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5 Things To Do At Science Centre Singapore

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The September Holidays are here! This is the week for our children to revise and prepare for their End of Year (EOY) exams!

But during this period of intense revision and studying, your child also need breaks to destress and relax. And I have just the place for you – Science Centre Singapore! Full of fascinating exhibitions for the family to enjoy, it is also a great learning experience too!

Here are five things to do in Science Centre Singapore.

Visit the Critters Room


If your child is an animal lover, this exhibit is great for them! Full of live animals like gerbils and frogs for them to see and learn about, it will surely captivate them. In fact, one of the special features of the Critters Room is a dome full of chicks and unhatched eggs.

If your child is currently studying primary school science, this is a great way to view the life cycle of a chicken LIVE! If you are lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of a chick hatching too!

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Visit the Butterfly Park

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Another concept your child might learn in primary school science is metamorphosis – how a butterfly transforms from an egg into a beautiful winged creature. In the Butterfly Park, your child can get up close and personal with this cycle in the live butterfly enclosure!

There are also other features of the Butterfly Park, like a butterfly origami station and a tilt-tilting exhibit where you can see shimmering butterflies.

Visit the Kinetic Garden

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The Kinetic Garden is a unique outdoor exhibition filled with interactive exhibits like the Magic Swing, Sundial and Lift the Metal Block. Your child can experience primary and secondary science concepts and Physics principles here.

It is a hands-on experience for your child. Also, it allows them to apply concepts like kinetic energy taught in class to give them a better understanding of their science topics. It also serves as a playground for young children and adults alike so it is a great way to spend family time.

Explore the Energy Story Exhibition

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Another way to learn more about energy is to explore the Energy Story Exhibition indoors. Here, your child can learn about the sources, transformation and uses of energy, and modern applications.

Not only that, but this exhibition also features zones to raise awareness of green energy and Singapore’s own energy sector. This exhibition is great for your child if they study O level Science and Geography.

Experience an Earthquake


One of the main attractions at Science Centre Singapore. Situated in the ‘Earth Alive’ exhibit, there is an earthquake simulator for the whole family to experience! You get to experience different earthquake magnitudes in a completely safe environment!

Not only that, but the exhibit explains the different stages of an earthquake and how it happens. So if your child is taking O level Geography, this is a great opportunity to brush up on their earthquake knowledge.

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[Science Centre Singapore]

Although your child needs to study and catch up on their revision during this September holiday, it is still vital for them to rest and take a break from studying.

Science Centre offers a wide variety of activities to entertain the family and help your child understand the different concepts they’re taught in school. Have fun!

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