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Why Do Some Students Hate Homework?

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Do you hate homework? Do you feel dread when teachers assign you homework, and disappointed when you have to take time out of your weekend to do it?

There are many reasons why students like yourself hate homework. 

Here are some of them: 

You would Rather Do Something More Fun

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This seems like a superficial reason and obvious to boot. After all, there are few who wouldn’t choose play over work if they got to. 

However, it goes a bit deeper than that. Even starting from Primary School, students spend at least half of their day in school learning academic material. 

If they have a CCA, that time spent in school becomes longer. There’s little time for relaxation when they still have to do homework after this. 

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After such a tiring day, they would rather leave school behind and pursue their own personal enjoyment

You are a Perfectionist

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Perfectionists need their work to be perfect and the thought of failure scares them. 

The thought of their homework or their assignments being returned to them with less than a perfect grade is something they abhor. 

As a result of this fear, they may hate doing homework and fail to start on it at all. 

You are Burnt Out

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Some students are burnt out from all the responsibilities they have taken on and the thought of tackling homework is simply too much

These responsibilities may not only be academic, they can be personal as well. Familial responsibilities like having to take care of younger siblings can be very draining. 

One effect of burnout is being constantly exhausted no matter how much sleep you get, which can lead to the student being unable to deal with the work or tasks they have to do. 

They may also lack the motivation to start doing their homework in general. As a result of all this, burnt out students start to hate homework because of how it makes them feel. 

You are Overwhelmed by the Workload

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Over the years, students have always complained about the workload they’re given. And as they grow up, the workload only increases. 

Long hours spent in school followed by CCA and perhaps even tuition after that and then homework has the potential to overwhelm anybody. 

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Sometimes, there is too much homework to complete within a tight deadline, and students are forced to rush. 

When this happens, they get stressed out and want to relax, but need to complete their homework first. 

You Don’t Understand the Reason for Homework

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A lot of the time, homework is actually revision material to help students practise what they have already learnt in class. 

That means students may already understand the material and know how to do the homework. The homework then becomes boring and they would rather do something else with their time

It could be to do revision for topics they are less familiar with, or they might want to spend their time on leisure activities. 

Pros of Homework

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Despite some people’s negative perceptions of homework, it does have its uses.

1. It Helps You Revise

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Like mentioned earlier, homework is used as a revision tool for students. According to Ebbinghaus’s Forgetting Curve and experiment, when you learn something, your memory of it decreases quickly within the first day of learning it. 

That’s why it’s best to revise what you learnt within the first 24 hours of learning it. Since homework is usually given on the same day, students have a chance to utilise this learning method. 

If the homework is for something that isn’t new material, it gives students a chance to practise what they have already learnt before while getting their work checked by their teacher. 

2. Gives You More Time to Learn

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For those who had trouble keeping up in class, homework can be a way for them to catch up. 

The questions given in homework when it comes to new material are not likely to be more complex than what the student has learnt in class, so they have a chance to work their way through each one without having to follow the pace of the class. 

Students can consult their teachers if they have any doubts as well. 

Other Pros

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These are not all the pros of homework, and an example of another is training discipline in students as they have to do something they may not want to do and manage their time well to do it. 

Homework, like anything else, has its pros and cons. 

How to Ask for Help

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If you’re having trouble with your work or homework, it’s important to ask your teacher for help so you don’t fall behind. 

Catch your teacher at the start of class when they’re setting up for the lesson. They most likely won’t have time then to run through your questions with you. 

Still, it will help you reserve a spot for after the lesson when most of your classmates will be asking their questions as well. 

If your teacher has no time after class either, ask them when they’re free to help you. You may need to arrange a consultation with them, but it will be worth it. 

If all else fails, you can consider sending a message to your teacher and detail your problem there. 


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There are many reasons why some students can hate doing homework and as a student, you may relate to some yourself. 

If you’re having a lot of trouble with school, it may be time to hire a tutor. Don’t struggle by yourself.

Remember to ask for help if you need it, and good luck on your future endeavours!

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