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14 Educational Tours Every Student Must Go For In Singapore

The best students not only focus on academics, but they also try hard to gain practical knowledge. Thus, no matter, how busy you are with your school and tuitions, it is imperative to take part in educational tours and boost your knowledge.

Here are some of the educational tours no student should miss. Check out.

1. Air Force Museum

Visit the air force museum to boost your knowledge about Singapore air force. The tour is guided by some of the retired air force officers upon your wish. The museum includes the retired airplanes, helicopters, missiles, and cockpits. The guide makes the tour interesting by telling you the heroic stories of the air force.

2. Marina Barrage

Its rich history makes it an interesting place to visit for the students and provides a serene atmosphere. Marina Channel makes up a dam to form a reservoir that carries water from three different rivers. It is spectacular to see when the barrage gate is opened to allow water to flow out. This is usually seen during low tide.

3. Kranji War Memorial

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Kranji War Memorial is a resting place of soldiers who died in World War II. It is a great place for the students to know more about the people who played a great role in fighting the World War II.

4. Explore Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is botanical garden spread in an area of 101 hectares with supernatural trees, biodomes, large cacti, waterfall from Cloud Forest Dome, hanging sculptures and things that will make you wonder how. This remarkable green space is a must visit for the students who are interested in studying botany and biodiversity.

5. Newater

Newater is a water recycling plant that turns even dirty water into the pure drinkable water better than the tap water. The gallery at Newater tends to educate the objectives behind the Newater and how it plans to make Singapore self-reliant in meeting clean water needs. They provide a guided tour for the same.

6. Radio Station Tour

Radio has always been an integral part of transmitting important information while keeping us entertained. A tour to the radio station will take you to the Traffic watch station where you will know how every move and minute details of things can be witnessed through cameras placed on top of the streetlights. In the end, the students are also allowed to have their live recording. It is an informational and fun visit for students.

7. Philatelic Museum

Stamps are not just mere tickets, but a pond of knowledge and stories. Each stamp has a different story to tell. The Philatelic Museum is all about stamps, it has the collection of international and old stamps, how they are made and how they are acting as the keeper of history and much more. This place has a lot to offer to the students.

8. Birdnest Factory

China was the largest importer of birdnest in the world before it banned it due to high nitrate content in them. This birdnest factory is a scientific lab which has come up with an objective of following the food safety standards during the processing of birdnest.

This is a highly educational tour for students where they learn the benefits and dangers of birdnest, the technology used in making them without the use of chemicals and bleaching. At the end of the tour, you can buy a birdnest for your home at the cheapest price.

9. Visit the National Gallery of Singapore

This is Singapore’s biggest museum which has a wonderful collection of modern art from the 19th century to the present date. It has all sorts of sculptures, landscape paintings, dining scenes from various cultures and traditions. The museum organizes interactive workshops and outdoor movie screenings from time to time.

10. Ion Sky Park

Ion Sky Park is located on the 55th floor of the Orchard Ion which provides bird eyes’ view of Singapore. It is opened by Cloud Observatory club. In here, students can have a practical view of different types of clouds. At the bottom of the park is an art gallery which students can visit free of cost.

11. Explore the Haw Par Villa

It is free to visit the park with more than 1000 statues that depict the Chinese traditions, folk tales and beliefs in an odd and fun manner that makes it fun to watch around. This is an ideal place for young students who want to know more about the history of Singapore.

12. Pizza Hut Kitchen Tour

Who does not like Pizza? We all do! Do you want to know what goes inside it that makes it tasty? A tour to Pizza hut kitchen will show you how it is made. They show the various pizza making stations alongside.

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13. Visit A Library You Will Never Forget

Singapore Tampines Regional Library is a place every student should visit. For book lovers, it is like heaven on earth. Not only it has a collection of about 40000 books, but it also has a culinary studio, hardware lab and most interestingly, a 700m long running track to run and bicycle over.

14. Yakult Factory

Yakult is a familiar name now. A tour to Yakult factory means getting to know the history of the company, educating yourself through videos, how it is made and how it benefits you. The tour will take you through the various labs and rooms where Yakult is prepared stage wise. However, an educational tour to Yakult requires pre-booking.

These are some of the places a student can visit as a part of an educational tour or as a group in Singapore. Did we miss anything? Do let us know in the comments below!

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