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Private & Group Tuition Rates: Is Tuition Worth it?

For most Singaporeans, tuition implies that “If someone else has it then I should have. When someone else doesn’t, then I simply should have”. Singapore has earned the infamous repute of being the “tuition nation”.

Based on Straits Times, Singaporean parents and students spend to about S$1.1 billion each year only on tuition.

For comparability, the market of Instagram influencers is valued at S$1.4 billion annually. What makes may parents prefer to take their children to tuition? Is tuition important and necessary for your child? Here we take a look at what parents are ready to pay as tuition fees.

Home tutor vs tuition centre

For parents there 2 options to pick out from. You could either opt to take your child to a tuition centre or settle for home tuition. Keep in mind that the fees of home tuition are somewhat higher than in tuition centers owing to the face-to-face style of teaching by the home tutors.

Each has its own benefits like group tuition rates are lower than private tuition while private tuition means the lessons can be in the comfort of the child’s home.

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Tuition cost for pre-school

Will your 4-year-old child benefit from tuition? This is a million dollar question.

While some Singaporean parents may think that pre-schoolers are too young to be tutored, it is good if your child needs some extra help in learning, there are professional guidance especially if the parents is unable to set aside time to coach the child. Then pre-school tuition is a good option for your child to catch up with his peers instead of feeling left out.

Home tuition for preschoolers will range from S$15 to S$50 an hour based on the tutor’s experience. For Undergraduate or Diploma tutors, the group tuition rates are between S$15-25 an hour. When you prefer graduate tutors or full-time tutors, then you will have to pay slightly more, that is S$25-30 an hour.

Some of the most pricey tutors are NIE-trained teachers (both current or ex). These tutors charge for their service worth of S$30-50 an hour.

Tuition cost for primary school

In Singapore, primary school tuition is categorised into 2 distinct groups: upper primary (4-6 ) and lower primary (1-3). If your kid is attending lower primary (1-3), the group tuition rates will be somewhat lower than for those in upper primary classes.

How much does primary school tuition cost? Normally, tuition centres in Singapore will charge between S$10 to 25 an hour for children in the lower primary level. And as your youngster advances to upper primary, the group tuition rates increase to S$15-30 an hour.

Tuition cost for secondary school

Likewise, secondary school tuition is also categorised into 2 clear groups: upper secondary (3-5) and lower secondary (1-2). Like the tuition offered at the primary level, tuition centres offer tuition for math, English, Mother Tongue and science.

Lower secondary

When your child attends the lower secondary, the group tuition rates will be somewhat lower. The lower secondary school level, tuition costs normally range from S$15 to 30 an hour for each subject. The tuition offered is on subjects like math, English, Mother Tongue and science.

Upper Secondary

As your youngster advances to upper secondary, some subjects like science and Math will get split into more differentiated subjects. Math will include Elementary and Additional Math while Sciences get split into pure and combined Sciences, based on your child’s subject combination. The upper secondary group tuition rates are from S$20 to 40 an hour for each subject.

When you would rather have your kid study from your home, you could choose the home tutors option. For the secondary school tuition, the tuition charges are typically S$20 to 30 higher an hour for each subject offered.

Also, secondary level tuition is mostly for the common subjects. However, is home tutoring best for your child? When you prefer to have your child get humanities tuition, then it is best that you look for the services offered by home tutors.

Benefits Of  Tutoring

1) A unique learning experience

Tutors are different from teachers who are restricted by curriculum and time frame to complete as many chapters as they possibly could before exams period. Tutors can choose to zoom into difficult chapters or common weak areas and pick to enhance their students’ strengths rather than their weakness.

2) Spotlight attention

With a smaller group or individually as in the case of private tuition, an increased focus is spotlight on your child’s weakness and with increased attention given, the child is likely to absorb more.

3) Improved academic performance

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Tutoring helps prepare children for exams, as tutors work with them on particular problem areas. Your kid’s understanding and grades on the subject will greatly improve as they work with a tutor.

4) Better attitude towards school and learning

Your child’s attitude towards school and learning will be more positive. With continuous praise and encouragement, your child won’t feel frustrated or overwhelmed with school.

5) Promotes self-directed and self-paced learning

Tutoring will help your child learn to be proactive in their school work. This will also teach your child how they can take charge of their learning pace. Your child will learn to identify his weak areas in his studies and actively seek help from his tutor. Tuition will eliminate the fear of appearing stupid by asking questions in front of his classmates.

6) Improved confidence and self-esteem

Furthermore, your child’s confidence and self-esteem will tend to increase through tutoring, giving him the skills and resources he needs to succeed in school. Combined with self-paced learning, your child feels that he is in control of how and what he learns.

In Conclusion

As a parent, consider your child’s learning needs before deciding between home and group tuition. If your child learns better with peer pressure, motivation and class participation, then a small group tuition is suitable for him. However, if your child is easily distracted, has more than one weak subject and strive better with individual attention, then a private tuition is the one for him.

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