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How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids In Singapore

Recent times have seen a rise in entrepreneurs in Singapore. The future businessmen and women are your children today. Their future success all depends on how you raise them today. Raising your kids with the entrepreneurial spirit is important. Many millennials today are in the startup business.

What you tutor them about as a parent has a direct effect on your kids’ future. Teaching them to be emotionally literate goes a long way in developing their entrepreneurial spirit. You need to encourage your kids to become more emotionally and socially intelligent.

Teaching them these emotional skills helps in shaping their behaviour. The emotional health of your kids can determine how far they go in life and succeed as adults.

To foster the entrepreneurial spirit in your kids, there are certain qualities you will have to teach them. Below are five important tips you can train your kids with to become future entrepreneurs.

1. Teach Them To Be Good Problem-solvers

Teach your kids how to be good problem solvers. This will help them get business solutions and ideas when they grow older. With the right foundation, your kids will be successes in the future. Anytime your child encounters a problem, put your heads together and come up with solutions.

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Go through a process with them, which starts with figuring out what the problem is. Next, find out every possible way of solving that problem. Then, weigh the benefits and lack thereof of each solution. When you have thrashed all of that out, you can pick the best solution and go with that.

Teach them how to be comfortable with taking risks. Teach them to move out of their comfort zones to go for what they want. Tutor them to be effective in logical thinking and problem-solving, balancing an equal win situation in all kind of scenarios.

2. Teach Them To Try Again When They Fail

Teach your kids to understand what failure is and how to deal with it. If you are a parent who sees failure and harshly criticized your child, he will be afraid to learn or try new things. Your kid will shun creativity and try out things they haven’t done before for fear of failing. If they can’t get the answers right in their classroom and get told off for it, they won’t speak up in class ever again.

You are the one who affects your kid’s ability to make mistakes, learn from them, and grow. This is a staple for entrepreneurs. If your child is going to be the next startup founder, they have to be willing to take risks, fail, and try again.

Instead of making your kids look like total failures, try being encouraging. Criticize them constructively. Work with them on other angles of how they would have tackled the situation differently. Let them know that they can always try again.

If you suggest ways of improving, start with praise and end with praise. Your child will know that they made a mistake, but they can always redeem themselves by trying again.

Most importantly, you should show them to stay positive even when they fail. If parents and tutors in Singapore have a poor outlook on failure, and your next generation will learn this from you. Make sure they understand that it is okay to make mistakes and learn from them.

3. Leave The Decisions To Your Kids

Decision-making is a vital part of an entrepreneur’s skill set. Your kids need to be confident enough to be able to make choices by themselves. Expose them to decision-making at a very young age. Let them choose between getting ice-cream or pie for dessert. Let them decide if they want to wear pink or green to the park.

However, you shouldn’t go overboard with your little kids. Don’t give them too many options to choose from. Start small, and as they grow older you can leave more important decisions to them.

Talk about what you see on the news or latest incidents at school with your child. Hear them out, ask them what decisions will they take to make that moment better and ask them why that particular choice. You are encouraging thought processes and honing their ability to view a problem from multiple angles.

They might not realize it consciously, but you are teaching them how to make decisions and be independent.

4. Teach them To Master Their Fears

Risk-taking is what sets entrepreneurs apart from other business owners. Your kids should be comfortable with risk-taking, with the uncertainty that comes with it. Your kids should be able to overcome their fears and master them as they are still kids.

Anytime your kid is in a position of uncertainty, help them decide. As they grow older, reduce your influence more. With time, your kids should be able to take risks on their own, being fully aware of the consequences. Give them tasks that will challenge them and their fears. This way, you are building their confidence in themselves and making them comfortable with taking risks. 

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5. Show Your Kids Diplomacy In Challenging Norms

It is okay for your kids to know that rules can be challenged. Blindly following rules is a hindrance to the growth of an entrepreneurial spirit. Show your kids to challenge rules and laws constructively and rationally. What do they feel has to change? Why do they think that? What should be done instead?

Don’t just say it to them: show them. How you behave teaches your kids a lot. The way you talk to other adults and to your kids teaches them the diplomacy involved in challenging norms. It also shows them when they should stay quiet and follow those norms.


Entrepreneurs are the trending phenomena now. You hear names like Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey and you want your kids to be the next great business owner. It starts now when they are still young.

Teach them to improve their problem-solving skills. Help them understand that failing is a precursor to success. Show them how to take calculated risks and make difficult decisions. Your kids will grow to be confident, independent, and giants in the workplace.

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