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8 Best Private Universities in Singapore

With the current Covid-19 pandemic, many students are now searching for schools locally instead of going abroad for their studies.

A bleak view of the near future without a confirmed end date in sight, it is a safer gamble to stay and continue their studies in Singapore as our research shows that the education landscape will change drastically even after pandemic is over.

Fortunately, when it comes to private universities, Singapore has some of the best in the world. Some of these universities are known for their partnerships with other universities while others are known for the curriculum they offer for certain courses.

You have a choice as to whether to enter a government-run university or a private university, each offering students advantages that will help them in the future.

Private local universities that partnered with prestigious overseas universities, in particular, are preferred by students and parents alike because of its appeal to overseas employers. It can be hard to get into private universities in the country. But, which one of these private universities in Singapore is the best?

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Here’s our list of the 8 best private universities in Singapore and why should you check them out:


The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) is one of Singapore’s top universities, ranking 4th overall.

Although it comes with one of the most hefty tuition fees in the country, the university is known for finance and social programmes and they are even partnered with the Singapore (Cambodia) International Academy for students to diversify their education.

The school is also known for its scholarships for academic scholars and athletes. Here is a quick rundown on scholarship in Singapore.


When it comes to variety, Kaplan Singapore is the one of the best private universities in the country. They offer some of the most diverse course offerings in business, finance, social affairs and others.

They are also affiliated with several universities overseas to support these courses and open opportunities for students to study overseas if they wish to do so without problems.

What also makes Kaplan a university to check out is the fact it has four campuses in the country which students can access easily. They even offer Career Development assistance to help students with their employment needs.


If you want to take on business as your future career, MDIS or the Management Development Institute of Singapore is one of the best in the country.

Their business school offers students a well-rounded look in every field of business and management and prepares them to tackle the changing business environment worldwide.

They are also working with other universities in the United Kingdom to support students who wish to specialise in certain business industries.

Aside from business, the school also offers courses focusing on Engineering, Fashion, Life Sciences, Health and Tourism.


Although it is not as known as the other private universities in this list, the PSB Academy is also known for its business courses. From accountancy to entrepreneurship, you will certainly find the right course for you in the school. The school has offerings related to the life sciences, sports sciences, engineering and languages.

They are also partnered with universities in the UK and Australia, especially for its postgraduate programs.

The school is also on the lookout for rising Singaporeans and offers them scholarship programs to help them with their dreams. You need to ask yourself these questions before applying for one.

LSBF (London School of Business & Finance) Singapore

The London School of Business and Finance is known for having one of the most established international schools in Singapore.

They are recognised for offering courses that help students learn more about Business, hospitality, tourism and international trade. Here is how to pick a university course without regards.

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Students can even opt for its international learning programs where they can study their chosen fields both in Singapore and in countries like the UK and Australia.

The school also offers post-graduate programs that they can take with one of LSBF’s partner universities. It is also very easy to go to the school since it is located in the Central Business District, making it one of the most accessible public universities in the country.

East Asia Institute of Management

Another fine university for students looking for quality business and management courses is the East Asia Institute of Management.

It is working with four universities overseas to create courses that match the changing approaches in teaching topics such as business, commerce and hospitality. They even offer courses for areas like real estate, tourism and psychology.

Many students also prefer checking out EASB because of its accessibility, being located near top commercial areas like Balestier Road and Zhong Shan Mall and major MRT stations like Novena and Toa Payoh.

The university is recognised by various institutions like SPRING Singapore and the Committee for Private Education of the Ministry of Education, including as one of the 50 SMEs that assisted the growth of the national economy since it began.

TMC Academy

Another international private university that you may consider for your studies is TMC Academy.

Partnered with universities such as the University of Northampton, the Swiss Management School and Western Sydney University, the university is known for its Languages, Tourism, Social Sciences and Psychology courses.

It is also located near major MRT stations, making it a convenient school to commute to every day.

Dimensions International College

For the past 36 years, the Dimensions International College is one of the longest-serving international universities in the country. The college has three campuses – City Campus in River Valley, Kovan and Bukit Timah- and they even offer a high school division for interested families.

When it comes to its university credentials, it is recognised by the Committee for Private Education and ASIC-UK. It is also partnered with several British universities such as the University of Chester and the University of Hertfordshire.

Students looking for a good university focusing on Higher Education, Languages and Hospitality should definitely consider this institution.


Singapore definitely has a rich selection of private institutions that can help students reach their full potential. Each one of these schools we listed comes with their pros and cons, which is why it is important that you take time to research them before you apply.

Remember, pick the school which you think can help you in every step and help you secure the career you are aiming for.

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