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Distinction for Singapore A-Level H2 Math – Tips You May Not Have Thought Of

Singapore is well-known for having one of the best mathematics programs in the world. Most of its students are very proficient with the complicated subject and examinations determining one’s proficiency in the subject are taken very seriously.

In order to make sure their children continue to ace their A-levels, especially math, parents would seek out special math tuition to help them prepare. Singapore currently has several schools and tutors offering A-level tuition courses, including math tuition, to students who wish to improve their proficiency and prepare for these exams.

For those who can afford it, parents would get a personal tutor for their children struggling with their A-level, especially an A-Level H2 Math tuition.

Aside from getting assistance from tutors, here are the things you, as a student, can do to help yourself ace your Singapore A-level H2 Math:

To Watch Out For

1. Manage the clock

When taking an exam, students often take time solving one problem without considering how long they have to finish the rest of the test.

In order to prevent yourself from facing this problem, you must be able to allow your time wisely in each question and skip if you find one question hard. Ask your tutor to test you with various papers and practice your timing for each question.

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It may be difficult to learn how to stop a question when you feel like you are close to a breakthrough. However, practice makes perfect so you may get a hang of it with constant practice.

2. Work backward for ‘show questions’

Students tend to find it difficult to solve ‘show questions’ because they cannot arrive at the answer shown in the question. In order to get past this problem, you can do a different approach and start analyzing the question backward from the ‘shown result.’

Of course, you need to show the forward method when answering the question, but it can be rearranged to the extent it will reveal the ‘shown answer’ even if it is worked out backward.

This trick can help you answer the question 20% faster and see the patterns between the expected result and your own answer.

3. Tackling the paper and examination tips

Each exam for H2 math in A-levels takes 6 hours to finish and divided into two papers. The first paper deals with pure mathematical questions, while the second half involves 60% statistics and 40% math.

Both papers have 12 questions each, meaning 17 questions are about pure math while the rest are for statistics.

If you are following a definite syllabus for your classes, your examination for the finals will involve all the topics listed in the syllabus. The final test would then involve one question for every topic included in the syllabus and it would follow the syllabus’ flow.

4. The Calculator is your BFF

H2 Math exams tend to include phrases like “using algebraic method” or “answer without the use of a calculator”. When students see this, they tend to follow it blindly and ignore their calculator all together while solving the question before them.

However, if the question is reread, the phrase actually says that you must be able to show your computations to get to the same answer you got from your calculator. Even if the test does say a student can’t use a calculator, it can still be used to check if the answer is correct. Learning this trick can help you get a peace of mind as you work on the rest of the exam.

How to prepare

If you want to achieve the results you want, you have to work hard to achieve it. For students, it is important you learn how to manage your time wisely when studying. You must also be aware of your target, learn how to prepare and have the resources necessary to prepare. You must also be able to answer questions by working backward and sort it properly.

What is your desired grade?

Ask yourself as to what your desired grade is and put a benchmark as to how you can attain it. If you want to reach A for your A-Level H2 Math, your grades must at least reach 80% and above. However, the grading system of Singapore’s A-Levels is a bit flawed because 100% of it will be based on the student’s final exam. As a result, it can be abused.

As a result, you can stray away from the H2 Math syllabus when trying to review for your classes and put your focus on preparing on your final exam. You can also use this time to ask your tutors to help you work backward from the final exam questions and prepare accordingly.

What are the resources you need to get to the level of preparation to sit for the final exam?

In order to prepare yourself for all the possible questions that may pop up in the test, you must have all types of papers about the subject as basis. By looking into the old exams regarding A-Level H2 Math, you would be able to point out patterns on how to answer the questions accordingly. It is best you check the 10-year series papers for A-Levels if you want to determine what questions may pop up for your exams.

What is the level of preparedness you need to get to the required grade?

If you want to score an A in your test, you must be prepared in such an extent that you can answer all the general question types and solve them efficiently. You must also be familiar with all the topics that may be included in the test.

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While learning all this can be counter-intuitive, the types of questions used in the exam can be quite comprehensive. You can prepare for all eventualities when you see these questions pop up.

Final remarks

Math is something every student fears, even those who are already proficient in the language. If you get a tutor to help you out, they will be able to assist you in attaining your grades since it is important for your future. However, it is also important that you, as the student, welcome this new information and tackle the subject with a fluid study approach.


If you do it right, you may be able to achieve that coveted “A” even if it is for a very difficult subject like math.



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