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How to Raise Your GPA in Poly

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In Poly, you must have heard from seniors and tutors that your Grade Point Average (GPA) is the most important thing. And it is! It is the one thing that stands between you and graduating, and it even influences your future paths after that.

So, of course, everyone works toward getting a good Cumulative GPA (CGPA).

Here is what you should do to get a better grade to raise your CGPA.

Start Participating in Class


I know many of us think that we can just sit back in class, sleep during lessons and not pay attention (I did that too). But now, you need your GPA and class participation matters.

10% of your overall grade is dedicated to class participation in many polys. You get marks when you actively ask questions, volunteer to answer questions, and take notes.

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This is the most manageable 10% to get in poly, so do whatever it takes to get the 10%!

Every Grade Counts


Every grade counts. Seems obvious, right? Sadly, not many of us really understand this.

When every grade counts, it means even a 5% quiz counts. It is not ok to miss even one test because it could be the one thing that decides if you get an A or a B.

It is crucial to not miss any test or assignment; it is also vital to get as many marks as you can because it all adds up!

Stay Organised


Staying organised is not about just packing your workspace. It is also about keeping track of important dates too.

In poly, you are bound to be overrun by waves of assignments (especially if your course is 100% coursework-based) and tests. It gets pretty messy, and you might forget some deadlines.

So, write them down and have a calendar to jot it all down. And try to do this before the start of your semester; this way, you’ll know what assignments to expect.

Consult Your Tutors


While trying to complete your assignments and test revisions, you often have many questions or face issues that not even your friends can help you with.

In cases like these, I say, don’t be shy! Ask your tutor! I am sure they are willing to help and advise you, as long as you ask humbly and at the right times because tutors in poly tend to strictly stick to business hours, so do remember to respect their time.

Start Early

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Our grades primarily rest on our assignments, especially if your module is 100% course-based. So we must hand in high-quality work.

By starting early, we give ourselves more time to research and complete our assignments. This means that we can raise our concerns to our tutors earlier.

Note that some semesters continue into the holidays, meaning your tutors might be unavailable to you. So by consulting them earlier, your chances of getting help are higher.

Choose the Right Teammates

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One of the major components of your poly life: Group work. Often, you’ll find that group work has a higher weightage than other assignments. This means that you need to do well for those (like superbly well), and your group mates make or break your project.

Find team members who are hardworking and can help you. But that doesn’t mean you can slack off because this might keep them away from working with you again.


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It is natural to feel down, unmotivated, and helpless when you get a lousy GPA. Still, you need to push on and persevere because you can raise your GPA by working hard and smart.

I hope this article shows that there is still hope and helps you pick yourself up (both in spirits and in grades). Good luck and don’t worry, you can do it!

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