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Reasons Why Your Children Should Learn Coding

Coding is not just another fad that is trending. It is important for your children to learn coding to ensure academic success.

Coding not only helps children in improving their writing skills and mathematics but also helps them in learning life skills that would help in life as well as at the workplace.

There are many reasons why your child must learn coding from an early age and why schools must teach coding to students. When kids learn coding from an early age, their prospects for success increase.


Let’s understand more about coding

Coding is basically a method of communicating with the computer.

Coding is a language that your computer understands, and hence, you can give the computer instructions for performing certain functions. Knowledge of coding helps in creating Websites, apps, video games, and computer software.

There are different types of coding depending on what you wish to create.

Various programming languages have their own set of rules and coding is like giving instructions to your computer for getting the desired result.

Before we look at the benefits of coding for children, let’s have a look at how to get started with coding for kids.

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Let your child start early

You don’t even need a computer to get started with teaching the basics of coding to your kids. There are various resources to learn coding!

You can also do it with a deck of cards. You can find out more about how it can be done with a deck of cards here.

Use the app

While you struggle to limit the screen time for your child, perhaps you can include something productive in their screen time.

Why not make the screen as educational as possible? There are many coding apps that can help kids learn coding without them even realizing it.

An easy way of teaching your kids how to code is with the free hour of coding activities that are available online. These activities are designed to allow both parents and kids to understand the significance of coding.


Coding worksheets can also help in reinforcing basic coding concepts that are learned with the activities mentioned above.

The worksheets are perfect for home as well as the classroom to take the coding test. They cover concepts of algorithm, sequencing, loops, variables, decomposition, branching, and debugging.

Let’s have a look at the top reasons why your kids must learn coding:


Helps in learning problem solving

Learning coding helps children understand how computers work as well as how software engineers use maths for problem-solving in a creative and logical way.

This is the reason why coding should be taught in schools from a young age.

The problem-solving trait is helpful in general life as well. Learning coding gives your children the ability to think and analyse and solve problems in life.

Coding helps kids in thinking

Learning code helps kids in learning how to think. Coding is not just about learning lines of codes but also about learning how to think differently.

For coding in an effective manner, one needs to use logical thinking. The programmer needs to break a big problem into smaller pieces to solve in an effective manner.

This process is known as decomposition, which is one of the critical aspects of computational thinking.

Coding expands the thinking horizon of kids as they keep on finding a solution till the problem is solved. The coding enables a style of thinking is highly sought after.

It expands their creativity

Coding is a computer programming that teaches children to experiment and offers them the confidence to be creative.

They get an opportunity to design something which is their own.

Just like any other activity, such as learning dance or music, they need motivation.

When they see the results coming along, it is enough for them to push themselves to learn code.

For children, coding is easy to pick up, and when they learn how to code, it gives them a chance to create something in an exciting way.

Coding is the future

For surviving in the ever developing and evolving world, coding is a very useful skill.

Apart from the IT sector, there are many businesses that rely on computer code.

Any individual that learns how to code will have increased employment opportunities in the future irrespective of the sector, be it finance, retail, health, technology, or others.

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This is one of the important reasons why coding should be taught in schools from an early age.

To meet the rising demand in the software industry


There is always a demand for experienced and knowledgeable computer programmers in the industry. And with the advancement in technology, there are several career opportunities arising every day.

Individuals who can code are some of the most sought-after professionals in any industry. They can fetch higher pay checks as well. When kids begin learning coding from an early age, their experience grows over time, and amazing opportunities await them.

Have fun with maths

Coding is the language of maths. When kids learn to program, they learn several other organizing and analysing data. Children can also develop their maths skills while learning to code. Maths can be made more engaging by using logic and calculation skills while creating something of their own in a fun way. This is one of the main reasons why coding should be taught in schools.

Learning in a fun way

If you wish for your child to learn in a fun and enjoyable way, coding can be an exciting choice. Coding gives kids a challenge but also allows them to have fun.

Children will learn various skills and gain practice, which will help them all through their life in various aspects.

Considering the above-mentioned benefits, it is time for you to enrol your kids in coding programs. It could be great if schools could also include a coding program in the curriculum. From creativity to critical thinking, and problem solving to job opportunities, coding can help your child in more than one way.


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