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8 Ways to Ace Your Internship


What is an ‘internship’?

Well, it is a six-month period where you get to go out into companies – or organisations, to gain exposure and work experience in your field of study.

In many cases, this internship also affects your grades and Grade Point Average (GPA) because of its higher weightage (compared to your other modules). It can get a bit daunting when you think about it, and you are bound to feel anxious.

Since it is often held in your last year, it is what makes or breaks your GPA. Not only that, but you don’t know who you will work with, or if you will enjoy it. There are too many uncertainties, and you have zero control!

Here are some ways to get a fruitful and enjoyable experience from your internship and still get a high GPA!

Be Punctual


“Better late than never” does not apply during your internship. Whether it is arriving at work or going to meetings, always be prepared and keep track of the time.

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Plan your route first. Try it out and time how long it takes for you to get to your destination. This way, you can prepare and plan ahead.

If you are doing a virtual internship or working from home (WFH), just log in on time!

Dress Appropriately


Studies show that the way people dress affects how others see them and how they see themselves.

So to make a good impression and boost your confidence, dress to impress! But, do note that whatever you wear has to be comfortable enough to not hinder your work.

While on a virtual internship, it is good to look presentable when turning on your cameras too!

Set Goals


Internships are meant for you to get work experience and to learn. Keep in mind what you want to learn from the company and discuss your interests with your mentor.

Try to find out if there are any opportunities to get involved in relevant projects.

Request for a meeting and ask them if they have any expectations of you. What you have to accomplish every day, every week. This will also help you plan your time and daily tasks to make sure you complete your work.

Stay Organised


Just packing your workspace in the office and making sure everything is neat. Should be easy, right?

Not so much. There is more to staying organised than that.

Here is what you should do:

1. Keep notes (see our next point)
2. Write down all the deadlines for tasks
3. Take note of meeting dates
4. Organise your google drive (or any data storage site you use)
5. Keep track of everything you do (write it down too!)

Take Notes


Sometimes, our colleagues can give a lot of information at once, and it is hard to remember the details. So pen down notes to make your life easier. This way, you do not miss important dates or crucial tasks.

It also serves as something for you to refer to, so when in doubt, always check back to your notes first! This way, you won’t disturb your colleagues unnecessarily and you show that you are responsible and take initiative!

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Try writing in a notebook instead of typing your notes into your phone. This is because others can misunderstand and think you are texting instead of taking notes.

Ask Questions


Don’t be shy if you have anything that you do not understand or are unsure about. Just ask!

By clarifying what you are unsure about, you understand your tasks better and are less likely to make mistakes. This also shows your colleagues that you take the initiative to learn as much as possible.

However, do ensure that you ask humbly and politely. Try not to ask too many times because your colleagues are busy and need to get work done!

Network and Socialise


At your internship company, you are sure to meet many new people! Take the initiative to get to know your colleagues and introduce yourself, so they know you.

By getting to know the people around you, you form connections with them which can be useful. It allows you to work with them better, gain more insight into what they do, and get advice and help for your work!

Be Yourself


Last but not least, it is essential to be your true self at work. This is so that you create a genuine and memorable impression on others.

Use your strengths and personality to establish your own personal brand to stand out from the other interns!



It can be tough trying to integrate yourself into a new company and be able to do well in your position right from the first day. It is a new environment and is a big jump from the norm that we are used to while in school.

However, we hope this article helps you ease yourself into your internship. Good luck with your internship!

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