Blog Tutors Tutoring Tips Creating a Safe Learning Environment: How Tutors Can Identify Signs of Bullying Among Students

Creating a Safe Learning Environment: How Tutors Can Identify Signs of Bullying Among Students

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Having a safe learning environment is crucial for students to effectively learn and for their well-being.

Tutors like you play a huge role in supporting and giving each and every student guidance; therefore, you will have to observe and manage the whole class.

However, some signs of huge issues such as bullying, often happened behind the scenes and thus go unnoticed most of the time.

To better help our tutors, this article will explore some of the signs of bullying and what you can do to help your students.

Main Signs

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Changes in Behaviour

Pay attention to any changes in the way a student behaves during or outside of class.

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Changes can include higher levels of anxiety, staying quieter than usual, lower moods, or regular mood swings.

Students who are victims of bullying often avoid eye contact with most people, become hyper-sensitive to their surroundings, and may be reluctant to attend class.

Changes in Social Interactions

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Students who are bullied tend to withdraw from other people and isolate themselves.

Fear, paranoia, and anxiety will cause them to avoid activities that require social interactions. They may even struggle to make new friends or maintain their current friendships, which can lead to them losing friendships.

Over time, without seeking help, they will grow distant from everyone else, including you.

Changes in Academic Learning

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Needless to say, bullying will directly impact a student’s learning in tutoring sessions.

Being bullied will cause a student to lose interest in their studies, lose focus during lessons, and lose their overall confidence. All of these factors will significantly cause a drop in their academic results.

Therefore, if you notice this happening to any student, being bullied could be one of the causes.

Physical Changes

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In various circumstances, bullying can result in physical violence.

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Look out for any sudden and unexplained injuries such as bruises, scars, marks, or bleeding on a student’s body.

On top of that, if the student experiences stomachaches and headaches more often, they may be direct emotional damage or trauma from the bullying.

How Tutors Can Help

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Take time out of regular tutoring sessions to have talks with the student.

However, don’t rush matters and interrogate them. It is essential to build trust with them first and create a safe space where they feel comfortable talking about sensitive things.

They won’t be as open or willing during the early stages, which is why you have to give them a lot of space and time. Develop the habit of actively listening and encouraging them.

Most importantly, always remind them that you are always there for them and that what they say will be kept confidential until it can’t be anymore.


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If you suspect that it is bullying after observing all of the signs, you can record all of your observations and incidents that involve the student. Ensure that they are factual and accurate, which includes the exact dates, timeframes, and descriptions.

Only when appropriate should you share your records with suitable people so that action can be taken.


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In order to take appropriate action at the right time, you can’t do this alone.

Share your documented records with the parents of the student and, if possible, with the student’s school teachers as well. This could be done either by directly contacting them or getting the parents to talk to them.

Work together as a group to develop a safe and detailed plan to address the bullying issue as well as provide support for the student.


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Although tutors like you do not meet students as regularly as their parents or school staff, you still play a vital role in creating a safe learning space for your students and providing sufficient support, no matter if they have been bullied or not.

By working with other trusted and suitable figures and communicating effectively with all parties involved, every student will get to have a safe and encouraging learning environment where they can be themselves and learn effectively.

Rum Tan

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