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10 Actionable Ways Singapore Tutors can Market Themselves to Get More Students

No matter, if you are a part-time Singapore tutor or it is your full-time job, keeping your business going is a tough task.

Speaking from personal experience, it is actually difficult to reach out to the target audiences without employing the right marketing strategies.

But do not worry. I am here to your rescue. In this article, I will talk about a few actionable marketing tips which will help you market yourself as a Singapore tutor and expand your business without much effort.

Let’s get started.

1. Promote Yourself Through Word of Mouth

This is a no-brainer, and probably, this is the easiest way to market yourself as a Singapore tutor. All you need to do is tell everyone about your tutoring business. From friends to family, relatives, and acquaintances – tell them all.

You can even offer a finder’s fee to the people who bring business to you. And believe me, this is one of the best techniques that has worked for me.

Even social media can help you out here. Use your social media profiles to promote your tutoring business, and I’m sure, you can generate a good amount of leads this way.

2. Make Yourself Known

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You are likely to get more students only when you become a known face in the community and earn the trust of the students and their parents.

As a Singapore tutor, you can choose to expand your student base by staying active in community events where students are likely to volunteer.

You can also contribute as a guest speaker at community events and talk about your services. Additionally, you can also choose to participate in debates or express your views as a panelist to promote your name as a Singapore tutor and become a familiar name.

3. Conventional Ways to the Rescue

While offbeat methods are great and all, nothing can beat the results provided by conventional ways of marketing. And what’s the best thing about them? They are pretty easy to follow and provide great results.

Thus, on the same lines, I would highly recommend you to get your business cards printed and hand them out to students or their parents.

Additionally, you can also distribute flyers in the local schools and in book shops, stationery shops and at all those places which are frequently visited by students.

This will not only help you in building awareness about your tutoring business but if you are lucky, you might even get some new students who are interested in your services.

4. Get in Touch With Teachers and Tutors

If you are setting up your business in an area where the demand is higher than the supply, there will be a high chance that other tutors are turning away students due to their full schedule.

You can use this as an opportunity and get in touch with the other tutors to let them know that they can refer the extra students to you.

Additionally, you can also ask school teachers to refer students who want to take extra lessons to you. Since students often listen to their teachers, getting a referral from them could help you win a lot of students.

5. Hone Your Social Media Presence

I would highly recommend you to harness the power of social media and use it to your advantage. Thus, create your business profile on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Additionally, do not forget to update your social media page with great content. For instance, if you are running a Math class, sharing some quick Math tips and tricks will build your authority.

Alternatively, if you are running a hobby class, you can upload your videos, and promote them to get the most traction.

6. Give Your Audiences a Taste of Your Services

How about running demo classes for free? Or, uploading a few of your teaching videos on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media networks?

This will let the students and parents know that you are great at teaching, and undoubtedly, this will bring you more leads.

7. Ask for Referrals

As I already said, nothing works better than a word of mouth. Thus, keep delivering best results, and I’m sure, your students will keep referring you to others.

To further brighten your prospects, you can ask your existing students for referrals, in return of some incentives – may be an extra class for free, or you can also provide them with a certain amount per referral.

8. Contact a Tuition Agency

Singapore has a lot of tuition agencies, who are often in need of quality tutors. Smile Tutor is one such leading tuition agency in Singapore which teaches students of all grades and covers a range of subjects.

Get in touch with these agencies, and ask them if they are in need of your services.

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9. Make Use of Online Forums

Online forums act as a great way to connect to students and their parents, and also serve a great way to promote your tutoring business for free. There are various such forums and websites like Gumtree and MummySg which can come to your rescue here.

10. Deliver the Best Results

As it goes without saying – keep delivering the best results and you will never be short of students. Undoubtedly, when a student clears an exam with flying colors, their parents are sure to appreciate you in front of others, and this is how your business gets leads for free!

Wrapping Up

I hope that the tips mentioned above would have helped you in boosting your tutoring business. So, what all tricks do you adopt to market yourself locally? Do let us know in the comments below.

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