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How To Stop Homework Battles For Good

Sometimes, getting your child to do their homework is war. You will need to be there at their shoulder, needling them to complete it before they can go and play. When your child has a short attention span, doing homework becomes even more of a chore.

However, your child must do their homework. Whether it is from school or by a tutor at home, assignments are important. Assignments help the school teacher or home tutor to evaluate your child’s progress. They can determine how good your child’s grasp on the subject matter is. Assignments also help your child become better at their subjects in school/home tuition.

Assignments are very beneficial for your kids but the will to sit down and do them is something that has to be learned. You have to teach your child good study habits. They have to practice them constantly until the habits become a part of them.

You may be one of many parents in Singapore who just can’t deal with the homework drama. There are some things that you can do that you can do to help your child get better at doing their homework.

The Purpose Of Homework

Many kids don’t want to do their homework because they find it boring. They also don’t see any reason why they have to do their homework. That’s why you need to sit them down and have a talk with them. Ask your child why they don’t like doing their homework. Then explain to them why their teachers or their tutor gave them the homework.

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They should understand that homework is a way for them to study outside classes or tuition sessions. Ask them to have a good think about what would happen if they didn’t do their homework, or left it unfinished. Talking with your child will let them know that doing their homework, in the long run, improves their chances of doing well in their exams.

Start Small

Your kids see homework as a chore. So you should start them small on homework. If you are their tutor, or you have hired a tutor in Singapore for them, give them small assignments to start. When getting them to do their homework, you should take note of their learning style and attention span.

Kids who learn at a slow pace may need a lot of time to work on their assignments. They will also have short attention spans because of their frustration with themselves. Help them break their homework time into bits. They can spend 30 minutes at a stretch working on their assignments, and then let them go for breaks. Break times are necessary for the brain to relax and regroup for more work.

Study Buddy

Study buddies, or study partners, are great motivating factors for your child. If your child is having a hard time with a certain subject, tell them to meet people to help them. A teacher, their tutor, or even their classmates. Encourage them to study with their friends. This way, they will be more eager to do their homework. You can check in periodically and bring them healthy snacks and water as they study.

Find New Ways To Teach Your Child

Forget about traditional teaching methods for the moment. They may actually increase your child’s disinterest in learning or doing their homework. So, find new ways to tutor your child.

The Internet is a veritable source of fun ways to teach and learn. YouTube has many videos on innovative ways to teach. You can also find several videos that help children learn as well. Take them to plays and fun workshops. Exposing them to these unconventional ways of learning will pique their interest and motivate them.

Tuition Teacher

A tuition teacher, or a tutor, is a person you hire to help your child in the subjects they are weak in. There are many qualified tutors in Singapore that you can hire.

One mistake parents make is that they expect the tutor to also supervise their child as they do their homework. This is not in the tutor’s job description. If you don’t have the know-how on how to tutor your child, you can hire a tutor. The tutor too may give homework, but he/she isn’t supposed to burden the child or supervise them.

Create A Conducive Environment For Studying

Another thing that could make doing assignments a chore is the fact that there is no quiet space for your kids to study. Create study space for them to do their homework. Or, whenever they are doing their assignments, make sure that the area is disturbance and distraction-free. No TV, no other children playing games, and no novels or phones in the area. If you can make a space dedicated to study, that would be great.

Put A Manageable Timetable In Place

Create a timetable for your children to follow for doing their homework. Creating a structure for them to follow may seem counterintuitive, but it actually helps. Make sure that the timetable is manageable and rewarding for the child. After homework, they know that they can play.

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On certain days, if they achieve certain homework and study goals, they will get a treat. Monitor them as they follow the routine to make sure that the timetable isn’t too hectic for them. Adjust accordingly if the timetable is stressing them out. Your child needs the energy to focus: the study routine should be easy for them to follow.


Following these tips will make homework time easier for you and your child, and even more interesting for your child in particular. Study doesn’t have to be boring. Study can be fun too. Show your child why homework is necessary, and at the same time make sure they realize that they can have fun while doing it too.

Ensure they get enough time to rest and play after their homework. Always encourage them by giving them their favorite dessert once a week, or letting them pick a movie during movie night. Homework battles will soon be a thing of the past in your home.

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