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TikTok Accounts that are Actually Educational

We all know about the rise of the new social media app, TikTok, which has now triumphed above the good ol’ Instagram and Facebook, especially amongst our Gen Z.

The selling point of this platform is its short-form videos, allowing our generation, with a short attention span and not much time to spare, to be entertained.

With the holidays just around the corner, we know that students would definitely be idling around on TikTok during their holidays — and we understand that!

So, here are some TikTok accounts that can allow you to stay entertained on TikTok but gain useful knowledge at the same time!



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Mr Ajarn Ken has been a native British English Teacher since 2008 and is passionate about helping others to be confident in English.

Aside from his TikTok account with 31.2 thousand followers, he also gives English tips on his Instagram account of 221 thousand followers and his English Club. He has also written an e-book “Get 10 English Tips” which is free for download.

Mr Ken gives alternatives on how overused, boring terms can be phrased differently to sound more uncommon and refreshing.

If you take the effort to learn from his tips, you will surely stand out from other students with your expanded vocabulary, to impress your teacher and examiner in your oral examinations or writing!



Ms Tanya Zakowich is a Mechanical Engineer and Content Creator who understands the struggles that students face with Math because she was once in their shoes and repeated a year of Math when she was 13.

She now wants to help students with her signature adorable pink pencil and provides tips, tricks, brain teasers on her TikTok with 1.2 million followers, Instagram with 74.5 thousand followers and YouTube with 731 subscribers.

Check her out, and who knows, you may finally understand a concept you’ve been struggling with, or even learn a shortcut on how to solve your Math problems quicker!



With 208.6 thousand followers, this account is owned by a Chemistry teacher who loves to show his audience cool chemical reactions.

You could learn a thing or two about different types of chemicals and what reactions they would cause! Instead of studying the reactions through theoretical words and mere imagination, you get to visualise them.

This might help the visual learners to understand better! 



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This TikTok account with 1.1 million followers is owned by a man who is very passionate about history.

He is extremely resilient in his content reach by also utilising his Instagram account with 158 thousand followers, Twitter account with 133 followers, and Facebook account with 311 thousand follows, to post about similar historical content, in hopes to reach out to other history lovers out there.

When presented in video formats, history is way more fun to learn about!



Here, we have our very own local secondary school teacher, Ms Bernice Loon. She is a Geography teacher with 8,347 followers on TikTok, 2.48 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and even a blog with study tips entries. 

If you are a Geography student, following her would be really beneficial for you. Since she’s a teacher in our local school, her content would be in line with our local syllabus — just like school, but in a short video format!



If you are planning to find or switch a job soon, Ms Erin McGoff has tons of advice for you. From tips on resumes, to interviews, to follow-ups, she has it all.

She summarises the common mistakes that people make in their job pursuit that would cause them to lose their opportunity, and helps you to craft better materials and answers that will impress your interviewers.

McGoff highlights the importance of the choice of words when trying to push forward the best version of yourself.

Take some inspiration before applying for your next job!



This TikTok account with 110.9 thousand followers is owned by a local A-Level student who motivates her audience to stay productive with her short videos.

She documents her healthy and realistic ‘what I eat in a day’, and also gives encouraging words to spur you on. 

Not only does she encourage productivity, but she also assures you that it is okay to have bad days; as long as you pick yourself up after.

If you’re feeling down and unproductive, you should check out her account and it might just get your engine started. 

Study inspiration


Ms Kenia Gonzalez is a dental student who posts aesthetically pleasing study videos that makes you actually want to study. Her beautiful lighting, high video and sound quality showcase her study routine in a day, with the tools and products that she uses.

If you’re a stationery or technological enthusiast, her videos might appeal to you!

She also films videos on how she keeps her study area safe and clean. This would appeal to those who find cleaning videos relaxing.

If you have been pushing away your study time and need some motivation, this is just the account for you!


Besides being entertaining, TikTok certainly has its usefulness in spreading educational messages as well.

Tip: Interacting with these educational videos/accounts will garner you more similar content on your ‘For You’ page!

As the holidays approach, rest well, but don’t forget to expand your knowledge and keep learning!

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