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4 Things to Do When You’re Struggling in University

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Transitioning from Junior College (JC) to university can be extremely stressful for many students. Not only is this because of the change in workload and syllabus, but the environment and routines are vastly different.

As such, many students struggle during their first year in university. If you’re one of them, don’t worry. I’ve compiled a list of things you can do to cope with the transition from JC to University.

Talk to Professors


If you struggle with understanding syllabus content or need help with your assignments, don’t be afraid to reach out to your professors for help!

While you might not have much one-on-one time with them, many professors make themselves available to students who need help to do well. They might also point you to mentors and tutors who can give you more time.

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Join Study Groups


Joining study groups is a great way to not only make social connections but it allows you to get the support that you need. Especially if you feel alone in your struggles with university life.

After all, many students feel overwhelmed, and they flock to study groups since they allow them to discuss with others and improve their learning.

Work On Your Time Management


One of the main reasons why many students cannot adapt to university life is because of the lack of time management. This is because in university, students are given more free time, and every component contributes to their Grade Point Average (GPA) (e.g. quizzes or tests).

By building your time management skills, you can create a routine to stick to, which eases your transition into university. Here are some time management tips:
1. Write down all important exam dates and deadlines
2. Create to-do lists
3. Prioritise the more urgent and critical tasks
4. Balance your academic and personal time wisely
5. If you have a part-time job, ensure that the hours don’t impact your ability to keep up with schoolwork.

Utilise School Resources


Universities often have a wide array of school resources like facilities and tutoring groups. So make use of them. After all, these resources and support networks are in place to ensure students get the help they need.

Just refer to your university’s website for information on support groups, counsellors, peer tutors, and peer educators.


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Going to university can be extremely fruitful. You get to meet new people, gain industry-relevant skills and expand your network. But it can also present many challenges during your first year, especially if you’re studying abroad, for example at American International University.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or are struggling to manage, don’t be afraid to seek help. Good luck!

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