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10 Best Business Schools To Study Abroad

Getting a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Singapore can be tough. Especially since there are limited seats and a high competition rate. This is why many students consider getting their MBA from abroad.

This poses another problem: Which school should you get your MBA from? To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled ten business schools abroad listed according to the QS Global Rankings 2022! Here are some of the top colleges in Singapore!

1. Stanford University, Stanford Graduate School of Business

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Topping the list of best MBA universities abroad is Stanford Graduate School of Business. This two-year course has a curriculum that educates students and empowers them with skills and knowledge to become strong leaders of organisations and businesses.

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Here’s what Stanford’s MBA programme offers:
1. Top-notch faculty
2. Access to guest speakers with relevant industry experience
3. An insight into several global business and management issues.

It is located in Stanford, California, USA and the average annual tuition fee is 76 to 77 thousand USD. Though it is a bit pricey, it is a great opportunity for students to gain more experience and exposure to the industry.

2. Harvard University, Harvard Business School

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Similar to Stanford’s MBA programme, Harvard Business School provides an experience-filled MBA program that equips students with good management and leadership skills. The curriculum is covered over 2 years, and it is a full-time course.

Harvard Business School is known for its prestigious global community of students and faculty who come here from all over the world. This will give you a chance to get good career support and in-depth learning!

It is located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and the average annual tuition fee is 73 to 74 thousand USD.

3. University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Business School

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The Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania is unlike any other. It has a flexible and intensive programme that covers 19 majors and around 200 electives.

Students have the option of customising their MBA curriculum by:
1. Choosing their major
2. Choosing their electives
3. Choosing their core subjects!

Additionally, Wharton engages in consulting practices with businesses, nonprofits and governments worldwide to give students more experience and expertise in the industry. But do note that the average annual tuition fee is 83 to 84 thousand USD.

While overseas, you also need to consider suitable accommodation. So be mindful of your budget when considering your university options.

4. HEC Paris

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Established 130 years ago, HEC Paris is one of the best MBA universities for students, and it has a remarkable reputation for attracting ambitious, talented and board-minded students.

HEC Paris has an extremely diverse culture and an entrepreneurial environment. After all, it offers:
1. Creativity talks
2. Weekly mentoring sessions with experienced entrepreneurs
3. Annual pitch competitions for students to take part in

The campus is located just outside Paris, and the average annual tuition fee is 82 to 85 thousand USD.

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT – Sloan

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The business school under the Massachusetts Institute of technology is the MIT-Sloan School of management. It works towards creating innovative leaders and problem solvers in several fields like business, management, technology and healthcare.

It is also part of the world’s leading research institution and seeks to tackle global challenges. It is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, with an average annual tuition fee of 76 of 135 thousand USD.

6. London Business School


London Business School (LBS) is a constituent university of the federal University of London. It was founded in 1964, and it offers MBA and Executive MBA (EMBA) programs in various fields like:
1. Finance
2. Management
3. Marketing
4. Management science and operation
5. Organisational behaviour and entrepreneurship.

To support this, LBS offers many programmes to students like their global experiential courses and entrepreneurship summer school. It has an average annual tuition fee of 100 to 112 thousand USD.

7. IE Business School

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Located in Madrid, Spain, the IE Business School offers a variety of MBAs like:
1. International MBA
2. Global online MBA (part-time)
3. Tech MBA
5. Global EMBA
6. IE Brown EMBA

Additionally, it also offers graduate finance and management degrees.

The school has a faculty strength of more than 500 world-class professors and students from over 125 countries. Thanks to that, the campus has a multicultural environment. It is one of the cheaper degrees since it has an average annual tuition fee of 65 to 78 thousand USD.


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With 3 campuses located in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, INSEAD offers a multicultural experience for MBA with over 80 different nationalities spread across these campuses.

INSEAD believes in ideals of rigorous teaching, intellectual freedom and research, and it also believes that understanding business plays a decisive role in improving one’s way of life. They also have an accelerated 10-month programme to develop leadership skills in their students.

Do note that INSEAD has a campus in Singapore, so you can also consider applying there instead, and the annual tuition fee is 99 to 120 thousand USD.

9. ESSEC Business School


Similar to INSEAD, ESSEC Business School has many campuses worldwide, one of which is in Singapore. If you plan to apply to its MBA programme, you might want to consider applying to the one in Singapore instead.

ESSEC Business School offers 2 types of MBA- Global MBA and Executive MBA. Like the previously mentioned MBA schools, they have both options too, which are full-time and part-time courses.

The program provides soft and practical skills through different industry certifications, training methods and development workshops to help with your career progression. Its main campus is based in Paris, and the average annual tuition fee is 51 to 54 thousand USD.

10. Columbia Business School

The MBA from Columbia Business School seeks to prepare students to be integral to the ever-evolving fast-paced business world. It also places heavy emphasis on diversity and inclusion, and students are greatly encouraged to join their business associations like:

1. Black Business Students Association
2. Cluster Q (LGBTQ)
3. Columbia Women in Business
4. Hispanic Business Association
5. Military in Business Association

The faculty comprises 150 knowledgeable professors who offer great insights into specific business and industry genres. They also invite many speakers to work together with students and to give talks and forums. It is located in New York, USA and has an average annual tuition fee of 77 to 115 thousand USD.



Before setting your mind on which school you should apply to, always do your research. Visit each university’s website and read alumni reviews. If you get the chance to speak to professors, that’ll be extremely helpful too.

Deciding which MBA university to go to can be a long process, but as long as you remain focused and make sure that that university is suited to you, you’ll be fine!

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