understand and move forward.

Tutors: Dr William Toh, Anthony Lee, Celia Chia, Anthoni Giam

Class Size: 12 students max

Rates: $400 net monthly

Perks: No hidden fees

Financial Aid Program

Online lesson summary

Trial class: $100


Address: 2 branch locations

1) Toa Payoh Branch: Blk 190 Lor 6 Toa Payoh Central, #04-508A Singapore 310190

2) Yishun Branch: Blk 101 Yishun Ave 5 #02-95 Singapore 760101

AO Studies

AO Studies is a prestigious tuition centre that offers classes on multiple subjects. Since Lim Chu Wei, the founder, is a math tutor, the centre’s Math tuition is particularly advanced, claiming to reduce students’ revision hours by 30%.

Every student receives an evaluation of weaknesses and strengths. After attending the AO Studies JC Math program, students will develop skills to tackle higher order knowledge and real-world application questions, and not just memorize drill question solutions.

Tutors:  Lim Chu Wei, AO Studies founder is a Secondary and JC Math Specialist.


Class Size: 14 students max

JC1 H2 Math – $360 per 4 classes (2h)

JC2 H2 Math – $420 per 4 classes

Perks: No hidden fees

Focus group arrangements

Free consultation


Address: 420 North Bridge Road  #06-11/12 North Bridge Centre Singapore 188727 

Comparing JC H2 Math Tuition Options

Now that we’ve presented in-depth options for both 1-to-1 tutoring and tuition centres, it’s up to you to decide what type of tuition is the best answer for you at the moment.

As you’ve seen, rates are often within similar ranges, whichever option you decide to go with. Improving your A-Level H2 Math will certainly be worth the cost.

If you’re still on the fence, let’s take a look at the compared advantages between A-Level Maths tuition centres and at home tutoring.

Advantages of A-Level Maths Tuition Centres

Attending a tuition centre is a popular option for JC students, and it holds a number of advantages:

Social Motivation
Many students, especially at the JC stage, feel more inclined to spend time with their peers, including during challenging times like studying for A-Level H2 Math.

Small Classes
Plenty of tuition centres offer very small, focused classes of less than 8 students. During the 2-hour long lessons, each student gets the chance to interact with the tutor.

Tuition centres are often MOE-registered or have ex-MOE teachers as their full-time tutors. You can rest assured that the syllabus is on point.

Superior Resources
Aside from group tuition, these Maths tuition centres offer online summaries, course materials, pre-recorded classes and all kinds of resources that would be otherwise unavailable with a 1-to-1 tutor.

Advantages of getting a private tutor for H2 Math

Aside from the undivided attention, there are many other advantages of getting a private tutor:

With a private tutor, you can easily switch up tutoring dates and times of day, or reschedule in case you get sick. Tuition centres rarely offer make-up lessons if you ever fail to attend their classes for whatever reason.

A skilled private tutor will always move at the right pace for every student – fast enough to see progress and slow enough to prevent overwhelm. Students in group tuition won’t have the same skills and comprehension levels, so some of them will get left behind.

JC H2 Math can feel incredibly intimidating. Aside from providing explanations and resources, a private tutor will be there to motivate and encourage students to move forward.

Focusing on weak areas
When studying on your own, it’s easy to skip through the difficult parts and choose topics that you’re more familiar with. A private tutor will pinpoint the exact notions you’re struggling with and focus on your weaknesses rather than your strengths.


Whether you decide to go with group tuition or private tuition, you should know that it’s not a “one and done” deal. You can always switch from group to private tuition if you feel like you’re failing to grasp maths notions or if you see your colleagues doing a better job than you.

Having a great teacher is much more important than any solitary revision practice, so if you’re struggling, you may not have found the right tuition centre or tutor group for you yet. Don’t give up!

At SmileTutor, we understand how important the relationship with your tutor is. If you feel like you’re not a good fit with your tutor, you can always look for someone else. Getting an A on your A-Level JC H2 math takes effort, and you need a good team to stand behind you.

Good luck!

Rum Tan

Rum Tan is the founder of SmileTutor and he believes that every child deserves a smile. Motivated by this belief and passion, he works hard day & night with his team to maintain the most trustworthy source of home tutors in Singapore. In his free time, he writes articles hoping to educate, enlighten, and empower parents, students, and tutors. You may try out his free home tutoring services via or by calling 6266 4475 directly today.