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What To Do If Your A-Levels Result Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations?

Getting a good grade for A-levels is not an easy feat to achieve due to the extensive amount of information you need to remember, as well as the increasing difficulty of its subjects. In Singapore, getting good grades in A-Levels is important if one wishes to get into some of the country’s top universities or colleges.

If you didn’t get the grades you want, do not worry! It is not the end of your race to get in your desired college or university or get the job you want.

Since you got your grades, it is best not to dwell on it and accept it. When you get into grips with your grades, you can now do the following to attain your dream:

Carve Out Your Own Path

When you get your grade, don’t follow your peers who have a low or so-so grade who would likely go to their second option or just give up on getting to their desired school. Use your grade as a basis as to where your skills flourish the most. Sure your peers got top grades for the subjects you have low grades in, but their grades may not be satisfactory for the courses they want to pursue. Check your other grades that matched your targets and even check how well you did in the subjects you liked to learn on. It may tell you your talents lay somewhere else.

For example, if your passion lay in the humanities, pursue it! Humanities courses do not require you to have high mathematics or science grades. So long as your grades are high for humanities-related courses, you are good to go. You can also apply for the programmes that match your skills and preferences. If your grade isn’t at par in your chosen school’s admission requirements, they will still review your application through discretionary admission or if you appeal for it. When this happens, they will consider your grades that you need for your chosen course.

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Singapore is not just well-known for its schools which offer undergraduate and graduate programmes that deal with advanced science and mathematics, they also have a great selection of universities and schools offering high-quality humanities, fine arts, and liberal arts programmes.

Upgrade your CV

You can also improve your standing in the future despite your A-level grades with the skills you can present in your CV.

Nowadays, you can add new skills to your CV by taking part in online learning courses available. Massive Online Open Courseware (MOOC) are offered by top universities through sites like Coursera, Udemy, Khan Academy and edX and these sites offer various courses and specializations depending on your preferences. When you successfully complete these courses, they will provide you with an official certification from the university offering the course.

In some instances, you can even earn college credit when you take online courses. Some universities also offer online courses and distance learning programmes, which can enable you to work while you are studying.

Attending high-tech boot camps can also help you boost your CV’s rating since these camps can help you learn the skills which are sought out by employers.

When you take these extra courses or steps, it will show employers you are motivated into learning more about the things you love. They may even use your extra courses as something you can discuss in detail during your interviews.

For Singapore residents, you can get reimbursed when you take one of Coursera’s specializations. (UPDATE ON FEB 2020: Coursera is no longer SkillsFuture Credit claimable for reasons unknown.)

Take A Gap Year

If you have been studying nonstop and feel like your stress levels are too high, why not consider taking a gap year to rest your mind and body? It may be one reason you didn’t get the grade you want.

Let your body rest from all the stresses you have and even do something different for a change before you return back to your studies. Doing a gap year can help you explore more about what you want to do in life and learn something different.

Get a Private Degree

Singapore has many private educational institutions you can try if you want to succeed even if your A-levels are not that good. These institutions do not focus on your A-level grades when considering your admission application and they even permit students to work while trying to complete your degree. If you stayed in most universities in the country, they may not enable you to work while studying.

However, before you jump to these institutions, you must remember that they come in various standards and offerings. You can check out the list made by Business Excellence and Research Group regarding Singapore’s best private education institutions or the Best Private School in Singapore for Engineering review by JobsCentral Learning TED Awards 2016.

Of course, while you work, it is also ideal that you do your lessons at the campus since it can provide you with limitless possibilities to gain more experience.

Try and Try Again

If you want to pass and get a good grade on your retake, you can seek the help of a tutor.

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If you cannot move past your grade and truly want a higher grade, you can ask the school if they would permit you to retake your exams or seek special consideration. However, it is best to do this as your last recourse if your career target requires you to have certain grades. When you are permitted to retake or get special consideration for the course, try asking yourself where you went wrong in your first try and revise your study habits.

A-level tuition can help you prepare for your classes and even test your understanding of the subject.


Don’t immediately give up on your future when your A-level grades are not on par with your targets or the expectations of your family. There are many ways to still reach out your dreams and these tips above can help you get there. We wish you luck and hang in there!

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