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The Modern Dilemma: Navigating Childcare as a Full-Time Working Mother


To afford Singapore’s high standard of living, most families choose to adopt two full-time incomes in order to support the family. 

This means that either parent, but especially you as a mother, may have little time left to attend to domestic duties—including childcare.

Today we will discuss more in depth about this issue, along with possible solutions for such a prevalent dilemma.

The Importance of a Maternal Role in Child Development


Mothers play an irreplaceable role in a child’s development when they’re younger. Nurturing emotional bonds, facilitating cognitive growth, shaping a child’s personality and communication skills are all part and parcel of childcare. 

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Your presence as a mother also acts like a source of comfort and security as the child grows and learns more about the world. It is this foundation of trust that extends beyond childhood, and therein lies a strong need and emphasis in parental accompaniment at an early age.

The Difficulty in Juggling Work and Childcare


Singapore’s working society can present unique challenges to many full-time working mothers.

The cultural expectations of excelling in both professional and parenting roles can lead to a delicate balancing act, often resulting in stress, exhaustion, burnout and in some cases even feelings of inadequacy and guilt. 

It is a growing concern that many working mothers find themselves in a constant struggle to fulfill their responsibilities, leaving little time for self-care, leisure, or even rest. After all, juggling different roles as a mom, a wife, and a full-time employee can prove to be difficult to manage alone.

Solutions for Balancing Work and Parenting Responsibilities


Recognizing the challenges faced is the first step. 

As such, here are 6 solutions you can consider to better care for your child while maintaining your career.

1. Outsourcing Domestic Chores

Delegating household tasks to external services can help to save time and alleviate stress. You can look for a domestic helper in Singapore to take care of the time-consuming household chores such as laundry, cleaning, and cooking. This results in the mother and her child having more quality time to bond as well as pursue other interests.

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Not every family is able to hire a full-time domestic helper. So before you make that decision, make sure that proper financial planning is in place! If your family is not ready for that, there are still so many options available right now for part-time housekeepers and even babysitters.

2. Equal Delegation of Household Chores

Singapore is starting to warm up to the idea of shared household responsibilities. In a recent survey, 9 out of 10 Singaporeans believe that household chores can be equally divided between the mom and dad. Moving forward, consult with your significant other on ways he can alleviate some of your physical burdens.

3. Affordable and High-Quality Childcare

Preschool centers are abundant in residential areas, offering infant care and childcare, along with learning opportunities alongside similar-aged children. These accessible and affordable childcare services provide a nurturing environment for preschoolers while allowing you to fulfill your work commitments with peace of mind. 

4. Flexible Work Arrangements

In a paper by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), 73 per cent of women expressed their desire for flexible work setups to enable them to take care of their dependents. 

The shift of public opinion to a more family-friendly working routine and setup can be seen to have the capacity of empowering mothers to manage their work schedules in ways that accommodate their parenting responsibilities

Seek a company that allows for the ability to work from home to allow for flexibility of childcare.

5. Workplace Support Programs

On-site childcare facilities, lactation rooms, and wellness programs create a family-friendly work environment that acknowledges the needs of working mothers. You can explore companies that adopt family-oriented policies as incentives for full-time working mothers.

6. Subsidies and Financial Support


Government subsidies and financial incentives reduce the financial burden of childcare costs, making it more feasible for mothers to pursue their careers. 

The Ministry of Health provides marriage and parenthood schemes that help offset the cost of conception, maternity, as well as newborn care. These programmes can give you a head-start in their journey of raising their kids.

Mothers, Modern Superheroes


You are undeniably a significant figure in a child’s life, as mothers are the primary caregiver from the moment of conception until adulthood. The unwavering care, support, and love that you provide shape a child’s personality, values, and beliefs, making you a respected figure in the child’s life.

A mother’s selfless dedication to raising a child instills a sense of security that allows them to face the world with confidence, knowing that there is someone who will always be there for him. 

A child would call someone like that, a superhero.

Rum Tan

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