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Best 16 Study Spots with Free Wi-Fi in Singapore

After school, it is very difficult for some students to find a perfect study spot where they can review and revise. While there are students who have study rooms at home, some may find it hard to do so if their bed is just a few steps away from their study desk.

Cafes and restaurants may sound great at first, but these places may chase them out or require them to buy a meal for them to be able to study there.

If you are trying to find a great place to study in Singapore, here are the best study spots with free Wi-Fi in Singapore you can check out:

1. Blossom Youth Centre

If you are near Bukit Timah, MUG@Blossom Youth Centre is a great place to try out. It is a special community centre that offers students free Wi-Fi, snack and study tables for us. If you want to take a break, the centre has recreation areas where you can play video games, board games or read books.

For big groups, they can rent one of their halls for meetings and group discussions. Each hall comes equipped with a TV and whiteboard to help with mock report practices and debates.

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Anyone interested to use the facilities of the centre can register in the centre’s Blossom Youth Development Programme. Aside from the facility, the program also assists students to develop soft skills which will support their academic performance.

2. Library@Esplanade

If you don’t want to be around a lot of people, Library@Esplanade is not frequented by many students because there’s not a lot of schools near the area. As a result, you will only share the reading areas with library-goers. 

3. Bishan Library 

The Bishan Library offers private nooks where students can study on the floor and study as they wish. If not on the floor, you can get one of the chairs and tables available for use.

4. Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

Although you may find studying in a hospital unnerving at first, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital actually has a great spot for studying.

There are seating areas and tables in its grounds that is perfect for the job. You can even enjoy some fresh air thanks to trees and plants surrounding these seating areas. 

If you find yourself hungry, NTUC’s FoodFare is right next to the hospital. The FoodFare has several food options you can try out and they even have healthy menus on offer.

5. Our Tampines Hub

If you are around the eastern side of the city, you can check out Our Tampines Hub for your study area needs. It is open for 24 hours every day and the tables available are picnic-style, which is perfect for studying with your friends.

6. Serangoon Public Library – NEX rooftop, Level 4R 

Students studying in the northeast flock Serangoon Public Library. The area has all the amenities students will need for their studies such as power plugs, study tables and free WiFi. Food is also offered in the library, which is perfect if you get famished during your studies. 

7. Library@Orchard

If you are in Orchard, Library@Orchard is great for studying. It has several study areas and mugging pods for groups to use. They have free WiFi available, as well as food and aircon for students to use. This is one of the most popular choices due to its central location. 

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8. Central Public Library – (Lee Kong Chian Reference Library Level 7-11 

Want a great place to focus while you study and enjoy a view of Singapore’s civil region? You can check out the Central Public Library’s study spots on its 7th to 11th floor. The library has high ceilings, which illuminates the room for better studying and it is equipped with everything you may need for studying.

9. Singapore Management University 

If you need a study hall that has stable WiFi and power plugs to charge your gadgets, SMU’s grounds have areas where students can use. Some of these areas are even hidden, which is perfect if you want some privacy as you cramp last minute for your exams.

10. HubQuarters @ *SCAPE

For students who would like to study in a place where they can focus and not have to worry about their items, HubQuarters is perfect. The nook is carefully designed to ensure every table has stowaway areas under it so users can keep their items safe while they study.

11. Smart Void Deck at Jurong

Want a unique place to study in? Smart Void Deck at Jurong uses void decks to serve as tables and seats. Users can adjust the space to how they want it to be, including the lighting, to make it as the perfect study hall they want. 

12. Study Area at JCube 

For those who can’t study without some background noise, you can check out JCube’s study area on Level 2 and 3. In the area, there are vending machines available even at late hours while you study. 

13. Library@Harbourfront

Library@Harbourfront is one of the new study areas you can try out if you are near the area. It has indoor chairs which you can recline on as you study your lessons. It even has a great view of Sentosa island which you can look at while taking a small break.

14. National University of Singapore 

For those living in the South, the National University of Singapore has several areas within its grounds that are perfect for students looking for a place to study. Not all of these locations have aircon, but there are nearby food stalls, stable WiFi and power points that are open 24/7.

15. Singapore Polytechnic

Students of Singapore Polytechnic do not need to look outside the school if they need study areas. The school has several huge study halls where students can use for their studies.

These halls even have small stalls selling cheap food to help students recharge as they study. These halls are also open for students who are not enrolled in the school.

16. Nanyang Technological University

For students at NTU, you can check out the benches near canteen B, Cafe Hotshot, the Business Library and the Learning Pod for your study needs. These areas are equipped with everything you need and they are open for 24 hours, which is good for those late-night cramming.


If you are unable to study at home, you should not lose hope because there are areas in the city you can use. These spots we cited above will surely help you with your revisions and discussions without having to worry about being unable to focus or being asked to go. 

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